RawTella Recipe


Hazelnuts when combined with the rich taste of cocoa and just enough raw honey create this epic nutrient dense “chocolate” goodness. This guilt free treat is satisfying, giving you a good dose of nutrients needed for your body in order to function optimally and speed up recovery after a gym session; also it tastes delicious.…

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Pink–me–up Cookies Recipe

Pink–me–up Cookies

Ingredients: 1 cup oats2 scoops protein1 jar baby food- apple sauce. The sweeter the sauce, the sweeter the cookies will be.2 TBS pumpkin seeds2 TBS sunflower seeds2 TBS ground flax seeds2 small beets, steamed1/4 to 3/4 cups water. More water added results in increased softness and chewiness.1 TSP Coconut oil – optional Directions: Mix oats,…

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Hot Chocolate Goodess Recipe

Hot Chocolate Goodess

I like to think there are always alternatives. Food that nourishes the body, mind and soul is so important for good health. With so many options lining our grocery store shelves, it can be tough to recognize the healthy products from the not so healthy products. If you make a snack or prepare a meal…

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Greek Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Greek Yogurt Parfait

Snacks are so important to a healthy and balanced nutrition. When eaten right, they help stabilize blood sugar levels, help lose unwanted weight, and keep your metabolism in good shape. But are all snacks created the same? Studies have shown that people who ate every three hours had a better muscle to fat mass ratio,…

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Flourless Brownie Recipe

Flourless Brownie

Black Beans are high in fibre and amino acids. With high amounts of minerals and vitamins, it is one food you should consider adding to your diet. I have experimented in the kitchen with this bean for some time now, but instead of making the usual beans and grains, or beans and squash, I decided…

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Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Chocolate Mousse

For me December is the happiest month of the year and for many reasons. It is one full month of anticipation, laughter, great food, awesome company and somewhat overwhelming joy. Growing up, the biggest celebration in my family was New Years Eve. We would open gifts and stay up all night just to “greet” the…

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Berry Delicious Cake Recipe


Try this for a mid morning or afternoon snack. Good source of carbohydrates, gluten free, and low in sugar it is the perfect combination of ingredients to indulge and stay in control of your waistline. Oats are rich in thiamine which converts carbohydrates into energy. Thiamine helps maintain a healthy nervous system, and takes care…

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Apple Pumpkin Recipe

Apple Pumpkin

I love fall, especially the different shades of orange, red, and brown. I love the crisp air. It usually indicates that winter is on its way and we also tend to spend more time indoors with family and friends. All this is better when you have yummy treats to share with the loved ones, that…

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Wholesome Eggness Recipe

Wholesome Eggness

The combination of whole grains and fruit topped with a dose of protein from eggs. This recipe is another option you may try for breakfast. This can also be cooked ahead and simply warmed up in the morning. Adding egg whites or whole eggs (if you believe in eating whole), will add protein to your…

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The Reinvented Pancake Recipe

The Reinvented Pancake

What I love most about this “Pancake” is that it was inspired by someone very special to me. It started with a few ingredients and now it has become, well, perfection. I have this for breakfast every morning without the guilt. It is gluten free (gluten free oats), sugar free, chemical and filler free, and…

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