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The elevator pitch gets its name from the context where the message needs to be brief and persuasive in order to quickly spark interest in what you do. You are standing in an elevator. A stranger comes in, smiles and says hello. You respond with a smile. She asks: “So, what do you do?” You respond: “I am a personal trainer”. She nods and looks at the floor numbers changing on the wall indicator. The ride to the 25th floor seems to last forever. She says: “What makes you great at what you do?” You get caught off guard and you respond: “Well, hum.. I… hum… I have taken this course and my clients really like me because, hum…” and without you having a chance to finish, the elevator reaches its destination and the stranger leaves you behind with a polite wave.

This could have been very different. Being prepared, scripted, and rehearsed is the first step to landing new business. Whether you are in an elevator or on the street, applying the system below will transform the impact you have when meeting new prospects.


Peak the curiosity of the person you are introducing yourself to and target your favourite customer with the outcome they want to reach. Identify who is your ideal client. Your avatar is that client that you love training. They show up on time, always renew their contract with no questions asked, and are happy to perform any exercise you will teach them. That is your niche and the type of client you love most to work with. Once identified, find a common goal for your target audience.

Example: “I help women get back into their little black dress”.

Your target audience is women that have gained weight and want to shed the pounds. They still don’t know you are a personal trainer, nor how you go about helping women do so. They need to continue to listen for more.


Point out a challenge your avatar is facing and find a way to tell them it is not their fault. They need to hear their problem and feel comfortable to say: “Oh my, that is exactly me you are talking about”.

Example: “It is amazing how women are able to juggle multiple tasks in a day once they have kids. They put everybody else first. Unfortunately, they can’t find the time for themselves and instead of losing the weight they gained during pregnancy, they continue to gain weight. This affects their self-confidence, their relationships and very often, their career.”

You still haven’t told them what you do. At this point, if they arrive at their floor, they will be more likely stay on the elevator until it reaches your floor so they can continue this conversation. You have them hooked!


You are the solution. Show them that you are an expert and that you have a system to fix the problems elicited in part two.

Example: “I have developed a step-by-step process that can fit any busy woman’s schedule and bring them back to their healthy weight and feel great about themselves again.”

You still haven’t told them what you do specifically. Your job is to get their contact info. At this point, they are dying to know what this mystery system is and will gladly give you their email address in order to know more.


Call for action. It is time to ask if they know anyone who could benefit from your system.

Example: “If you know any women who are serious about getting back into the best version of themselves, I would be happy to tell you more about my system. I have a FREE document that I can send you right away, how do I spell your name?”

Immediately take your phone out and start typing a new contact. Tell them you will email them a FREE PDF download on the top five mistakes people make when getting back in shape after their pregnancy (or something that relates to your avatar and their problem).

Now they are in your “funnel” and you will continue to email them interesting info, PDFs, tips and news about how to get back into their little black dress. Between the 5th and the 12th contact, they will become your customer.

Funnel Marketing and Elevator Pitches are part of the Certified Coach Practitioner’s course presented by the Certified Coaches Federation in collaboration with canfitpro. If you feel that your business is stagnant, if you are not making the money you want as a trainer, if you are having a hard time finding clients or renewing contracts with your existing clients, if you feel that everybody around seems to be more successful than you, being a Certified Coach may be the missing piece.

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Speaker, Life & Executive Coach and No.1 Best Selling Author, Nathalie has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She combines her fitness background with motivational concepts and the brain programming processes she practices as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.