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It seems there is a major shift happening right now. So many people I know are moving through major of changes in life, some wanted and some landing unexpected. If there is one thing that is true – change is constant. We all have our different relationships to change, and depending on what the change is we probably have very different reactions. Through a regular Yoga practice we can learn to embrace change as it comes, in the present moment. We do this by trusting ourselves and trusting our intuition.

Our sixth chakra or Anja chakra, located just between our brows is our space for intuition. It is our ability to see the truth, both inwards and out. Our imagination and wildest dreams and the ability for accurate interpretation. A major component of this chakra is our ability for self-reflection. When faced with decisions that need to be made, or upheavals to life or routine that need to be processed, finding practices for your sixth chakra/third eye can help find the calmness through the storm and ultimately your truth.

  • Meditation: Remember self-reflection is an important factor of this chakra. To really listen to yourself you must sit in silence. If that is challenging for you, try a long walk in nature – without your phone, or finding a beautiful space to sit where you can watch the leaves in the breeze, the birds or the water flow by. To connect, we must disconnect.
  • Journaling: Allow your thoughts to flow. They don’t have to make sense, they don’t have to be nice, it doesn’t even need to be legible. The act of writing and allowing our rambling thoughts to purge can help us through questions we have or difficulties we are facing. Buy a beautiful notebook or write on scraps and tear itup right after you are finished. It’s the act of writing that’s important.
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing: This will balance out our nervous system and unite the right and left hemispheres of our brain. Anxieties will dissipate and sluggishness will fade. For one cycle of breath, inhale through the right nostril and then exhale from the left, next inhale through the left nostril and exhale from the right. You can repeat this 6-10 times. While using your thumb and ring finger to close off each nostril you can keep your index finger on your forehead right between the eyes. This tactile connection works wonders to release tension and promote calmness.