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Active recovery was the fifth top trend on canfitpro’s Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2023. Fitness professionals appreciate the significance of active recovery for maintaining a healthy mind and body. Active recovery does not mean “do nothing”, rather, alternative types of exercise that support your body in an effort to optimize function and performance, promote longevity and reduce risk of injury and burnout, both physically and mentally. Did you ever contemplate how utilizing this trend in fitness in your business or career strategy could keep you and your business both healthy, active, and thriving?  As fitness professionals, we understand the connection between body and mind but what about your body and your business. What is the connection there?

Our bodies are the basis for our business. If we are not physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually well, then we cannot do the meaningful work necessary to support a successful fitness business. Take care of yourself to take care of the rest. In fact, according to the canfitpo Trends Report, fitness employees and professionals are looking beyond compensation. Many fitness professionals are “looking for work opportunities that offer more than just a lucrative salary … fitness professionals value the learning opportunities and overall positive company culture that will result in dispensing quality services to the end consumer” (canfitpro, 2022, p. 6). Take note. It’s not just what you do but how well you do it that makes a difference. We cannot always be going full out and hope to deliver quality service. We need phases of active recovery when we are still showing up and maintaining our systems but not scrambling at an all-out frantic pace. This will require some planning and forward-thinking on your part, on a personal and professional level. In all honesty, how can you support the health and well-being of your company and your employees if you don’t prioritize your active recovery and the recovery of your business?

Need a little help? Below are three sessions from the upcoming canfitpro 2023 Global Conference and Trade show for you to check out to learn more about supporting yourself in balancing your life, business, and career. Encourage your employees and your friends to attend and learn with you. Together, we can help keep each other accountable and support each other in delivering quality fitness experiences to our customers.

Come to Being A Mindful Athlete: Living a Mindful Life on Friday August 18th at 4:10 p.m. where you will learn principles of neuroplasticity to take action on your goals to build your fitness business or career.

How often have you sacrificed good nights sleep to accomplish a goal? In the short term, it can seem like a good idea but in the long term “without quality and optimal sleep, we completely miss out on this adaptation process, in turn leaving results behind” which is why the session Sleep–Recovery–Adaptation–Client Results: A Practical Coaching Framework on Saturday August 19th at 9:15 a.m. is a must-attend.

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Gentle Spirit on Saturday August 19th at 10:00 a.m. – will teach you techniques frequently used to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, improve sleep and more!

There are numerous practical sessions on breathing, relaxation, recovery and restoration, and mindfulness to choose from. These are invaluable workshops to help you learn essential self-care skills and strategies.

Take what you learn from the sessions you attend at canfitpro Global and you will have a wealth of information to create a wellness action plan for your business and yourself to ensure you have a strong start in September and can maintain a steady and healthy pace right through to the end of the year.


Maureen (Mo) Hagan is COO at canfitpro, and a global fitness ambassador recognized for her leadership in the fitness industry that spans almost 4 decades. She is an international award-winning fitness professional and her passion for moving people extends beyond the fitness industry as a licensed physiotherapist and, with her work on the Canadian National Board of Directors for Prescription To Get Active.