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Once again, many Fitness Clubs and Studios across Canada are being forced to close their doors.  The solitary unknown is, for how long?  This past Spring, when doors closed to flatten the curve and the spread of the virus, no one knew that it would be several months before they would reopen or the residual effects of the member’s confidence returning to a previously familiar space.

During the closures, gyms responded as expected, with temporary layoffs to immediately reduce expenses or face the risk of a permanent closure.  Thousands of fitness professionals and professionals working in the Fitness Industry across Canada were impacted by these decisions, including but not limited to Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers, leaving many asking, “What do we do now?”.

The response to this question led to the sweeping emergence of Virtual Fitness and start of several new fitness businesses.  Fitness professionals started launching their brands online utilizing the many video streaming platforms.  Questions about the best microphones, audio plug-ins, royalty-free music, liability insurance for online training were some of the top inquiries we received at canfitpro.  Opposite to the rise of virtual training were trainers that refused to go online.  The idea of training online went against their values and beliefs as their practice was centered around the safety and effectiveness of in-person training.

With Summer approaching and benefits of the great outdoors, both groups would look ahead to taking their practice to parks, fields, and backyards, frankly anywhere to see their clients again and build community.  This was refreshing, but it was also very brief.

In comes the second-wave.  The rising case counts and growing concern for public health has led to the second mass closure and gyms are at risk of survival.


With doors closed, Fitness Professionals are again taking matters into their own hands, launching their individual Fitness Businesses once again.  What may have been a considered a temporary solution for instructors and trainers may become a permanent future.  With thousands of certified professional members that need to make a living for themselves, canfitpro has partnered with a number of companies that offer services and products to help.  Our newest partner OWNR, is a third-party business designed to make it easy and affordable for you to start, manage, and grow your business.

OWNR helps new businesses get registered using a full-service approach including name search, registration, and further support with logo design, brand materials, website design, and more with the use of technology and seamless customer service.  To learn more, visit our partner page.

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How many times have you talked yourself out of starting your own fitness business?  How many times have you started and gave up too soon?  Remember, every successful fitness business started somewhere with something, and that something was belief in oneself.  So, the next time you ask yourself why someone would decide to choose you, remind yourself, WHY NOT YOU?

You have what it takes to become an owner, so no more waiting.  The doors on the club may say ‘We’re Closed’, but yours is ‘Now Open’!

Robert Robinson
Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Chair
Manager, B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships


Robert Robinson is the Manager of B2B Sales & Strategic Partnerships at canfitpro and a certified Personal Training Specialist for over 7 years. He led the revision of the current edition of canfitpro’s Personal Training Specialist program and now oversees the B2B Business Unit. Robert is an experienced sales professional with over 15 years in the financial and fitness industry. His personal focus is to enlighten others about making individual and collective choices for positive change.