Family of three playing basketball

By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

A young child sits in the kitchen, hungry. This kitchen is a somber place, as the bare cupboards contain the strict minimum and the fridge only has two long sandwiches that his parents and his brothers will be sharing for the rest of the week, until his father gets paid on Friday and can afford to purchase a few groceries. This child’s whole childhood is tainted with the memories of food scarcity, and today, as an adult, he does kitchen renovations. He found his life’s purpose in making kitchens be a place of fun family times.

Whenever he finishes working in a kitchen, he fills up the refrigerator and the cupboards with groceries, making sure to deliver a full experience where the abundance of food will keep his clients from experiencing the sadness he felt as a kid. He goes to work every day with such a compelling life purpose that the minor obstacles don’t even touch the surface of how far he is willing to go to achieve his goal.

What is your big WHY? What are you doing this for? Who do you want to be healthy for? Do you have grandkids that you want to be able to hold? Do you have kids that you want to inspire? Do you want to be a role model for women who are going through something that you overcame yourself? Do you want to reverse the effects of sad experiences in your childhood and inspire young people to keep going if that were to happen to them? Did you witness your parents pass too early and want to make sure you will be there for your kids? What is your story?

Knowing the reason why you want to be healthy and work in the fitness industry is the first step towards making healthy living attractive to you and make you successful at what you do.

Shape Your Future Now

When you think about the future, how long do you want to live? How well do you want to age? How free do you want to feel in your eighties, nineties? Do you have parents or grandparents struggling with their health? Do you notice how quality of life can be improved significantly when you are healthy? How many times do you hear older people tell you to take care of your health?

Quality of life as you age is everything. Just the thought of one day having to wear a diaper will help some people make great choices in their forties. Losing our dignity is a prime motivator. I knew a man with a terminal illness who refused treatment just to avoid losing his dignity. He wanted to go on his own terms. He regretted a lot of the poor choices he made while there was still time and yet, he decided to let himself succumb to the illness. If only that dignity power had kicked in a few years earlier, he may have had been able to save himself from such a sad end.

Do you want to be an older person who still lives at home and enjoys your loved ones’ company, doing activities together? Do you want to have fewer health concerns? Do you want to have a healthy mind to remember your close ones and the conversations you have with them? Do you want peace of mind, knowing you are not a burden for people around you? Do you want to feel vibrant?

Health will energize you and help you keep a positive attitude as you age.

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Founder of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, Speaker, Master Life Coach, No.1 Best-Selling Author of seven books on wellness and empowerment, and 2007 Fitness Instructor of the Year, Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas combines 25 years in sales and 30 years in the fitness industry. She uses neuroscience to get you transformational results.