Yin Yoga

Slow Down. Not as easy as it sounds physically or mentally, but Yin may be the key. Learn the principles behind Yin, and how Yin differs from our other yoga practices in this interview with Tracy Glennon.

In This Episode

2:00 – The difference between yin yoga and restorative yoga

5:00 – Why yin yoga is beneficial for the mind and body

7:00 – Common myths about yin yoga

9:00 – How we can encourage people who find it hard to stay still to do yin yoga

12:00 – The surprising group of people that attend yin yoga

Make sure to catch Tracy’s sessions at canfitpro Montreal taking place between March 27 & March 29!

Find out more about her sessions The Yin Experience, Vinyasa Slow Flow and her facilitation of the panel The Evolution of Personal Training!


Tracy is the owner of drop yoga, a community events and educational yoga company. She is a 500-hour RYT and a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit and an international fitness presenter. Tracy has been teaching for over 20 years and in that time has educated thousands of aspiring instructors across the country in their yoga instructor journey.