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canfitpro Portal is a fitness, health and wellness client management resource. Developed alongside our team of highly trained and knowledgeable fitness experts, canfitpro Portal represents the new standard for intelligent communication, education and program development tools available on the fitness market today.

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A limited feature set is included in the Professional and Student memberships, which will allow you access to a multitude of resources and member benefits.

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Build WorkoutsAccess Member Benefits
Generate Nutrition PlansRegister for CEC Quizzes
Assess ClientsComplete Magazine Archive and Webinars
3D Anatomy AnimationsResource Library
Client Communication ToolsPrint off Your Certificate and Wallet Card
Post Your Own Videos and Blog PostsTrack Your Certification Status
Message Centre to Communicate with Clientse-Learning

General Benefits

  • Intelligent, user-friendly design and interface
  • Multi-discipline content, programming and functionality
  • Ability to customize site with specific look and feel, resident experts, content, etc.
  • Software designed to promote strong trainer-to-client communication channels
  • Platform built to educate and develop trainer and clients in a more intelligent and efficient fashion
  • Platform provides clients with the resources and guidance to maximize performance
  • Exclusive content and programming provided by world leading industry experts
  • “Wizards” help trainer and clients customize the expert content and programming
  • Tracking tools provide relevant client-based analytics and reporting
  • 3D animations and video provide for the ultimate learning experience (both trainer & client)
  • Development of an interactive, online community for organisations, trainers and clients
  • SMS and Email communication mechanisms for the various types of clients

Benefits for Professionals

  • Communicate more effectively with your clients through user friendly, interactive technologies
  • Leverage our team of world leading strength and conditioning coaches, exercise physiologists,
    nutritionists and other allied health professionals to increase trainer and client knowledge base
  • Build, share and track your clients’ fitness programs and testing from one centralized point of contact
  • Build, share and track your clients’ nutrition plans from one centralized point of contact
  • Build, share and track your clients’ wellness journals from one centralized point of contact
  • Upload client footage into our video analysis software and share with clients
  • Post and share (via SMS, Email, Facebook etc) events, videos, messages etc. with clients
  • Maximize your clients’ performance through our professional level resources, tools and content
  • Receive exclusive training, nutrition and injuy prevention information from our team of experts
  • Participate in online, interactive certification, re-certification and training program

My Locker

The My Locker section is a “snapshot” of your canfitpro Interactive account. It features the user’s complete profile, highlights all of the various functionalities and provides users with a look into what they currently have active and/or scheduled on the platform and what needs to be completed.



The Calendar allows users to schedule events and notify the participants via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and online. Once an event has been scheduled, it can easily be synced up with the users laptop and/or handheld device’s calendar functionality.


Messaging Centre

The Messaging Centre allows users to communicate with other members of their team or organization via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and online.


Video Uploads

The Video Upload section allows users to upload or post video clips, share them with other users via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and online and log them in their own personal video library.


Fitness Training

The Fitness Training section allows users to automatically generate customized strength training programs using the “Strength Program Wizard”, build personalised strength training programs, view, schedule, assign and log strength training programs, search and view the exercise video library, upload personal exercise videos, view our frequently asked strength training question videos and submit a question to our strength training experts.


Exercise Classes

The Exercise Class section allows users to search, view and perform the various specialized circuit training programs and exercise classes. Choose from a variety of disciplines, from level 1 – 5, including boot camp, tubing, core, plyometrics, power, yoga and Pilate’s. These circuits and classes can be performed once or numerous times simultaneously to attain the desired workout duration.


Fitness Assessments

The Fitness Assessments section allows users to develop custom fitness assessments, view fitness test videos and analysis, log results, organize fitness challenges and generate custom reports.


Meal Plans

The Meal Plan section allows users to automatically generate and assign customized meal plans based on the user profile information, activity level and duration of the plan. Users can “swap out” foods to further customize their plan, as well as generate grocery lists and recipes and view their daily food group breakdowns.


Super Foods

The Super Foods section allows users to research the top 50 Super Foods that can help maintain top performance during training and/or competition. These foods consistently top the Nutrition charts as they are potent disease fighters that help keep people healthy, reducing the risk of injury, illness and disease.


Restaurant Guide

The Restaurant Guide section provides users with the ability to sort through and research the healthy restaurant eating options that are available on the market today. Users can sort by Meal, Restaurant and Performance Goal, with each item being accompanied by an image and full nutritional breakdown of the Serving Size, Calories, Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Sugar and Protein.



The Journals section allows users to log information relating to their overall health and well being. A flagging system notifies users when they are above or below optimal levels. Custom reports and analysis can be generated based on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Fit Bodies

These anatomically correct 3D animations provide users insight into the body and how it functions. Each animation is accompanied by a thorough explanation of the specific area of the body.


Injury Animations & Prevention

These anatomically correct 3D animations highlight and explain the most common activity-related injuries. Each animation is accompanied by an Injury prevention and stabilization routine to help the users avoid and prevent these very common sport injuries.

Level 1
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canfitpro Member$9.99/mth$19.99/mth$49.99/mth
Account TypesLicensesMonthly Option (upon renewal)*Initial Annual Payment*
PricingBRM PricingPricingBRM Pricing
Club 25Up to 25 Licenses$68.00$61.20$816.00$734.40
Club 50Up to 50 Licenses$78.00$70.20$936.00$842.40
Club 100Up to 100 Licenses$98.00$88.20$1,176.00$1,058.40
Club 250Up to 250 Licenses$188.00$169.20$2,256.00$2,030.40
PlatinumUp to 1000 Licenses$388.00$349.20$4,656.00$4,190.40

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Additional Features:

Additional Licences: To add 25 Licenses – $10 (Available for all levels)
Co-Branding: Included
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