Montreal Fitness Disruption With Nathalie Lacombe

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canfitpro COO Mo Hagan and Nathalie Lacombe discuss the disruption happening in the fitness industry in Montreal!

Catch Nathalie's incredible sessions at canfitpro Montreal between March 27 - 29, 2020!

About Nathalie Lacombe

Mover, shaker, and joie de vivre giver! Blending 25 years of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie passionately shares her inspirational insights. She uses her uniquely vibrant leadership style to make profound and lasting change with her teams, clients, and audiences.

Fitness Industry of Canada’s 2020 Vision

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By Scott Wildeman, President, Fitness Industry Council of Canada

As we welcome the new decade, we reflect on how far the fitness industry has come and how far we have the potential to go. Our industry has grown substantially and 2020 is bound to be a year of growth and development.

This year, FIC aims to focus on several priorities that continue to gain momentum in these key areas:

Prescription to Get Active

An African-American and Hispanic interracial family with two children having fun together, exercising in the park, jogging. The boy is 9 years old and his sister is 11.

FIC has advocated governments at both federal and provincial levels for sustainable funding to continue to expand this program across the country. Last year we saw the Alberta program receive funding from Alberta Health, and was able to increase the number of exercise prescriptions by 25% in five short months! In 2020, our focus will be moving the Ontario program to the next level and expanding the program across Canada. Therefore, we need sponsors for this incredible program and are looking for assistance in both funding and program leadership.

Fitness Tax Credit (s)

We are hopeful that within the minority government, the Liberal and Conservative parties see the benefits of a Fitness tax credit. Our proposal is to combine the tax credit with the Prescription to Get Active, which would provide motivation at the start of the journey and ongoing positive reinforcement. Our efforts in 2020 will be focused on setting meetings with Federal and Provincial Health Ministers in February – prior to the next federal budget.
Registered Exercise Professionals
FIC will continue to work with certification partners to have exercise professionals registered and accountable to standards. In a time of rapid expansion in our industry, it is important that consumers have confidence in those who have been trusted with their health and wellbeing. Once consumers are aware of the concept of Registered Exercise Professionals, they will demand it!


FIC is proud to support the Universal Fitness, Innovation and Transformation program. This program is sanctioned by UNESCO and aims to empower people with disability to access fitness programming in their communities. We aim to have a certification drafted in 2020 to ensure fitness professionals have the tools to help those in their communities with disability.
Music Tariffs
FIC will continue to work with Entandem to ensure that music tariffs are fair and sustainable, as well as uniformly enforced and collected.

FIC needs your support in order to help your business! Please consider becoming a member of FIC and joining our provincial council. Our board meetings are open to all and we rely on your financial donations to continue promoting and protecting the Canadian fitness industry.

Alors que nous accueillons la nouvelle décennie, nous posons un regard sur le chemin parcouru par l’industrie du conditionnement ainsi que sur toutes les possibilités qui se présentent à nous. Notre industrie a beaucoup évolué et 2020 promet d’être une année de croissance et de nouveautés.
Cette année, le CCICP cible plusieurs priorités et continuera de prendre de l’élan dans les secteurs clés suivants:

Prescription : activité physique (RxAP)

Le CCICP a plaidé auprès des gouvernements fédéraux et provinciaux afin de recevoir un financement durable pour continuer d’implanter le programme dans tout le pays. L’année dernière, le programme de l’Alberta a reçu du financement de la part du ministère de la Santé de l’Alberta, ce qui a permis d’augmenter le nombre d’ordonnances de 25 % en seulement cinq mois ! En 2020, notre objectif sera de faire passer le programme de l’Ontario au niveau supérieur et d’implanter le programme partout au Canada. Conséquemment, nous recherchons des commanditaires pour ce programme extraordinaire et de l’aide tant au niveau du financement qu’au niveau de la direction du programme.

Crédit d’impôt(s) pour la condition physique

Nous espérons que dans un contexte de gouvernement minoritaire, les partis Libéral et Conservateur verront les avantages d’un crédit d’impôt(s) pour la condition physique. Notre proposition est de combiner le crédit d’impôt à la prescription d’activité physique, ce qui fournirait une motivation additionnelle dès le début d’une démarche de mise en forme et un renforcement positif continu. Dès février 2020, nous nous concentrerons sur la tenue de rencontres avec les ministres fédéraux et provinciaux de la Santé, et ce, avant le prochain budget fédéral.

Le Registre des professionnels de l’exercice

Le CCICP continuera son travail avec ses partenaires de certifications afin de constituer une banque de professionnels agréés qui seront soumis aux normes de l’industrie. En ces temps de croissance rapide de notre industrie, il est important que les consommateurs aient confiance aux personnes à qui l’on a confié leur santé et leur bien-être. Lorsque les consommateurs seront mis au fait de l’existence du Registre des professionnels de l’exercice, ils l’exigeront !


Le CCICP est fier d’appuyer le programme Innovation et transformation de Universal Fitness. Ce programme est sanctionné par l’UNESCO et vise à permettre aux personnes handicapées d’avoir accès à des programmes de conditionnement physique au sein de leur communauté. Également en 2020, nous visons la rédaction d’un programme de certification pour assurer que les professionnels du conditionnement physique détiennent les outils nécessaires pour aider les personnes handicapées de leur communauté.

Tarifs sur la musique Le CCICP continuera d’œuvrer avec Entandem pour s’assurer que les tarifs sur la musique sont équitables et durables ainsi qu’appliqués et perçus uniformément.

Le CCICP a besoin de votre appui pour aider votre entreprise ! Merci de considérer devenir un membre du CCICP et de vous joindre à notre conseil provincial. Nos réunions de conseil sont ouvertes à tous et nous dépendons sur votre contribution financière pour continuer de faire la promotion et de protéger l’industrie canadienne du conditionnement physique.


Scott Wildeman, President
Fitness Industry Council of Canada/Conseil or/ou


The Next Big Things: 3 Top Trends For 2020 Part 3

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By Nathalie Lacombe, M Sc.

I created this blog series as a tool to help differentiate between quick burning fads and trends that have staying power. Don’t spend a moment of your precious time or a dollar of your hard-earned money before reading and reflecting on The Next Big Things: Top 3 Trends for 2020!

Over the past few weeks, I have shared with you my third and second place winners. Did you agree with my choices? If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, read part 2  and part 3. Today, I am sharing the first place winner of the top trend of 2020!

First Place: Active Recovery and Mindfulness  

NamastYay! Mindfulness has come out of the Yoga studio and made it into other forms of group training and fitness, personal training, and the gym floors. We are breathing new life into the meaning of rest days; now assigning them active recovery activities.

Our industry has researched, understood, and embraced the impact of tapping into our parasympathetic nervous system as it has beneficial impacts on so many aspects of physical and mental health. We are peppering mindfulness and breath work into our programming as our clients see improvements in quality of movement, mental acuity, stress management, quality of sleep, and self-esteem. All of those leading to better chances of achieving health and weight loss goals.

Active Recovery

When foam rollers became a staple to all previously deserted stretching areas in gyms, I knew we were on the road to someplace new and exciting. TriggerPoint then launched products that took active recovery to a whole other (sometimes quite uncomfortable!) level. Professional athletes, fitness professionals, and weekend warriors alike are now investing in their own products like those offered by companies such as Hyperice.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have jumped on board and launched recovery apparel not only for activity but also rest including Under Armour’s sleepwear line.

We’re also joining forces with allied health professionals and stepping closer to the edges of what we used to see as scope of practice for fitness professionals. One example is Rehab-U, education created by an athletic therapist to help trainers meet the needs of a growing number of clients hoping to train around or through pain.

Mindful Movement

I often love comparing the restaurant industry to ours and this is no exception: slow movement is just as hot a trend as slow food. The modalities that have always offered this like Yoga and Pilates are now attracting younger clients as well as more men, and we’re stepping out of the traditional box. We see slower and functional movements included in most training programs done mindfully which gives “power” a whole new meaning. Breath work is now being coached in multiple styles of movement as it unleashes incredible benefits.

We’re taking our shoes off indoors to access and maximize the health of our feet as proper grounding impacts the entire body, and we’re walking outdoors barefoot to enjoy the benefits of “earthing”. 

Mindful Stillness

The catchy “But do you even meditate?” is a silly yet interesting indication of how far we’ve come. Seeing mindfulness being under the umbrella of meditation has made it accessible far more people than ever before. We are realizing that we don’t have to meditate in full Lotus pose for 30 minutes without any distractions in order to feel like we’re doing it well. We are understanding that noticing distractions, and not judging ourselves for them, means we ARE being mindful and that mindfulness is a practice therefore we accept that we’re not perfect at it.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are included in special events programming as well as part of regularly scheduled classes and training sessions.

The Next Big Things For You

Fitness Professionals

First, serve thyself! Coming from a place of integrity is always critical and you really can’t fake this stuff. Study breath work or Pranayama, depending on what connects with you, and then, try out the active recovery gear for yourself. Include some form of self-care in your own weekly schedule before adding it to your client programming.

Once this is part of your own personal regimen, include it as part of your current programming with 5-minutes of mindful breathing at the start of a session or class. This will set the stage for better performance and decrease the risk of injury. It also sets the stage for how your clients continue on their day beyond their time with you.

Fitness Managers & Decision Makers

This trend is an opportunity to get creative about programs and spaces. In fact, the title of a “mind body studio” is somewhat obsolete, as we start to realize that we use both the mind and the body in all forms of movement and training.

Clients are craving active recovery and mindfulness practices in all of your spaces. Consider adding comfortable flooring & active recovery equipment to some of your open spaces. Perhaps you can revisit your small rooms (i.e. tanning) to create meditation hubs with pillows or bolsters.

Fitness Education Providers

if your program is focused on active recovery or mindfulness now is the time capitalize on your offers.  Turn up your communication, online awareness, and marketing. Consider partnerships with clubs, studios, and other education providers as they are seeking opportunities with this trend. The market is more primed than ever, so don’t hold back.

If it’s not part of your programming, consider connecting with a brand as a “Yin and Yang” partnership could render great success. You can also learn Pranayama to see if some simple additions can be made to your brand culture and programs.

So, What’s Next?

Rolling with the tide of trends is critical to our success as we are in the business of offering health and fitness as a service; we therefore need to meet the needs of our customers. The trick is to take a step back and identify how we can tweak our readily available content, programs, and offers.


Nathalie Lacombe, M. Sc.  Leadership coach, speaker, strategic partner.

Joyfully taking your leadership and business to the next level! Contact Natalie at

The Next Big Things: 3 Top Trends For 2020 Part 2

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By Nathalie Lacombe, M Sc.

Rolling with the tide of trends is critical to our success in offering health and fitness as a service and we need to meet the wants of our customers. The trick is to identify how we can tweak our already established and available content, programs, and offers to connect with the consumer wants.

This blog series is a tool to help differentiate between quick burning fads and trends that have staying power. Don’t spend a moment of your precious time or a dollar of your hard-earned money before reading and reflecting on The Next Big Things: Top 3 Trends for 2020!

Last week, I told you about the trend in third place. Did you agree (and if you didn’t read it, click here). Today, I identify the top trend in 2nd place. 

Second Place: Fast & Focused Workouts

As behavior change experts, we’ve always had to overcome our clients’ challenge of not having the time to workout. Most of us have been stuck for years in hour-long format; as if the “fitness police” had decided that group fitness classes and personal training sessions had to be 60 minutes. Interestingly, this seemed to be reserved to in-person workouts as plenty of TV shows had shorter alternatives. I invite you to check out the original “20 Minute Workout” on YouTube for reference and sheer joy!

Online and virtual workouts with various time durations have exploded in number and popularity. The market is telling us what it wants – targeted workouts to be done quickly and effectively.

Express Workouts

Sometimes enough is indeed enough. Our industry accepted HIIT training as being ideal in shorter duration a few years ago, and we have now embraced the request for shorter classes with other formats. Big players in the industry like Les Mills with CXWORKS and Zumba with STRONG30 have demonstrated that members will get to the gym for a shorter workout.

We now have entire studio franchise brands like F45 who have taped into the market share of goal-driven members with time-constraints.

Keep in mind, members might want to do their own cardio workout, then pop into a 30-minute strength training class or a 15-minute guided mediation practice. 

Maximizing the Gluteus

Gone are the days when we only focused on forward-facing “mirror muscles”; it’s now ALL about the backside! The popularity of the mighty barbell is back thanks to the rise in popularity of hip thrusting. We can choose to credit (or blame) a few celebrities, but the reality is that a great number of our clients are looking to improve the look and feel of their butt. Yes, glute-focused exercises and programs will be a massive draw and sales tool in 2020.

Education programs like Hot Booty Ballet have tapped into this trend by creating high-energy, group fitness workouts focused on…well, your booty.

Track It 

As a footnote to these two trends, I’d be remiss if I didn’t provide some guidance as to how it relates to tracking. Most of the technology and tracking tools used in gyms don’t come close to what members have in their pockets or on their wrists. Our industry must either evolve at warp-speed into the business of tech or connect with what is already at our fingertips. Providing tech and tracking has worked incredibly well for large companies like Orange Theory Fitness but smaller studios and entrepreneurs may not have the inclination or budget to transform their offers.

Utilize the tech your clients already have. This could mean asking your clients to track their efforts using their own devices or choosing your next pieces of equipment to connect with their technology like GymKit from Apple. And make sure they tag you in the photo they post on social media sharing the calories they’ve burned!

The Next Big Things For You

Fitness Professionals

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to tap into these trends, but rather simply repackage your offers and services. While keeping programs safe and effective, we can highlight the focus of our workouts.

Borrowing from our friends who offer online training and transformations, we can offer services that are shorter and more focused. Try breaking your hour class into two different 30-minute workouts; For example: 30-minute LIIT + 30-minute backside buster.

Fitness Managers & Decision Makers:

Try different workout durations and focuses on your class schedule in order to find the sweet spot for your members. In some gyms and studios, 30-minute formats work incredibly well, particularly in virtual group fitness. In others markets, this may not be as popular. Successful fitness programming blends art and science and if we remain comfortable trying different formats and remaining agile (vs being “stuck” with something for a 3-month session), we’ll be better suited to respond to the needs and cravings of our clientele.

If you haven’t yet researched, selected, and invested in technology, it is now time to find a way to support the tracking devices that your clients already use.

Fitness Education Providers

Consider providing a shorter format of your programs for both virtual and in person workouts. Try creating glute or hip focused workouts to send as “pop ups” to your audience. Use key words in your marketing that connect with these trends, yet still focuses on what you already offer. 

Continue reading the first place trends!

Nathalie Lacombe, M. Sc.  Leadership coach, speaker, strategic partner.

Joyfully taking your leadership and business to the next level! Contact Natalie at

Trainer+ – Personal Trainer Client Tracking

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Take advantage of our introductory offer! 

An exclusive 40% discount on Trainer Plus until January 31, 2020.


Our new member portal  is improved and easy-to-use, where canfitpro members can access, review and renew their membership, review their CEC status, check for online courses and other options for renewal and more. This new portal also comes along with a new workout builder tool, meal planning and exercise library – Trainer Plus!

Trainer Plus is a web and mobile app that creates new fitness content and support options for trainers and gyms.

  1. One side of the platform, Trainer+ tracks workouts and assessments with oversight from a personal trainer who will make ongoing changes to the program.
  2. The other side of the platform, Fitness+ is for individuals to discover exercise and workout content, where they can subscribe to Premium content and also request a program from a trainer. Together they facilitate more accessible, affordable and effective options to interact with a trainer for fitness programming and support, where our system manages the follow up and individuals moving between options.

The web portal is designed for trainers to build content and manage clients. It is where the features that are closest to the current Interactive platform exist to search through an exercise library and make workout and program templates. It also has an assessment builder, along with a whole other side for client management. The database contains over 1500 exercises with their corresponding media, but you can also create your own exercises as well. It also has a collection of existing shared workout, program and assessment templates.

To access Trainer Plus and receive the exclusive canfitpro discount, log into your member portal.

Click “Resources” and access Trainer Plus.

Watch the video to see how Trainer+ and Fitness+ work together to give you a more powerful tool:

You can access the Trainer Plus Workout Builder & Client Management through the canfitpro Member Portal.

Please note that meal planning is NOT part of the app, as the focus is on fitness management, including workout building and tracking, assessments and client follow-up.

Watch the individual segments:

What is Trainer+ and What Does it Do?

How Does Trainer+ Work?

Trainer+ FAQ

Trainer Plus is FREE for you to use & create workout plans for up to 2 clients.

You also receive an exclusive 40% discount on Trainer Plus, should you wish to upgrade for more features and the ability to manage more clients.

For a full list of FAQs, please visit the Trainer+ website.

Business Member Profile: Women’s Fitness Clubs of Canada

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What type of Facility are you?  

We are a Multi-Chain Club.

Tell us about your business?

We are a full-service, women’s only fitness operator.

Womens Fitness began operations in 1996, with our first location in the Thornhill market. Our business has gradually grown to 5 locations, servicing Ajax, Pickering, Richmond Hill and Burlington communities. All locations were carefully selected to be conveniently placed within shopping areas with ample parking and easy accessibility.

How long have you been in the industry? 

We have been in business more than 10 years.

What attracted you to the fitness industry?

My first real job was working at a gym as I was completing my business degree.

What made you choose to own/operate your own business?  

After working for a larger fitness chain, I acquired the skill set to create a brand that I thought would be successful. I had an entrepreneurial desire that I needed to explore.

What has been your greatest challenge as a business owner/operator and how did you overcome it? 

The challenges have changed over the course of my career. Initially, it was the challenge of raising capital for start-up or expansion. Later on, other challenges sprung up such as competition and staying relevant in an ever-changing landscape. Ultimately, as an owner you need to evolve and acquire new skills and resiliency to overcome the next challenge. The answers are out there. It is important to surround yourself with resources and information to find the information you need to solve the current challenge.

What do you hope your members achieve within your facility? 

We wanted to create an environment where women felt safe and comfortable to work out and achieve their health and life goals. We believe this requires strong programming and inviting facilities. We’ve been fortunate enough to be able to achieve that through our facilities’ design and most importantly, the staff we hire. Our critical success factor is the team of hard working Women’s Fitness employees.

Tell us your greatest memory/highlight in your career? 

There are so many to choose from! The fundraising events that raise money for women’s’ causes are definitely at the top of the list. Giving back to the community makes you feel like you contributed to a greater good. We also feel good about helping people improve their quality of life and being fit as they age. We have so many members that have been able to recover from life-threatening illnesses and are feeling rejuvenated. You hear the stories and you see the results. That’s what it’s all about.

How long have you been a Business Member? 

We have been members for more than 10 years.

Have you used a business coach to better educate you and your business? 


If “Yes”, who?

I personally have attended conferences like canfitpro and IHRSA and have learned from the speakers and consultants. On occasion, I have flown to different locations to attend workshops offered by keynote speakers. Everyone has something to share that can help us become more successful. Even one tip that you pick up can make a big difference. I would definitely encourage everyone to attend a Thomas Plummer workshop.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying you try to live by each day?  

Two things that I try to live by: try to have balance in your life and make sure not to have regrets.

The Next Big Things: 3 Top Trends For 2020

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By Nathalie Lacombe, M Sc.

Keeping up with trends is an integral part of remaining relevant as a fitness professional, and trends are moving into and out of our industry faster than ever before.

We will soon be bombarded by opinions on the hottest fitness trends coming to us from certifying bodies, industry associations, celebrities, and social media influencers alike. As Vice President of canfitpro, I was responsible for disseminating one of these trends reports for the Canadian fitness industry in a manner that I hoped helped fitness professionals make wise decisions about their education and programming.

I created this blog series as a tool to help differentiate between quick-burning fads and trends that have staying power. Don’t spend a moment of your precious time or a dollar of your hard-earned money before reading and reflecting on The Next Big Things: Top 3 Trends for 2020!

Third Place: What’s Old is New Again!  

Some of the hottest fitness trends of the 1980’s and 1990’s are making a massive comeback thanks to a whole new generation of passionate fitness professionals. But be warned, this reinterpretation has given these trends a whole new look and feel. Those of us who were part of the original hi-low impact or cardio-kickboxing gang can’t just kick it old school, and certainly not with our old outfits!


You know something is hitting the market with strength when the Wall Street Journal pays attention to it. The advent of increasingly popular boxing clubs and studios like Rumble have put boxing and kickboxing back on the map.

I remember teaching Tae Bo classes  to a packed YMCA gym with over 100 members back in the day; Billy Blanks – the creator of Tae Bo – is still alive and kicking, but in 2020 this trend has more of a BootCamp feel with full contact and authentic equipment rather than the shadow kickboxing we did in the 90’s.

Hi-Low & Low Impact Group Fitness

Aerobics are making a comeback, with powerful new concepts. Programs like High Fitness have brought some of our old favorites like high kicks and shuffles back to group fitness studios. Plus, these new brands offer it in a pre-formatted system making it easily applicable to the huge percentage of instructors who “grew up” solely on pre-choreographed formats.

For those who want something other than HIIT, LIIT (low impact interval training) programming could be just the ticket. The movements included are often highly functional and full-body in nature to pack a low impact punch, or even bringing dance back to the floor thanks to programs like Country Fusion.

Cardio Equipment

Treadmills remain the kings of cardio thanks to small group training taking over some of those rows of equipment. Studios like Orange Theory Fitness and programs that can be added to gyms like Sprint 8 have revitalized the square footage that was often not full of life.

Since the cardio equipment section is normally visible to all clients and potential clients, it was often a dead zone filled with people starting at televisions. This trend is allowing us to “studio-cize” those areas and pack them with coaches ensuring high energy and massive appeal.

The Next Big Things For You

Fitness Professionals

Whether or not you were around the first time these types of training were popular, get out there and try some of these trends. You can only speak of them if you experience the workouts yourself.

Go back to your old certifications, skills, and programming to see if some refurbishing could become a “new” feather in your cap. Remember that you’ll need to use your critical thinking and creativity to breathe some new life into an old trend.

Fitness Managers & Decision Makers

Before you get rid of a program or piece of equipment no one is using, find out if one of your fitness pros has some ideas to rejuvenate its appeal. Connect your more experienced trainers and instructors with newly certified staff; That combo can probably offer a killer training that will draw clients from multiple generations.

Fitness Education Providers

Remember that everything is cyclical; sometimes retiring a program that isn’t selling allows you to dust it off a few years later, load it with fresh content, and create a new revenue stream. Connect with other education providers to understand why their brand is doing well and consider an affiliate partnership where you can recommend one another’s programs to clients.

Having a spirit of innovation and creativity is a wonderful asset in our industry and we definitely want to be wary of doing anything “because we’ve always done it that way”, but reflecting on past success and what used to draw people to our offers and services can also be a profitable exercise.

Continue reading the second place and first place trends!

Nathalie Lacombe, M. Sc.  Leadership coach, speaker, strategic partner.

Joyfully taking your leadership and business to the next level! Contact Natalie at


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Selon les toutes dernières tendances pour 2020, les Canadiens sont actifs et prendre soin de soi est une part tout aussi importante de ce mouvement. Chaque année, les entraineurs personnels certifiés et les instructeurs de conditionnement physique sont sondés par canfitpro, chef de file en matière d’éducation en conditionnement physique au pays.

La récupération active s’empare du titre de la tendance fitness la plus importante en 2020. L’entrainement fonctionnel tombe en 2e position alors que l’entrainement par intervalles de haute intensité (HIIT) s’accroche à la 3e position.  La récupération active a fait ses débuts au classement en 2018 alors qu’elle occupait la 4e position, a grimpé à la 2e position l’an passé pour maintenant régner à la 1re position. Reconnaissant que notre capacité à s’entrainer est limitée par notre capacité à bouger, les exercices de récupération active sont axés le mouvement et les pratiques d’autosoins grâce à des rouleaux de mousse et des balles qui peuvent fournir un massage des tissus profonds, des entrainements de faible intensité et des exercices de pleine conscience, pour n’en nommer que quelques-uns. Si nous pouvons prendre soin de nous-mêmes et bouger aussi librement que possible, notre quotidien s’en trouve amélioré, et nos entrainements bonifiés.

L’entrainement fonctionnel se retrouve encore une fois en 2e position alors qu’on le retrouvait au numéro 1 en 2018 et en 2016 (en 2e position en 2017). Le HIIT était en 2e position en 2019 et 2018, et en 1re position en 2017. Les programmes de nutrition et d’alimentation saine se maintiennent à la 4e position cette année, tout comme en 2019, alors que l’année précédente, on les trouvait à la 8e position, et en 5e position en 2017.

Bien que le bien-être au travail ne soit pas un tout nouveau concept, nous constatons que les programmes de bien-être en milieu de travail ont fait leur entrée au palmarès des 10 tendances fitness les plus importantes de 2020 alors que les sociétés canadiennes offrent de plus en plus de solutions à leurs employés pour les aider à atteindre et maintenir un style de vie équilibré.

Les tendances fitness pour l’année 2020 au Canada sont:

Récupération active12
Entrainements fonctionnels21
Programmes de nutrition et d’alimentation saine44
Entrainements express (30 minutes ou moins)56
Expériences fitness de marque et programmes préchorégraphiés69
Entrainements avec le poids du corps77
Entrainements pour adultes matures85
Programmes bien-être en milieu de travail9NOUVEAU
Entrainements en circuits et entrainements militaires108

Pour en savoir plus sur ces tendances, visitez canfitpro Montréal qui se déroule du 27 au 29 Mars au Palais des congrès! Vous apprendrez à naviguer dans votre carrière de fitness dans ce paysage de fitness en mutation.

How to help clients improve their mindset

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Stop trying to get your clients motivated. Let go of the goal of “building willpower”. Instead help your clients build appropriate “systems”.

In this episode:

4:00 - A better way to look at New Year’s resolutions

7:00 - How your client can find their fit; why “one size fits all” doesn’t work for everyone when it comes to fitness

11:00 - How present bias stops people from achieving their goals and how to overcome this with willpower

14:00 - Questions personal trainers should ask to help their clients set and achieve their goals; Mistakes trainers make when helping clients set their goals

18:00 – How to overcome negative self-talk

25:00 – How the “Love it” rule helps clients maintain realistic goals

Get Your Fittest Future Self and Finding Your Fit on Amazon!

About Kathleen Trotter

Kathleen Trotter holds a masters in Exercise Science, is the author of two books including the new book Your Fittest Future Self, and is a Personal trainer, Nutritionist, Pilates Specialist and Life Coach. Visit her at

Twitter: @FITbyKathleenT

Instagram: @fitbykathleent