Continuing Education Credit (CEC)
Provider Program


United as members, canfitpro delivers the world's best, accessible, affordable, and attainable fitness education and experiences.


As the leading global provider of fitness and wellness education, canfitpro empowers people to lead passionate and fulfilling lives through safe, fun and effective physical activity.


canfitpro is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro's over 100,000 members include some of the world's finest fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.


canfitpro encourages individuals and organizations who share our commitment to providing education for fitness professionals to apply for the distinction of becoming a canfitpro CEC Provider. The instructors and/or developers of the education are preferably canfitpro certified (FIS, PTS, HWL) or equivalent. Those who are not canfitpro certified or equivalency thereof must hold a degree (bachelor or higher) in a field relevant to their course content from an accredited university. Providers must have related teaching experience and current experience in the subject area to be taught.



Individuals and organizations may apply for canfitpro CECs for lectures, workshops, seminars, conferences and academic courses. Workouts and master classes are not eligible for CECs. canfitpro reserves the right to accredit events, agencies and individuals at our discretion.



canfitpro evaluates the content of the course and determines the appropriate number and type of credits to be awarded. Lecture and practical application time is considered when credits are determined. CEC calculations are as follows: one CEC for every two educational hours. For all events, a maximum of four (4) CECs will be awarded per event.


All applications accompanied with necessary documents will be reviewed. In order to determine eligibility for accreditation the provider will first be evaluated. Once approved as a provider, the course objectives, content and delivery will be reviewed to determine if it meets the canfitpro Continuing Education Standards. Approval as a provider does not guarantee that all courses submitted will be approved for CECs. Applications must be received at leastfour weeks prior to the course/event date to allow for processing time.


As an authorized canfitpro Continuing Education Provider, the provider is permitted to promote their course using a statement which should specify the number and type of CECS accredited by canfitpro. Example: Accredited for CECs with canfitpro (<number/type>)


Use of the canfitpro logo is prohibited without previous permission.


Approved education will be accredited with CECs for a single calendar year period. At the end (December 31) of the calendar year, the provider must reapply for all courses that require continued accreditation. Providers may submit an application at any time during the calendar year, fees are charged based on providers existing status for that year.


In addition to CEC accreditation, any eligible education will also automatically be recognized as approved education to be added to enrollees' repscanada profiles. repscanada qualifies any non-Personal Training or Group Fitness Instructor certification as an Additional Qualification which much be a minimum of eight (8) hours and live in order to qualify for verification and display.


To ensure efficient handling of your application, please be sure that all required items are included in your application package, allowing for 3-4 weeks for processing. Submission can also be made by:


Fax: 416-493-1756

MaiI: 110-225 Select Ave. Toronto, ON M1X 0135

Accreditation Fees

Please select the appropriate fees based on the structure below. Please indicate preferred method of payment. No charges will be made until the application is received in full, reviewed and approved.

Course/Workshop Fees
New Course Submission Fee Renewing* Course Submission Fee
First Course Submission within the educational year $225 $200
Subsequent Course Submissions within the educational year $125 $100

*Renewal fees are eligible for any course that has been approved for CECs with canfitpro within the last three (3) years and is being resubmitted without any major content or delivery changes that would affect the CECs previously assigned. Courses outside of this timeframe and/or with changes requiring reassignment of CECs will be charged at the new submission rate.

Conference Fees
Number of Sessions Fee
1-10 Sessions $190
11-50 Sessions $380
51-100 Sessions $670
100+ Sessions $990
OptionaI Fees
Description Fee
RUSH Fee Applied to submissions at the request of the application for application turn around within five (5) business days $65