Equipment Substitutions


Barre = Chair

equipment substitution2

Hand weights = Canned Goods, Bag of Flour or Rice, Filled Water Bottle, Paint Cans

equipment substitution3

Kettlebell = Laundry Detergent, Jug of Water

equipment substitution4

Gliding Discs = Paper plates (for carpeted rooms) and socks (for hard floors)

equipment substitution8

Resistance Band / Tubing = Nylon Tights or Leggings

equipment substitution5

Yoga Mat / Pilates Mat = Beach Towel

equipment substitution6

Pilates Ball = Circular Pillow, Volleyball, Soccer ball

equipment substitution7

Step Platform = House Stairs, Short Coffee Table, Ottoman

equipment substitution9

Bender Ball = Small Pillow

equipment substitution10

Ripstix = Spatula, Wooden Spoons

equipment substitution11

Yoga Strap = Necktie, Scarf, Robe Tie, Towel

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