Ashley is a vibrant Movement Motivator & Self Acceptance Educator. With a mission to educate physical literacy, positive mental health, and empower every child to be healthy, happy and fully self expressed. For 10+ years she has been getting kids active, through music, movement and play-based programs. Her passion, and personal journey with Health & Fitness led her in the pursuit of completing a BA in Kinesiology, becoming a certified fitness instructor, and now, the Regional Director & Operator of PL3Y Recreation programs, exclusively in the Okanagan. As a certified DANCEPL3Y & YOGAPL3Y instructor, she has had the opportunity of getting over 10,000’s of kids active and engaged with PL3Y programs, in the community, in camps, and in schools across BC. And this experience has wholeheartedly transformed her life in the most positive way possible. As a PL3Y Regional Operator and Virtual Class Instructor, Ashley’s intention is to create a team of open-minded, open-hearted, and passionate educators, who will join her on this mission. To help share a message, that every child is worthy and deserving of being accepted and loved for who they are. Ashley has a vision of sharing the power of the PL3Y programs worldwide, and making a global impact in the lives of millions of children to feel seen, heard and valued for who they are, as human beings.