Specialized Education Tracks


Women who influence

Hear from seven "fierce n' fabulous" influencers- each of whom will share their journey and the lessons they learned that have helped shape who they are today. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for women to connect on a deeper level, gain clarity of their own purpose and harness the power of connections.

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Personal training

Developed specifically for all levels of personal trainers, get everything you need to know to be at the top of your game, build your career and make more money! With personal training as one of the ever-changing areas within the fitness industry, stay on the leading edge of learning to maintain credibility and competence.


Olympic & power lifting

This track offers training workshops with the best and most accomplished Olympic and powerlifting coaches and trainers in the world!


Business Success

Learn the best practices for sales, technology, marketing and management of your club or boutique. Gain the skills and expertise to move your business forward and excel in your career as a fitness industry leader and influencer.

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Boutique fitness

This track is designed for boutique fitness owners, operators, trainers and instructors who are working in this rapidly growing sector of the fitness industry and need training and help or have a desire to start a boutique business.

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Leaders are provided with vision, mentoring and coaching, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-minded thought leaders and visionaries in fitness and related fields. Expand your knowledge with new ideas, best practices and ignite your purpose and passion. Lean in, rise and create impact in the world.


Group fitness

Whether pre-choreographed classes are your jam or you're all about freestyle, check out the sessions offered by the industry's best presenters and take your group fitness choreography and class formats, teaching style and coaching to the next level. canfitpro is committed to help you succeed as an instructor, pack your classes and create incredible fitness experiences!

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The dance track is focused on the latest dance styles and licensed and free-style program concepts as a result of the growth and demand for dance-based fitness classes. There are workshops and masterclasses to help you discover and develop your dance style and passion for movement. Join the party!



This is the first of its kind summit, featuring a variety of barre workshops and training delivered by the industry's best in this fast-expanding field of group fitness.


Yoga Mind-Body

Expand your expertise with cutting-edge education in the diverse subject areas of yoga, pilates, mindful movement, meditation and recovery concepts. Equip yourself to deliver new techniques and improved results for your classes, clients and your own personal practice.

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These sessions are designed exclusively by the industry's best trainers for indoor cycling instructors and coaches looking for the latest education and training, to expand their knowledge and practical design. While it comes down to creating unforgettable class experiences, it's all about the ride you lead.

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Learn about the latest nutrition research and strategies to help yourself and your clients. Arming yourself with sound science, proven strategies and advise will help you stand out confidently in a market that demands safe, effective and proven principles and programming.



Mindset matters! Both your own and that of your participants and clients. The mindset in which the training is delivered and received is equally as important as the training itself. Develop a deeper understanding of the important role played by mindset and arm yourself with the tools you need to coach others on a path to success.



A trending topic in recent years, it is more important than ever for fitness professionals to understand the complexities of wellness (and mental health) and the symbiotic relationship between the health and fitness professions. These sessions will explore important trends in wellness and open your mind to ways in which you can use them to evolve personally and professionally, and as an instructor, trainer or coach.

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Les Mills

Les Mills Live is a mind-blowing group fitness experience you don't want to miss. Working out alongside other fitness fans, you'll be driven by the most inspiring instructors. With heart-pumping energy and excitement, you'll be immersed in the best fitness party on the planet.

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