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canfitpro Celebrates 25 Years!

canfitpro is excited to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2018. With every milestone comes a new opportunity to showcase who we are, where we have come from and where we want to grow. With the reveal of our logo, we decided to go for a simplistic look. The arches at the top of the logo represent a bridge – to take us from the past, into the present and onwards to the future.

Our members have been the biggest part of the evolution of the Canadian fitness industry and our members will be the ones to guide the industry towards the future. This being said, during our anniversary celebrations throughout 2018 we will be collecting your member stories to share online. canfitpro is dedicated to being part of your growth and evolution and we want share your success with fellow fitness professionals!

We look forward hearing your stories and to having you join our journey as we celebrate 25 years growing the fitness industry together!