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Catching up with Trina Medves

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1) Why was being named the 2016 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year so special for you?

Being recognized as the #1 Fitness Instructor Specialist by canfitpro is the highest honour because canfitpro is the representing body of our professional career.

The award didn’t come easy. I had to earn the title by giving back, honouring and proving exactly why I am different than every other fitness professional out there and I had to go above and beyond what we do day to day in our jobs as Leaders. This title represents excellent leadership, community work and a serious drive to create change. It will always be on my resume and the award sits on my desk as a reminder to never give up.

2) How has the Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year Award impacted your career?

Winning has helped grow my business at Fit4Females and has given me more recognition, drive and power to reach for things I want to achieve. More people know who I am and I have gotten lots of media attention, which gives me the ability to reach and help more people.

This award has significantly impacted my career. To name a few:

  • I landed an audition and was hired as a Fitness Expert to appear on television by The Shopping Channel, which is Canada’s Only nationally televised shopping service.
  • I landed the cover of the canfitpro magazine for the 2017. January/February edition
  • I was asked by International Recording Artist, Jully Black to be a speaker at her sold out Empowered in my Skin event in April 2017.
  • I was featured in an article for the biggest newspaper in my area, The Hamilton Spectator, for the emphasis and focus I put on post natal rehab ensuring moms are receiving the best workout advice and that they are working properly to rehab their body.
  • I appeared on two segments as a Guest Fitness Expert on Kitty Talk for Rogers TV discussing fitness and health related issues.
  • I am mentoring more women in my programs to be the best version of themselves with a renewed sense of empowerment.

3) Describe the feeling you had when your name was announced at the canfitpro world fitness expo Closing Ceremonies.

I was blown away, sitting beside my family and Fit4Females Team full of pride, accomplishment and happiness.

My journey was a little different. I was a Top 3 Finalist in 2015 and when they didn’t call my name at the Closing Ceremonies, I was devastated. I honestly wanted to give up, I felt like a failure and I did not want to repeat the nomination process again. I grew from the experience and turned the loss into doing more for my clients, community and business.

repeated the nomination process for 2016 and made it to the Top 3. As I sat at the Closing Ceremonies one year later, I felt like I had done everything I could to have earned the award and whatever was meant to be would happen.

When Rod called my name, I was completely shocked and full of emotion. I cried, stood up in disbelief, hugged one of my daughters who was beside me and literally sat back down at which point I was supposed to be running up on stage to accept my award. It was the most emotional and rewarding experience of my career. Rod McDonald had to tell me to “get up on stage” and the rest is history.

4) What is the most rewarding part of being named 2016 Fitness Instructor Specialist of the Year?

The most rewarding part is recognition for all of the hard work I did at Fit4Females, giving back to my community, training my Team Leaders and transforming the lives of so many women.

The reward was that beautiful award representing my passion, dedication and hard work. It’s not easy doing what we do. This award is a reminder that everything you do makes a difference.

5) Why would you recommend others to nominate themselves or someone else?

If you want to be a better Leader, be at the top of your game and push yourself to be the best you can possibly be, the nomination process will do that for you. Nominate yourself or ask someone to nominate you because the process itself will make you realize how much you have done or if you need to do more.

Reading the 500 word testimonials that came in from my Fit4Females Members and Leaders about how I impacted their lives, the recognition from my peers and knowing that canfitpro selected me to represent their business was incredibly rewarding. The nomination process will force you to give even more, create more impact and to become a better Leader.

I really thought I was going to win in 2015 and so did my Team. I felt I had done everything but when canfitpro didn’t call my name, I was devastated and doubted everything I had done.

I quickly decided that it wasn’t my time, returned back to my business at Fit4Females and focused on what I do best, giving back and transforming lives. I committed an entire year to bettering myself, focusing on my clients and giving back to causes that I felt passionate about.

I would never have learned or grown in my business or personal life as much as I did if I had not gone through the nomination process. The process is exhausting, emotional and a lot of work but it just proves that it’s not easy winning and the reward is worth it.

You have to work for it and prove that you are above and beyond just getting people fit. Do not wait another year. Get yourself nominated because the reward is worth all of the hard work.
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Nominations for the 2017 Fitness Professional of the Year Awards close June 15!