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Creating Internal Balance (Chakras)

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March being the cusp between winter and a promising spring, is the perfect time for a reflection of self. Where we are in terms of the resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year, along with all of our hopes and dreams for the future. The Chakras are part of our subtle body known as energy centres. They are located up the length of our spine, with the seven main chakras connected to nerve bundles, the places in our bodies with the most sensation: base of the spine, abdominals (2), heart, throat, forehead and crown of our head.

Working through different Chakra balancing exercises is a great way to not only feel more centered, but to get back in touch with ourselves. To feel more in-tune and better yet, more confident that we are on an upward leading path towards achieving our innermost desires.

To get there we need to start with where we are in this moment. The present. We can acknowledge our past but to create change (if change is needed) it must be done with where we are today. The best news is we don’t need to know anything at all about our chakras to do this work. If we have a regular yoga and/or meditation practice, chances are this work is continuously happening behind the scenes. All we need to do is notice our emotions and thoughts during our practice, honour where they have come from and from there create the shifts required.

In love and light,
Xo Lisa.

Lisa Greenbaum is the Director of YogaFit Canada, she has been involved in mind/body movement all her life as a competitive dancer, fitness instructor and now Senior Master Trainer and International Presenter for YogaFit.

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