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Fall into Fitness with Kickboxing

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Well it’s September and back to school for all the kiddies to learn new education to prepare them for highschool, university or careers. As fitness professional you too should be thinking of continuing education and stay current. The evolution of training methodology and techniques is ever changing. Professionals in every field, like doctors, lawyers, accountants and others attend annual conferences and seminars to enhance their knowledge to best provide service for their clients. Fitness professionals must also to the same if they are to be viewed as a professional and not just a part time hobby.

We are experiencing rapid shifts in demand by the public as to what they want in their training. The sheer number of programs and disciplines are exhausting and success for the trainer is contingent on specializing and differentiating yourself from the others.

Certifications and seminars provide you, the trainer, with the continuing education and skills to stand above your competition and make you more marketable.

This is where combative style fitness, kickboxing and MMA, is the fastest growing market, personal trainers will fill thier PT time slots and your studio floor. A pair of focus pads, gloves and a 12 foot by 12 foot floor space is all you need. Simple beginner level combinations will provide your client with a challenging cardio/resistance routine and the level of difficulty and intensity can be modified to suit your client’s skill and fitness level.

If you are interested in specializing in Kickboxing or MMA Fitness your professional development can be accommodated by registering for one of the FKCI pre or post conference certification courses and kick start your career.

Join us at FitEdmonton, September 29 or the canfitpro Fitness Expo in Vancouver October 27 where we will be offering the Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Level 1 certification.

For a listing of all certification dates and locations please click here.

As the canfitpro "preferred MMA Certification Provider", we will be recruiting Course conductors to teach our course curriculum from those taking the certification course. If you are interested in becoming an FKCI Course Conductor please email us your resume prior to the certification course date.