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How has mom inspired you?

How has mom inspired you? recipe thumbnail

For Mother's Day, we asked our members how their mother-figure has inspired them to lead a healthy lifestyle. The result was truly motivating.

"My moms energy is what inspires me. She wasn't always this way. She made the decision to become fit and healthy about 10 years ago. Watching her own struggle and take the journey first definitely lit a fire in me. After all, if she can do it, why couldn't I?! Now I teach Les mills programs! I still wake up some days wondering how the heck this happened! All I know is that she not only did it for herself but also for us; her kids, her grandchildren. She wanted to grow old with us. But the funny thing is, she is younger now at almost 60, than I have ever known her. Happy Mothers Day to all!!!
- Cindy T.

"My mom has cycled across Canada, has been hiking the Bruce Trail (890km's) and hopes to complete it next year. She kayaks, line dances and I always proud and amazed by her. Happy Mothers Day to all moms."
- Jodi P.

"I had open heart surgery when I was 7. Was told not to do anything too strenuous. Asked Mom what strenuous meant. My Mom, who trained as an English teacher, would normally make me look up the word, said "stop when you are tired". So that's what I did. Had she not done that, I'd have been inactive or a cardiac cripple, like many heart patients. Then she taught me about reflexology & aromatherapy, and aesthetics...sent me to conferences...Mom taught me to eat clean, recycle & compost long before it was cool. My Mom's wisdom led me to explore all types of fitness and sports. Dance, Gymnastics & Swimming chiefly. And to self care via yoga and fitness. I teach Yoga, Aquafit, Fitness & Dance classes and am a personal trainer! Happy Mother's Day!"
- Renne K.

"I have watched my Mom suffer from depression for many years and it has affected everyone in my family. She has survived many challenges including losing her father very young then being given up for adoption at the age of 4. Inadvertently, she encouraged me to be stronger and take care of my mental health and exercise has helped me do that. My mother is a strong woman still today as she is able to do many things physically that many could not do themselves. She is a clear reminder of why taking care of yourself not only physically but mentally is extremely important for your health. Stay strong sisters!
- Cary K.

My Mom inadvertently has inspired me to get healthy, and more importantly to stay that way! She's a wonderful person, with a loving and giving nature, and has always maintained a healthy weight. However she also suffers from arthritis, which affects her to the point that she can't do the things she'd like to. She's made me determined to fight for my well-being, and to be grateful for every day that I am healthy!

- Janelle C.

My mom didn't inspire me to become a fitness professional but she had Multiple sclerosis. Now that I am a fitness professional I have taken a course and have done research so I can work with people with the disease. Seeing how things can become bad so quickly and the impact not just on the person with the disease but their families.... I'd like to help a person maintain muscle use and help slow the progression.
- Laura M.

My mom has always been my cheerleader in life no matter what I decide to do!!
- Laura L.

I became a mother for the first time in October 2016. In January 2017, I lost my 58 year only mom to lung cancer. It is my personal *vow to stay stay active, educated on nutrition and lead my son and family/household in the most healthy lifestyle I can. *I will be at my grandchildrens' weddings!
- Katie R.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their stories. We encourage members to continue to share their inspiration stories with us. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.