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MMA Education for the Nation 2015

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Launch of NEW Fitness Kickboxing Canada®

Certified Trainer Benefits Program

Are you a Fitness kickboxing Canada® Certified trainer who would like to use the Fitness kickboxing Canada® logo in your advertising and promotional material?This program is specifically designed to provide an opportunity for Fitness kickboxing Canada® Certified trainers to leverage their Certification with Fitness kickboxing Canada®, and utilize its industry leading brand name logo in marketing their training sessions.

FKCI Certified Trainer Benefits Program:

  • Use of Fitness kickboxing Canada® Logo, the most recognized brand in the Canadian Fitness MMA industry with NO LICENSING FEE (terms of usage apply)
  • Use the Fitness kickboxing Canada® logo in promotional material including business cards, flyers, on your website and social media, schedules, signage and classes identifying you as Fitness kickboxing Canada® Certified Trainer.
  • FKCI provides substantial discount prices on our official line of equipment for FKCI Certified Trainers that can be sold to clients as part of a personal training package and add an additional steam of revenue
  • FKCI Certified Trainer apparel exclusively for certified trainers..
  • Optional Insurance coverage through the Fitness Kickboxing Canada insurance plan with AON Insurance of Canada.


We will be hope you will join us on our quest for MMA Education for the Nation!
Fitness kickboxing Canada Inc. (FKCI) is proud to be the "Preferred MMA Certification Provider" for canfitpro