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Old School Training puts “FUN” back into Functional Training!

Old School Training puts “FUN” back into Functional Training! recipe thumbnail

Client retention balanced without breaking the bank buying new equipment is a fine line that most facility owners, program directors and trainers walk every day. We can all think of some piece of equipment that was the "Hot" must have item, which now sits in the corner gathering dust and costing you a small fortune.

I think it is safe to say that MMA athletes are some of the top conditioned athletes in the world. Many of them train "Old School" and it works just fine. I am not saying new techniques with highly priced equipment doesn't work, but for many trainers, facility owners and program directors, they are cost probative and unnecessary for 90% of your clientele.

MMA style functional conditioning (without any striking, focus pads or heavy bag work) can challenge even the most hard core clients, but can be modified to fit the needs of clients at any age, skill or fitness level, and can be done very affordably.

Put some "fun" back in functional training. Get yourself some old tractor tires (80-120 pounds), some small car tires, a few heavy ropes, a sledge hammer, boot-camp belts, a medicine ball and some eager clients. Using "Free" body exercises and drills, you have a butt kickin' inexpensive, and highly effective workout. Here are some of the ideas that have survived the decades in the MMA industry:

  • Heavy tire flips incorporating push-ups, tricep dips, squat leaps and gorilla drills
  • Small car tire drags, pushes, tosses and agility foot drills
  • Heavy rope full body exercises with singles, doubles, flips, presses and climbs
  • FKCI Boot-camp belt cardio & strength resistance drills
  • Free body, sprints, reaction drills, burpees, sprawls and get ups

FKCI is launching its newest Functional Training certification at the canfitproToronto International Conference in a pos- con on August 10th 2014. The workshop will include over 60 exercises and circuits for a turnkey MMA style training camp minus the bloody noses. This course supplies you with the know how...you supply the sweat.

Course Conductors NOW being recruited for training to deliver the course across Canada

Ross O'Donnell
President & CEO
Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc.
"Preferred MMA Certification Providers for canfitpro"