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Preparing for business can be like preparing for a Fight!

Preparing for business can be like preparing for a Fight! recipe thumbnail

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As an MMA coach and trainer, I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with many combative athletes from amateur national level, professional, and UFC athletes.

Many years ago I set out on a mission to standardize fitness training for MMA and currently offer the most recognized Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA Fitness certification education across Canada. Providing education for nearly 4,000 personal trainers as well as being the Preferred MMA Certification Providers for canfitpro and an approved education provider to Goodlife Fitness with over 350 clubs servicing over one million members nationally.

If you currently operate a fitness business or are about to launch a business, preparing to operate a business and preparing an athlete for a fight requires similar preparation in several key categories.

Your business will rise or fail with your work ethic and preparedness

Business plan or fight plan
Months before a fight a combative athlete will go over a fight plan with his coaches. The plan includes assessing the competition, examining weaknesses and strengths and developing a strategic plan to peak at the right time to maximize the odds for success. This is no different than starting a business. You often hear of so called "overnight success" stories however when you hear the background of most successful people it sure as heck wasn't overnight. It took great planning and sacrifice.Business, finances, and life in general are a lot like a calculated card game, the key is knowing when to hold them and when to fold them. This is not done by luck or guessing, it is through educating yourself to make well founded and researched decisions. Much like a combative athlete in the cage, he doesn't go in throwing everything he has at his opponent, he has a game plan and so should you. Failing to plan is planning to fail!

You got to spend money to make money.
I often teach seminars on "How to Start a Business" and I always start by asking the question: "How many people here want to make a little money and spend very little money"? Invariably most of the hands go up. That's when I say "You might as well leave because you already reached your goal...if you only spend a little money you will only make a little money" You reap what you invest, you have to spend money to make money!Can you imagine a fighter thinking I just want to train twice a week at the cheapest gym possible but I still want to be a UFC champ... free training isn't good and good training isn't free!

Just before the fight starts the referee will ask "Are you ready"
Long before the referee asks this you need to ask this of yourself. Many people make the mistake of thinking they will start a business and they are not ready. They expect to put in a solid eigth hours a day...surprise, when you start a business most often you are 24-7-365. Just like a fighter where his career is his life so must your business. Whether you goal is to be successful fighter or an entrepreneur you must first know that the only place that "Success" comes before "Work" is in a dictionary.

Defend your belt
Once a UFC star wins the belt he becomes the target for every other fighter in his division. This is no different in business. Success brings more competition and just like a champ defending his belt, the road gets tougher as you now face the top people in your field trying to take your spot. Keeping you belt (position in the business industry) becomes tougher than ever. You must be able to continue working hard, not resting on your success and always striving to improve.

Business longevity = Hall of fame
It is the aspiration of most fighters to make it to the hall of fame, the pinnacle of success and respect from your industry peers. Most fighters last only a few years or few fights and realize that another career might be a good call. The same is true in business. To make it to the hall of fame you must be resilient, always evolving and learn from your mistakes. You don't have to win every fight as some of our best lessons come from losses, but you must learn from it. Statistics shows that in the business world one-third fail in first year, half fail in two years, two-thirds are gone in first five years, and after five years you have beaten the odds and established a solid well run business. Start your business with the goal of going all the way to the hall of fame.Ross O'Donnell

President & CEO
Fitness Kickboxing Canada Inc.
"Preferred MMA Certification Providers for canfitpro"
"Approved Certification provider for GoodLife Fitness Clubs of Canada"