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A Touch of Yoga Philosophy: Santosha

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Santosha, the second practice of the Niyamas, or personal code of ethics, is finding acceptance and gratitude, of letting go what we can't control and making changes to those we can. It's amazing how our own perception and thoughts both send us off the deep end towards a downward spiral, and yet have the absolute same power to bring us back from the cusp to a celebration of life itself. While it is extremely difficult to control our monkey minds, through the practice of Santosha, we can begin to notice when our thoughts are beginning to spiral and teach ourselves to step out to the place of the witness. To stop and realize what we are getting so upset over and if it is really worth it.

Creating a gratitude list was and continues to be the cornerstone in my journey for santosha or contentment. The other important element is a daily meditation practice. For 20 minutes every morning, as soon as I wake up and for the rest of the day, I feel more present and at peace in every situation.

It is very easy in the western world to get caught up in the media slogans of what we don't have and what we need to be happy. However I lay odds that you already have everything you need, we just sometimes need a little help to remember. This week take time for reflection, whether through meditation, journaling or talking to a close friend. Notice if it is you who is getting in the way of your own happiness. What changes can you make to bring more peace and contentment into your own life.

By: Lisa Greenbaum, E-RYT500 Director YogaFit Canada Inc., Senior Master Trainer and International Presenter for YogaFit.