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YogaFit - The Attitude of Gratitude

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Try right now to list 5 things you are grateful for, no matter how big or small, so long as each item can bring a smile to your face. Now write each of them down, with only one word for each idea, thing, person, folding up this piece of paper put it in your wallet, or behind your phone case. Perhaps tape it to your bathroom mirror. Keep it somewhere close so you can be reminded of your list. Maybe your list will change from time to time. Maybe your list will even begin to grow.

Gratitude has immense power. When we shift to an attitude of gratitude, incredible things begin to happen. We let go of negative thoughts, we cease to dwell on the past and we may even discover a great confidence in ourselves in reflection of the support we have by loved ones or even the great accomplishments we have achieved.

Gratitude is a principle emotion of the Anahata Chakra, the energy center that lies within the heart or center of the chest. To bring gratitude in to our yoga practice, try heart-opening postures such as chest expansions and back bends. The following is a great sequence (after a great warm-up of course!) to build strength in our backs, openness through our chests and thus more joy, happiness and gratitude into our life.

  1. Sun Pose
  2. Standing Straddle Splits with Chest Expansion
  3. Crescent Lunge
  4. Balanced Half Moon
  5. Standing Camel
  6. Incline Plank
  7. Wheel/Bridge
  8. Restorative Fish Pose

For more information on poses please visit: www.canfitpro.com/interactive

Lisa Greenbaum