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Try Something New!

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Group fitness comes in all different types and varieties, but do you find yourself doing the same class over and over again? Perhaps you are a die-hard cardio fan and need that high intensity, or always doing a gentle yoga practice never really pushing to your full fitness potential.

While every class or workout should be respected for the type of exercise it is, and some days you need a certain type more than others, trying a different type of workout in the space of a group fitness class may provide you with benefits you haven't considered!

• Avoid or overcome plateaus – new workouts challenge the body in a different way.

• Meet new people – different types of people attend different classes and may have different outlooks that will inspire you.

• Appreciate another type of workout – the old saying "don't judge a book by its cover" applies here. Give a new class a chance before you dismiss it.

• Prevent or manage injuries – repetitive exercise over time can lead to overuse injuries. Bring some variety in to help prevent this.

Finally, we all need variety to stay engaged in all aspects of our life. Switching up your workout from time to time or trying a new class will keep your workouts fresh and interesting, keeping you motivated to exercise and live a healthy active life style!