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Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist


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Scope of Ability

A canfitpro certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist is qualified to:

  • Teach the specific needs and abilities with regards to physical fitness before, during and after pregnancy within the boundaries of information provided in the Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist program.
  • Work directly with a health care professional using the PAR Med-X for pregnancy documents developed by Health Canada to receive medical guidance when developing an appropriate pre and post natal exercise plan.
  • Inform participants or clients about appropriate exercise choices before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Refer clients to a qualified professional should they require specific information on all issues relating to pregnancy.
  • Promote the benefits of regular physical activity combined with a healthy and balanced diet using Canada’s Physical Activity Guide as a reference.
  • Provide emergency care based on the participant needs (contact EMS, provide Emergency First Aid or CPR).

As a certified Fitness Instructor for Pre & Post Natal Fitness, I agree to provide a safe and effective group exercise class that provides appropriate exercise selection and intensity to meet the individual needs of each pre & post natal woman in the group.

As a certified Personal Trainer for Pre & Post Natal Fitness, I agree to provide a safe and effective individual exercise program that provides appropriate exercise selection and intensity to meet the individual needs of each pre & post natal client.

As a certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist (PFS), I agree to respect my role, abide by the Code of Ethics and work within my Scope of Ability at all times.

I recognize that failure to follow this Scope of Ability will result in immediate removal of my PFS certification designation.

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canfitpro Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialists are fitness professionals that help women achieve their fitness and wellness goals through sound, scientifically based exercise recommendations that are designed specifically for them. This specialty certification is designed for currently certified fitness professionals to add to their existing knowledge and expertise to prepare them for working with this special and rewarding population.

The Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist Course

This is a comprehensive 16-hour course that will increase your knowledge and practical skills for pre & post natal fitness.

Topics Include:

  • A review of current exercise and pregnancy research
  • A thorough explanation of the physiological changes with pregnancy and the exercise adaptations required
  • An explanation and application of the CSEP and ACOG guidelines for exercising while pregnant
  • The benefits, risks and contraindications associated with fitness and pregnancy
  • Practical ways to modify exercises for pregnant participants in a group exercise format
  • Practical ways to design specific and individualized exercise plans for pregnant clients who work directly with a personal trainer

*For successful completion of the PFS course, a current certification as a fitness instructor or personal trainer or previous training and knowledge related to individual or group instruction, anatomy and physiology is highly recommended.

The Pre & Post Natal Fitness Course Manual

canfitpro has developed an excellent manual to be used for the Pre & Post Natal Fitness course and certification exam. The writing team consists of a Birth Educator, a Pregnancy Researcher and Personal Trainer, as well as a Fitness Practitioner with a pre and post natal specialty. This combination of intellect and practical experience delivers useful material that is well rounded, comprehensive, and practical yet easy to understand and apply.

The Pre & Post Natal Fitness Exam

We recommend that candidates attempt the exam approximately three (3) weeks after taking the course. This time frame is recommended in order to allow candidates to properly prepare for the exam. Those who choose the option to progress and become a certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist will complete a theory and practical exam. These two components evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and understanding as well as the ability to apply the theory to provide safe and effective exercise options for pre and post natal women. This certification provides specialized skills for fitness and health professionals and gives them an enhanced ability to safely work with pre and post natal women. Please note, the course is required prior to attempting the exams.

A Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist Provides:

  • Current information about the necessary precautions for pre & post natal fitness
  • Practical advice with setting fitness goals for currently active and newly active pregnant women
  • Practical modifications for exercise intensity and exercise techniques
  • A specialized approach to exercise and activity while pregnant
  • Pre & Post Natal fitness information, activity choices and individualized program design