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“We need touch, but most importantly we need conscious touch”

Thai massage is an incredibly dynamic practice that becomes more than just something you “do” – it weaves its way into your life, evolving into a way of living. It’s roots in Vedic philosophy encourage self-reflection and greater self-awareness in terms of physically taking care of ourselves, but also with respect to our individual energetic constitution and how that impacts the decisions and tendencies we see throughout our lives.

Navina™ trainings are unique because we teach functional anatomy of the body. A sound understanding of anatomy will help to inform our intuition, enable us to share more information with clients in a meaningful dialogue, improve our professional image, and assist in developing our own body awareness for safety and longevity in practice. By adding the knowledge of anatomy to our tool belt we can ultimately make ourselves better practitioners.

Exclusive to canfitpro members Navina now provides Introduction to Thai Yoga Stretching for Exercise Professionals.

Introduction to Thai Yoga Stretching for Exercise Professionals (Online)

Thai Yoga Stretching combines assisted stretching and passive yoga, and pressure techniques, to give a deeply beneficial experience for the athletic body. Within this course you have access to incredibly practical tools to use on your personal training clients, fitness class participants and other athletic individuals.

Each technique can be utilized in isolation or together as a full sequence, and a more therapeutic experience. This specialty offering contains instructional video footage, along with a 33-page written manual to consolidate and deepen your knowledge for each technique. This course is specifically designed with fitness professionals in mind and it is highly recommended that you have a background in health and fitness prior to engaging in this course.


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Thai Massage at Home (Online)

Learn a handful of selected techniques can transform our communication skills with those around us, enhance relationships, and of course, naturally reduce stress and tension for both the giver and receiver.

This is the perfect way to be introduced to more compassionate touch in your everyday, and can be used on friends, family members or clients.

No prior massage experience necessary.

Savasanahhh Certification (Online)

Savasanahhh is the perfect blend of compassionate touch and restorative yoga. Guide your students deeper into relaxation, restoration and bliss with this fluid combination of Thai massage and restorative yoga. Learning to provide compassionate touch will do more than just enhance your restorative classes – it will act as a conduit to deeper connection and greater wellbeing in all aspects of your life. It will also provide the skill and confidence to approach hands-on assists in any yoga class. Our teaching approach focuses on the essentials of compassionate touch, practicing in a safe and sustainable way whilst providing you with the practical skills that will allow you to translate Thai massage immediately and effectively into your classes.

No prerequisites for this training. It is also open to all who want to experience this powerful union of Thai massage and yoga.