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Certified Coach Practitioner

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Certified Coaches Federation (CCF) to provide training in the field of coaching.

Coaches help their clients identify good habits, which move their lives forward, and bad habits which hold them back. Moreover, it's the coach's responsibility to provide guidance and support your client in achieving their goals.

Learn from experts and expand upon your current skills to include coaching to better:

  • Support and empower your clients to achieve their goals
  • Understand and motivate your clients
  • Retain clients by having them succeed
  • Provide a service they are already asking for
  • Tackle difficult conversations

What sets the CCF program apart is the structure provided for sessions and your business. Learn a solid "how to" approach that creates a foundation for successful coaching with ongoing support and access to resources after the course ends.

Bottom Line: 99.9% of your clients will want your help to either achieve a goal or overcome a limitation.

You can use your coaching skills within your current fitness sessions or as an additional service. Successfully coaching your clients to their goals makes it a win for everyone!

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During your two days of training you will learn, practice, and apply coaching skills!

Topics include:

Coaching 101: An Overview of This Exciting Profession

  • Why coaching works
  • Know the roles and responsibilities of the coach and the client
  • Distinguish between coaching, consulting and therapy
  • Discover the secret to building long term coaching relationships

Being a Great Coach

  • How Cognitive Reflex Conditioning® accelerates coaching results
  • Conduct your first meeting using the New Client Questionnaire (hand out)
  • Ask empowering questions and give effective feedback
  • Effectively strategize, set goals, and inspire your clients into action
  • Gain trust with your coaching clients
  • Conduct your second & third meetings- additional forms will be handed out
  • How to help your clients condition their thinking to become aligned with their intentions

Marketing & Promoting Your Business

  • Determine your target market (your ideal client) and how to find it
  • Learn specific and inexpensive ways to get the most from your marketing efforts
  • How to get free publicity and discover marketing opportunities missed by 99.9% of coaches. (This segment alone is priceless)
  • Where, and, when to advertise
  • Selling the benefits of your coaching skills to your prospects with confidence
  • Create a high profile in your community and, in the process, get paid for it
  • Create networks of business partnerships to help you grow your business
  • Three "no-brainer" strategies to attract clients naturally and easily
  • The First 90 Days: a marketing plan to get started

CCF Business Model Review

  • How to bill clients as a coach
  • How much time to schedule with your clients
  • Tele-coaching versus face-to-face coaching

Managing and Growing Your Practice

  • Get hired by corporations and organizations
  • Sign up multiple clients at once
  • Have a successful practice and still have time to have a life
  • How to handle difficult clients
    • Speaking & writing can help build your practice and much more
Find upcoming courses and register!

Your registration includes:

  • Registration to attend our two day intensive Certified Life Coach Training Program
  • Experience as a Coach and a Client (your first three sessions!)
  • Certified Life Coach Training Workbook
  • Mastering the Language of Coaching
  • The Goals & Objectives Defined Tool Box
  • How people create limited beliefs - How to create new empowering beliefs
  • One-on-one follow-up coaching session with a Certified Master Coach
  • Registration in our Certified Life Coach Training Continuing Education Program

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an official CCF Certificate recognizing you as a CERTIFIED COACH PRACTITIONER™

Ongoing tools to enhance your marketing and build your business are available in the CCF Continuing Education membership area.

A CCF Member area for course graduates:

  • enewsletters with coaching updates and information every month
  • Monthly tutorials on coaching graduate webinar series: the next steps
  • Skills and business topics covered in the membership area

BONUS for canfitpro! Two additional courses included for canfitpro attendees:

  • Hypnolyngistics
  • Saving Lives with Forks and Knives

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn the skills you and your clients need to succeed!
Find upcoming courses and register!