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Muscle Strengthening

Why do it

Enhancing muscle strengthening will improve your functional fitness (the ability to conduct daily activities with greater ease) as well as reduce the risk of several non-communicable diseases3.


Adopt physical activities to increase your muscular strength and endurance.

Types of activities

  • Callisthenic exercise
  • Weight lifting


Start with slow, low intensity movements (3-8 exercises) for one set of 12-15 repetitions. Build up to workouts of additional sets of each exercise to master the exercise technique.


Gradually increase the volume and or intensity of your exercise sessions, along with progressively more complex movements appropriate for
your goals and abilities.


You may not need to alter your regimen. If you choose to increase volume or intensity, be careful not to overtrain2, ensuring you achieve balance across all 5 recommendations.


Participate in muscle-strengthening activities involving all major muscle groups on three or more days per week. Momentary muscle fatigue should result before 20 reps. Some individuals (i.e. athletes) may wish to increase time and or intensity further.

Myohybrid™ approach

canfitpro's Myohybrid™ philosophy is an integrative approach for optimizing results in the most time efficient manner. As you progress along your path to optimal health, we encourage you to integrate activities. For example, approaches such as bootcamp, circuit training, and certain group fitness classes, amongst others, will allow you to simultaneously train multiple aspects of optimal health at the same time.

1It is normal to feel some soreness 1-2 days after exercising for beginners or those trying new activities. The soreness should not prevent daily function. 2Overtraining is doing too much, such that your daily function is impaired. 3Non-communicable diseases may include cardiovascular diseases, cancers, respiratory diseases, and diabetes, amongst others. 4Hyper-mobility is the rare reduction in stability within a joint due to excessive flexibility. For more information on these recommendations, references, or to contact canfitpro, click here.