Danielle Arsenault


Danielle Arsenault is a certified Raw Food Chef and Plant Based Nutrition Educator, author of 6 cookbooks, TV show host, outdoors enthusiast, musician, mama and founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education and The Raw Food Chef Alliance. Danielle co-hosts Plant-based Retreats and teaches Raw Food Chef Certificate Courses throughout the year online and in Nicaragua. She is also the co-founder of Wanderlust Utopia, a conscious, sustainable, socially responsible, eco-modern retreat center for yoga teacher trainings, wellness events and private functions on Ometepe Island where she resides half the year.


Andria Barrett

Andria Barrett is a Nutritionist on a mission to beat Prediabetes. She specializes in working with clients teaching them how to lose a few pounds, balance their blood sugar and beat pre-diabetes.


Brent Bishop

Brent Bishop is a national on-air fitness expert, celebrity trainer and published author. As founder of Think Fitness Studios in Toronto and Cityline’s Fitness Expert, he brings a global perspective on health and wellness through fitness and adventure. Over the course of 25 years in the fitness industry, Brent’s experience includes training with Olympians, high-performance athletes, and celebrities. Whether hiking in the Andes, leading a snowshoeing expedition or planning his next eco-adventure race, Brent is dedicated to inspiring active lifestyles and unleashing the inner athlete in everyone.

Dr. Marc Bubbs

Dr. Marc Bubbs


Dr. Marc Bubbs is a Naturopathic Doctor, Performance Nutrition Lead for Canada Basketball, and Performance Nutrition Consultant for a portfolio of professional and Olympic athletes. Marc is the author of the new book PEAK40: The New Science of Better Health, a Leaner Body and Sharper Mind in Mid Life, as well as best-selling book Peak: The new science of athletic performance that is revolutionizing sports. Marc hosts The Performance Nutrition Podcast, connecting listeners with world-leading experts in human performance and health. Marc is also the founder of Athlete Evolution, performance nutrition education for athletes, coaches, and practitioners.


Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer is a renowned nutrition and lifestyle coach most noted for his 100lb transformation from a corporate executive to health superstar. His 2.5 Million Subscriber YouTube Channel produces content that releases daily and his estimated reach is over 20M impressions per month. He prides himself on teaching people what works for them as individuals by distilling complex biochemistry into layman's terms.

Gentes, Teri

Teri Gentes

Teri Gentes brings you over 35 years' experience as a whole-self wellness practitioner specializing in mindfulness, health promotion and whole-food nutrition. As an international presenter, trained and educated in lifestyle wellness, she addresses all aspects of self-care including stress management, movement and disease prevention. Her workshop and coaching engage, inspire and enable you to live life more fully and honor yourself more effectively. She is known for impacting people via compelling and provocative, scientific information that instills lifelong healthy habits.

Nina Lane

Nina Lane


Nina is a passionate nutrition professional on a mission to help clients to reclaim and optimize their health and wellness. As a Nutritional Therapist, she believes that with the right knowledge and support anyone can take their health to the next level. Her background in human health research, including a Master of Science and time spent in pharmaceutical research and development, gives her the foundation to bridge the gap between science and natural modalities. From complex health issues to high performance, Nina takes the guess work out of health and wellness for her clients and finds solutions to meet her clients where they are. Nina specializes in performance nutrition, digestive dysfunction, hormone imbalance, and autoimmune disease. Nina’s services including one-to-one nutritional consulting, public speaking and corporate nutrition programs.

Gitalis, Josh

Josh Gitalis

Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, runs a Toronto-based private practice, with a worldwide client base. He is a recognized expert in integrative healthcare, merging the best of functional medicine and integrative therapeutics. As a leader in his field, Josh has taught Clinical Nutrition for several natural health colleges and runs the Functional Nutrition Certification Program. He is the first Canadian nutritionist to become an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).


Alisa Herriman

Alisa Herriman has been researching and teaching about nutrition for more than 15 years. Alisa specializes in Nutrition for cancer recovery and prevention. This mom of 4 is passionate about teaching others the power of whole food nutrition and its role in disease prevention. Her aim is to motivate and empower individuals to make healthy choices through the understanding of how food affects the physical body, emotions and mental health. Alisa teaches several post secondary nutrition courses at respected institutions in Canada. Alisa has also been awarded Best Nutritionist more than six times, including Best Nutritionist in Canada by National Nutrition.


Magdalena (Magz) Kordiuk

With over a decade of experience coaching a wide variety of fitness programs, group classes and personal training clients, Magz continues to inspire the Toronto fitness and wellness community. As a plant-based athlete, Magz places great importance on educating her clients on the power that clean eating can have both mentally and physically. Magz also brings her certified plant-based living knowledge outside of the fitness setting by teaching at events and festivals alike.


Samantha Montpetit-Huynh

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh is a speaker, a teacher, mentor, course creator and co-author of Pregnancy Fitness. With 20 years in the fitness industry, Samantha has been helping women feel strong and confident though all stages of life. Samantha has appeared on multiple media outlets from print, podcasts and television. She is also currently one of the resident fitness experts on the Marilyn Denis Show, a national award-winning lifestyle television show.


Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Nathalie is the EXPERT with a PROVEN SYSTEM to get you transformational results. She works with entrepreneurs who want to find Confidence & Clarity so they can make money living from their passion. She is international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering leading-edge courses, training and events


Cristina Tahoces

Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice, a global online wellness business focused on digestive health, metabolic balancing & post-natal recovery. A former corporate banker, Cristina turned to nutrition to help herself heal from acute allergies & adrenal fatigue. Over the years, she has helped clients reverse type 2 diabetes & hypertension, improve irritable bowel symptoms, avoid gallbladder surgery, boost energy levels, improve sleep and anxiety, heal eczema, and support fertility & post-natal recovery – all through her in-depth knowledge about how to use food functionally and therapeutically. She is known for her science-over-fad approach to nutrition and in 2017, she shared her nutritional strategy on the TEDx stage as part of the TED Women’s Global Conference.

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