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Dare, Adam

Adam Dare

As a founder and head coach of one of the most successful and top rated boutique fitness coaching company, Adam Dare also specializes in mindset, leadership, and fitness entreprenuership. From presenting to the U.S Marines and the U.S army Adam has spoken in front of a variety of Audiences on Fitness, Motivation, Leadership and Fitness business.
Ramsay, Agnes

Agnes Ramsay

As an RN and Fitness competitor, Agnes’ passion for optimal health led her to Personal Training 20 years ago. Featured in 'More Magazine', 'B Fitness' and the cover of 'Active Adult' she is a regular contributor to the later. 8 years ago she became familiar with Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation Training. She is now Master Trainer for all of North America and known as a foremost expert in the field speaking regularly about this rapidly growing technology at conferences.
Aimee Nicotera

Aimee Nicotera

Aimee Nicotera is an international fitness presenter and Virtual Studio Owner with over 25 years of experience. Aimee holds a BS in Nutrition Science, a Masters in Health Education, as well as numerous certifications, including those from ACSM, ACE and AFAA. In addition, Aimee is a Level 2 AHHPS through the Institute of Motion. She is the creator of the fitness format E5 COLLECTIVE.
Gyimah, Aja

Aja Gyimah

Aja Gyimah is a Toronto-based Registered Dietitian with a passion for teaching people how to use food to live healthier lives. Compete Nutrition is her evidence-based nutrition consulting practice that helps athletes and individuals reach their health and performance goals. Specializing in exercise nutrition and inclusive heathy eating, Aja provides clients with expert nutrition advice to help them reach their goals.
Aleksandra Patrzalek

Aleksandra Patrzalek

Aleksandra Patrzalek is a CHEK Practitioner Level 3, Lead Career Advisor at the CHEK Institute, and Founder of Unified Health and Fitness Centre, Toronto.Aleks is a true veteran of the fitness industry. Starting out in a large commercial gym chain, she learned the ins-and-outs of the fast-paced gym environment. The challenges she experienced there motivated her to start her own practice.Empowered by the holistic approach she learned at the CHEK Institute, Aleks created the Unified Health and Fitness Centre in Etobicoke, where she coaches her clients to reach their true potential.
Alexis Perkins

Alexis Perkins

Alexis entered the fitness industry in 2009. Since then, she has taught master classes all over the world, led and co-produced the 30min television program Fuzion Fitness, became owner of Body by Alexis Studio, and is currently the host of the television program We are Living Healthy and Founder of Chair One Fitness.
Herriman Alisa

Alisa Herriman

Alisa Herriman has been researching and teaching nutrition for more than 15 years. Alisa specializes in Nutrition for cancer recovery and prevention. This mom of 4 is passionate about teaching others the power of whole food nutrition and its role in disease prevention. Her aim is to motivate and empower individuals to make healthy choices through the understanding of how food affects the physical body, emotions and mental health. Alisa teaches several post secondary nutrition courses at respected institutions in Canada. Alisa has also been awarded Best Nutritionist more than six times, including Best Nutritionist in Canada by National Nutrition.

Amanda Grant

Amanda has been a fitness professional for over 15 years and is an international fitness convention presenter. She brings an overabundance of energy and passion to every class and client she works with. Amanda has travelled across North America and to Nicaragua coaching and training Fitness Instructors and Enthusiasts. Formerly a Zumba Education Specialist, and currently a Master Trainer for STRONG NATION, Amanda also teaches online technique trainings, Instructor Trainings, and weekly classes. She is also the Studio Manager and Trainer at F45 Training Ajax Central. In her spare time you’ll catch her at the arena as a proud hockey mom. Learn more and follow @mandersvibe.
Andrea Sandhu

Andrea Sandhu

Andrea is one of the original Zumba® Education Specialists (ZES™) for Canada, she shines as a true professional who is both knowledgeable and inspiring. Andrea is an empowering educator with the perceptive ability to adapt her teaching in the moment. People say her energy is infectious. Andrea has trained thousands of instructors globally since joining the Zumba® Fitness presenter team in 2009.She is certified as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, 200-hr Yoga Teacher & Kids Yoga Teacher, Spinning® Instructor, Pre- and Post-Natal Instructor, as well as TRX® Qualified with a certificate in Mat Pilates. With over 15 years in the fitness industry, her expansive experience has enabled her to effectively work with people of all fitness levels as well as different age groups, abilities and cultures.
Crawford, Andriana

Andriana Crawford

Andriana Crawford is a Toronto-based yoga and meditation teacher, entrepreneur, and writer. In May 2020, she created Black Yoga Society from her struggle to find Black-owned yoga studios, healing spaces, and esoteric products. Her goal is to promote well-being, mindfulness, and self-care to BIPOC and beyond.
Chek, Angie

Angie Chek

Angie Chek is a Certified Nutritionist from the American Health Science University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of California, Riverside. Angie is the president of Angie’s World – a personal training and nutrition center located in Riverside, CA. Her interests include Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Chakra healing, and meditation.Angie is a professional public speaker and has made numerous appearances in print and live media. She has produced two exercise videos and has developed a line of personal skincare products. She has published her first book, Body by Angie, which is available at and all major bookstores.
Angie Miller

Angie Miller

Angie Miller, M.S., LCMHC, is a mental health therapist, speaker, and fitness educator. She is the host of NASM’s Strong Mind, Strong Body podcast and she speaks at conferences worldwide where she champions the connection between physical and emotional health. Angie is an NASM Master Instructor and she creates Tips from Angie for AFAA. She films for Gaiam TV and writes for professional journals.
Kahn, Annika

Annika Kahn

Annika Kahn is the founder of Jungshin Fitness. She is a lifelong athlete and a 4-time world grand champion in the Korean Art of Kuk Sool Won, achieving the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Her Jungshin Fitness workout is a national and international phenomenon. Annika brings 20 years experience in eastern and western modalities of movement in fun and inspiring ways.
Leone, Ashley

Ashley Leone

Ashley Leone is a sports dietitian, and the founder of Gazelle Nutrition Lab. Gazelle Nutrition Lab is a nutrition consulting practice that specializes in nutrition coaching for athletes and performance-minded companies. Ashley is a Registered Dietitian and began her career as a dietitian in General Medicine at St. Michael's Hospital. Ashley holds a Master of Science degree in Nutrition from the University of Toronto, and is a Certified Diabetes Educator. Ashley's lifelong interest in running and sports lead her to transition to private practice, and in 2018 she earned a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the International Olympic Committee. Ashley established Gazelle Nutrition Lab to empower individual athletes and teams with science-backed nutrition strategies to flourish.
Lee-Rivears, Ayanna

Ayanna Lee Rivears

Socacize Founder, Ayanna Lee-Rivears is a dancer, fitness instructor and teacher. As a native of Trinidad &Tobago, Ayanna learned the dance styles practiced in that country. Ayanna started Socacize Fitness to promote a fun way to exercise combined with dance moves, weight and strength training. Through her F.L.A.U.N.T. philosophy, she empowers revelers to live motivated, and healthy lives.

Ben McDonald

Ben McDonald has been in the fitness industry for 12 years. He has an extensive and varied sporting background including fencing, board diving, and various forms of Mixed Martial Arts. Ben has competed in Cricket, Aikido, Boxing, and Rugby. Ben’s career highlights include training a wide array of people from beginners up to premiership footballers, national champions in boxing, and elite level athletes. Ben has taught for the largest health and fitness training provider in Europe and has been published in multiple many UK based magazines. Ben has developed multiple qualifications, presented internationally, and is considered UK’s leading expert in PowerClub training. Awarded the 2013 recognition award for International Presenting and Work in the Health and Fitness Industry, it is evident that Ben’s passion and energy transfer directly to his students and his love for the industry is contagious. Ben’s core belief is that fitness should be inclusive not exclusive as there is no one way to do it.
Siong, Benjamin

Benjamin Siong

Benjamin Siong is the Founder of Australian Strength Performance. A body composition expert, strength coach and international presenter, Ben has produce top-ranked athletes in over 16 different sports. Since 2013, he has created LEARN-ASP.COM: An interactive online platform which delivers specialty courses focusing on the science and methods of Hypertrophy, Fat loss, Nutrition and Coaching.
Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw

Beth Shaw, author, visionary and entrepreneur is the founder and President of YogaFit©️, the largest yoga fitness educational school in the world. Beth is a leading expert in mind, body and fitness. She is an industry pioneer drawing from over 25 years of experience and expertise in nutrition, exercise, wellness, yoga and holistic healing. YogaFit is an international enterprise that spans 6 continents and gives back through an extensive Karma Yoga program. Beth’s mission is to help others achieve the ultimate in mind-body health through the YogaFit method of personal growth & evolution. She has authored four best-selling books, YogaFit, YogaLean, The YogaFit Athlete, and Healing Trauma with Yoga.
Beth Yarzab

Beth Yarzab

Beth Yarzab is a multi-certified fitness pro and the founder of Vitality Practice - an online, body positive fitness community. Using a weight neutral approach to fitness, Beth helps people to develop a stronger self-image while nurturing a healthier relationship with their body. She works at canfitpro as a Certification Developer and acts as an advisor to Women Who Influence. Beth is also proud to teach canfitpro certifications with a body-inclusive lens as part of the canfitpro PRO TRAINER team. She is on a mission to eradicate weight stigma in the fitness industry.
Cordeiro, Bianca

Bianca Cordiero

Bianca is a master’s trained registered dietitian and sports nutritionist and practices dietetics virtually. She earned her Bachelors of Applied Human Nutrition and Master of Applied Nutrition at the University of Guelph. Bianca also has a certification in food science. She counsels athletes and active individuals on sports nutrition concepts, presents group education sessions for sports teams and writes nutrition blogs. Bianca understands that nutrition impacts the body and mind in profound ways, negatively or positively impacting sports performance. To support athletic performance, she believes that every individual should have a personalized approach that optimizes health, performance, and recovery.

Brad Norris

Brad is a kinesiologist / exercise physiologist and strength coach. He earned a Master’s Degree with a specialist in exercise science and biomechanics from East Tennessee State University. He is also a former member of the Canadian National Bobsleigh Team and Canadian Track and Field program. Brad is a sought after lecturer in the fields of strength and conditioning and human performance.
Fox, Brendan

Brendan Fox

Brendan Fox is a highly regarded Kinesiologist and Fitness Trainer with a proven track record of success since entering the Fitness Industry in 2003. He spent 14 years as Head Trainer at the Medcan Clinic where he worked alongside doctors to make clients pain free and fully functional. Brendan has amassed over 30,000 hours of one on one client time with a diverse clientele such as, Olympic Gold Medalists, Pro Athletes, Celebrities and CEO's. He holds over 30 health and fitness certifications and is an international presenter who has made numerous television appearances. He is committed to giving Health and Fitness Professionals the tools they need to succeed and being a force for good in this world.
Klika, Brett

Brett Klika

Brett Klika CSCS, is an IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, international motivational speaker, best- selling author, and Co-Founder of SPIDERfit Kids- a global innovator in youth fitness education. For over 20 years, Brett has been inspiring organizations and individuals to unleash the power of play to inspire health and innovation.
Wannamaker, Bria

Bria Wannamaker

Bria is a multi-passionate entrepreneur,host of The Better Bodies Podcast & owner of Bodies by B. She is a Personal Training Specialist and she works exclusively with women looking to create a more active and sustainable lifestyle. After working as a Psychotherapist, Bria decided to further her work in health and wellness to support others to create change in their lives through her work as a PTS.
Fauteux, Bridget 2021

Bridget Fauteux

Bridget Fauteux is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and has been working in the fitness community for over a decade. She specializes in the psychology of eating and now uses her skills in nutritional counselling to elevate trainers' skillsets in two main areas: preventing disordered eating and overcoming barriers to their clients' success such as yo-yo dieting, binge eating and emotional eating.

Carl Ulmer

Carl is the Director of Operations where oversees and supports all of the operations of Club 16 Trevor Linden Fitness and She’s Fit!. Carl is also a Partner with L&L Signature Fitness Group (Club 16 LP and Orange Theory Fitness Lower Mainland). Carl is a board of director with the Fitness Industry Council of Canada and co-leads the Fitness Industry Council of Canada’s BC Coalition. He has been working directly with the BC Provincial Health Office and the BC Premiers Office to ensure fitness is safe and open across British Columbia. Carl’s passion is in inspiring our community to live their best lives.
Carlie Nicol

Carlie Nicol

Ann, Carol

Carol Ann

Known as the trainers’ trainer, CarolAnn has become one of the country’s leading fitness educators, authors, and national presenters. Combining a Master’s degree in Exercise Science/Health Promotion with several fitness certifications and memberships such as FiTOUR, ACSM, ACE, AFAA, and LMI, she has been actively involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. She has executed her leadership and business skills within her career through various positions such as Wellness/Fitness Coordinator, General Manager, and Studio Owner. She specializes in teaching functional movement, pilates, yoga, TRX, HIIT, weight management, and behavior modification.

Casey Zavaleta

Casey Zavaleta began her career with Toronto FC in the High Performance Department where she created programs to improve athletes' high performance habits. As a personal trainer, she found a passion for leading and coaching women to engage with fitness for better reasons than changing their body size. She is currently an educator with DTS Fitness Education, where she is the lead developer for DTS Habits Coach, a course that teaches trainers to help their clients improve their habits.
Chin, Cassandra

Cassandra Chin

Cassandra is the co-founder of Bars & Belles, an education community dedicated to breaking down barriers & empowering females to thrive in the fitness industry.
Chad Benson

Chad Benson

Educated at UVic and MUN, Chad is the President & CEO of the Personal Trainer Academy. Before becoming an educator & mentor, Chad was a sports conditioning specialist; holding S & C positions with several high performance organizations. Chad is a canfitpro PTS author, PRO TRAINER, keynote speaker & 360 Athletics sponsored fitness presenter.
Sobolewski, Charlotte

Charlotte Sobolowski

Charlotte Sobolewski is a serial entrepreneur, tech geek, and competitive athlete, with two world records in rowing under her belt. She is currently an Associate Partner at Ernst and Yonge, helping clients transform via advanced technology and human centered design. Charlotte has spent 15 years in technology consulting, and recently served as Element AI’s Head of North America.
Cher Obediah

Cher Obediah

Cher is a canfitpro Fitness Instructor and creator of Cultural Cardio, a movement class series that highlights her Indigenous culture through powwow dancing. Cher’s dynamic personality shines with years of experience on stage and television. She’s also a filmmaker who let the camera follow her inspiring journey of reconnecting to her Indigenous roots through dance.
Fudge, Chris

Chris Fudge

Chris Fudge is a results-based personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach who believes that success leaves clues. With over fifteen years and 20,000 one on one training hours in the industry his pattern recognition skills has led his clients to extraordinary results. He has been recognized as a contributor to the industry speaking at conferences, teaching courses and winning multiple awards for personal training. Chris is an active member of the Powerlifting community as a national referee, meet director, coach and team Canada lifter. His newest passion is sharing his experiences and education on his Project Fitness Podcast which allows him to reach people all over the world.

Chris Nentarz

Chris Nentarz, is a physical therapist specializing in movement science, orthopedic rehabilitation and teaching. He is the Director of Rehabilitation and Wellness at THRIVE at D’Youville College where he over sees an inter-professional team. Chris's experience includes working at EXOS, US Soccer and more. He is also a lead educator for Therabody and TRX.
Stevenson, Chris

Chris Stevenson

Chris Stevenson is the Owner of Be Military Fit Los Angeles, bringing the world-renowned brand to the U.S. market. Be Military Fit, with Bear Grylls, is the world's best outdoor workout. Chris is also the founder at The Empower Group, a full-service consulting firm. Chris has over 20 years of experience in many aspects of the health and fitness industry. In addition, he is an international speaker who regularly presents at IHRSA, Athletic Business, IDEA and many other fitness and business events. Chris has the unique ability to instantaneously connect with people and present viable, applicable lectures that resonate with every audience.
Christen Harvey

Christen Harvey

Conti, Christine

Christine Conti

Christine Conti is an internationally accredited fitness educator, keynote speaker, best-selling author of SPLIT-SECOND COURAGE, podcaster and IRONMAN. She owns Conti Fitness & Wellness LLC, Two Fit Crazies & A Microphone Podcast and TFC Productions LLC. Christine is the author of the Arthritis Fitness Specialist Course and Eating Disorders: What Fit Pros Need To Know through the MedFit Network.
DeFilippis, Christin

Christine DeFilippis

Christine DeFillipis bio as follows and headshot attached: Movement motivator, body liberator, and unconventional fitness professional, Christine is the owner of Pop Fit Studio, a HAES & weight-inclusive fitness studio in the US and creator of FitProEd, an online education platform for fit pros. After 30 years in the fitness industry, struggling with eating disorders, weight cycling, & body dysmorphia, Christine created the Breaking Body Biases podcast to amplify voices of those taking a stand against diet culture.
Christine Sachse

Christine Sachse

Christine has been in the health and wellness industry for over 18 years now and it is obvious she has a passion for what she does. She has been dedicated during that time to educating her clients in how achieve life long health and vitality through movement, meals and mindset coaching, along with her passion, teaching them how to breathe better for optimal health.
Christine Yanke

Christine Yanke

Christine is an author, a 500hr RYT and a Senior Master Trainer for Yogafit. Christine has been teaching for over 30 years and is a Positive Psychology coach. She is a mentor to many in the field of addiction and recovery. Christine was 2021 Community Champion Spokesperson for the Canada's Run for Women event and helped raised millions for women's mental health.
Chuck Wolf

Chuck Wolf

In the fitness and sports performance industry worldwide, there are only a few names that come to mind when you think functional anatomy, movement analysis, function and advanced program design, Chuck Wolf is one of these. Chuck has been teaching workshops, presenting at conferences, running seminars with fitness professionals through to elite athletes of many different sports all over the world. Currently sought after as one of the industry’s top educators, Chuck brings a whole new approach to how we look and train the body.
Claudia Micco

Claudia Micco

Claudia Micco: Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Owner HypnoFit Maui LLC. Claudia specializes in mind-body movement therapy that blends cognitive hypnosis and exercise to treat chronic pain, PTSD, and Complex Trauma. She has been a global fitness expert for over 35 years. She is ERYT 500 Yoga Alliance and a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Dan McDonogh

Dan McDonogh has been a Speaker, Educator & Coach for over two decades and is a globally recognized fitness professional. Most recently, Dan joined GoodLife Canada as the Director of Programming, Performance & Les Mills Canada. Previously, he played pivotal roles with global brands Under Armour ®, TRX and Les Mills International. In 2015, Dan was an IDEA Program Director of the Year finalist and in 2012, he was awarded IDEA Group Fitness Instructor of the Year.
Dane Robinson

Dane Robinson

Dane Robinson, a native of Baltimore, MD, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has held almost every job in the fitness industry from front desk, to training, to regional management. After spending 10+ years of leading major health clubs to boutique studio start-ups, Dane impacts HUNDREDS of people in private and group training classes in Atlanta, GA and THOUSANDS of people across the country as a fitness coach for Daily Burn’s (US Today's Top 10 at-home workout platforms) episodic show “Daily Burn 365” in New York City. Dane also serves as an on-demand trainer with Total Gym as a part of their “Total Gym TV” series and can be routinely found as a Total Gym Master Coach on the QVC network.
Daniela Goode

Daniela Goode Thomas

Daniela is a Kinesiologist, Holistic Wellness Educator, and Fitness Industry Leader, whose passion lies in using movement to foster more vibrant health. She has led a variety of wellness courses, presentations, certifications, and professional trainings throughout North America and Europe – and brings this combination of experience into every wellness program she delivers. With over 15 years of experience within the fields of Fitness and Holistic Wellness, Daniela combines her many areas of experience to deliver programs that are challenging, purposeful, fulfilling, and wherever possible... FUN! 🙂
Burgess, Darlene

Darlene Burgess


Darlene Marshall

Darlene Marshall

Darlene Marshall is an author, speaker, trainer and coach at the intersection of fitnesswellness, and well-being. She's one of the only fitness professionals in the world with a Master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Applied Positive Psychology. There she studied the science of human well-being and her Master’s capstone focused on how individuals can foster long-term, progressive change to create sustained wellness and well-being, resulting in flourishing. She was named America's Favorite Trainer by BurnAlong in 2022 and authored for NASM's Certified Wellness Coaching Certification. She's also the host of NASMs Better Than Fine podcast and the author of the Better Than Fine Workbook. She's on Instagram
Geslak, David

David Geslak

David Geslak, the founder of Exercise Connection, has pioneered award winning & research supports visual exercise tools and programs to improve the lives of those with autism. David began his career as an Assistant Strength Coach for the University of Iowa Football Program. After leaving, he opened a gym where he worked with his first client with autism that changed his career. He is a former paraeducator and Fitness Coordinator at an autism school, author, and renowned presenter on autism & exercise. His commitment and methodology to bringing exercise to those with autism has been enthusiastically embraced by professionals, higher education, and the autism community around the world. David is an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion.
David Patchell-Evans

David Patchell-Evans

David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans is the founder and CEO of GoodLife Fitness, Canada’s largest fitness club chain, fourth largest in the world and largest owned by a single owner. Patch has served both as president of canfitpro and as chair of the IHRSA Board of Directors. He is two-time best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur, five-time Canadian rowing champion, and a notable philanthropist. Most recently Patch published the 21-Day Leaders Guide to Resilience, in response to the pandemic’s impact on the fitness industry and its leaders.
David Robertson

David Robertson

Bowman, Dawn

Dawn Bowman

Dawn has been working as a Full Time paramedic for nearly 20 years and quickly realized an outlet was needed. Dawn is also a group fitness instructor and one of the event photographers for canfitpro! She more recently has branched out to help others discover the importance of building a strong brand on Instagram & how it can help further your success of your business.

Bellenger, Debbie

Debbie Bellenger

Debbie Bellenger is the solopreneur of Body By Definition providing Advisory Services to individuals and organizations who wish to add wellness programming to their menu of services and offerings. The first Master Class launched Feb 3, 2022 titled “Fit Pros – How to Break into Corporate Wellness”. Debbie was the 2017 World IDEA Program Director of the Year and the 2014 Corporate Wellness Director of the Year for the Medical Fitness Association.
Atkinson, Debra

Debra Atkinson

Functional Health Coach, Hormone Balancing Fitness Expert, and Flipping 50 founder Debra Atkinson has helped over 250,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they want. She’s the bestselling author of You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women; Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust; and Hot, Not Bothered. Debra hosts Flipping 50 TV and the Flipping 50 podcast, an AARP top podcast for 50+. She is a frequent speaker and TEDx presenter of Everything Women in Menopause Learned About Exercise May Be a Lie.
Dione Mason photo

Dione Mason

Dione Mason is an award winning Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Event Producer, Founder/President of The Simunye Foundation, and Founder/Race Director of the Toronto Carnival Run. She has proven her drive and commitment to excellence in the health and fitness Industry for over 20 years, been featured in 100's of charity and fitness events, and the 2017 canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year award.

Doris Thews

Doris Thews is an International award winning Fitness Educator including World IDEA Fitness Instructor of the year. She is the CEO of Team Thews Fitness consulting. Doris leads and presents for leading fitness & wellness brands. Doris is the CEO of Team Thews Fitness, which consults several leading golbal brands on business, leadership, program development, fitness technology and strategy. In addition to presenting and lecturing internationally, she is also a Keynote speaker. She is known for her motivational and athletic coaching style.
Dr. Dan Mikeska

Dr. Dan Mikeska

Dan Mikeska’s mission is to improve population health and to increase the quality of life by connecting education, medicine, and fitness. In addition to a doctorate degree in Health Science and a master’s degree in Human Movement, Dan has some of the most sought after certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, and the Exercise is Medicine credential from the American College of Sports Medicine. His education and vast experience have given him the opportunity to work with notable organizations such as Life with Cancer and 2Unstoppable, as well as teach fitness and wellness classes at Northern Virginia Community College. He is currently adjunct faculty for A.T. Still University’s Master’s of Kinesiology program, and is a member of the Industry Advisory Council for American Public University’s Sports and Health Science program.
Douglas, Diedre

Dr. Diedre Douglas

Dr. D is a 25-year fitness educator veteran. She enjoys reading and writing research, traveling, and spending time promoting the music for her son, Shane Washington known as Gamma Centauri on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud. Dr. D currently is a Trainer, Assessor and Presenter for LMUS and International Presenter for LMI. She serves as the Wellness Coordinator for the Kirk Family YMCA in Roanoke, Virginia.
Dr. Don Morrow

Dr. Don Morrow

Dr. Don Morrow is an award-winning teacher, certified professional coach trained and accredited with the International Coach Federation, and an experienced Motivational Interviewing (MI) workshop facilitator. As a co-owner of The Monarch System™ Inc., he seeks to use evidence-based, health-related research in MI workshops directed toward health professionals.
Pearson, Erin

Dr. Erin Pearson

Dr. Erin Pearson is an Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Lakehead University and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Her research program focuses on: 1) community-based health promotion from psychological and behavioural perspectives; and 2) evaluating Co-Active coaching/motivational interviewing as strategies to enhance health and wellness dimensions in at-risk populations. Through “Motivation to Move,” Dr. Pearson and the research team look forward to learning more about RxTGA and its ability to evoke change.
Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Ivan Joseph inspires people and teams to achieve more than they dreamed. An award-winning coach, educator, and leader, Joseph has spent his career leading cultural transformation, helping people believe in themselves, and creating cohesive teams. He speaks about self-confidence, embracing the “grit” to persevere despite setbacks, and leading teams to success, drawing from the lessons he's learned from a life in sport. Dynamic and engaging, Joseph always leaves the audience with a memorable experience that adds value long after the presentation ends.

Dr. Jason Karp

Dr. Jason Karp is CEO of Kyniska Running. He is also a coach, exercise physiologist, and author of 12 books and 400+ articles. He is the 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and two-time recipient of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition Community Leadership award. His REVO₂LUTION RUNNING™ certification has been obtained by coaches and fitness professionals in 25 countries.
Dr. Jennifer Heisz

Dr. Jennifer Heisz

Jennifer Heisz, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Brain Health and Aging in Kinesiology at McMaster University and author of Move the Body, Heal the Mind. She directs the NeuroFit lab, which conducts award-winning research on the neuroscience of exercise for cognition and mental health.
Kravitz, Len

Dr. Len Kravitz

Len Kravitz, PhD, CSCS is the program coordinator of exercise science and a researcher at the University of New Mexico where he recently received the Presidential Award of Distinction and the Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. In addition to being a 2016 inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame, Dr. Kravitz was awarded the 2006 Fitness Educator of the Year by the American Council on Exercise, and has received the prestigious “Global Award” from the Aquatic Exercise Association and Canadian Fitness Professional Lifetime Achievement Award.
Abrams, Mitchell

Dr. Mitchell Abrams

Dr. Mitchell Abrams is a Canadian radiologist, keynote speaker and founder of NexGenHealth Ltd. Through his encounter with a life-threatening illness, Dr. Mitch experienced the challenges of western healthcare from the bottom up and the top down. His life-mission now is to support a more holistic health model by exploring new perspectives on energy as it relates to mental health and resilience.
Eddie Panting

Eddie Panting

Eddie is an award winning trainer and fitness manager and holds multiple certifications from his 14 years in the industry. He has spent decades both competing and coaching martial arts. Eddie prides himself on being a mental health advocate and is heavily involved with PTSD support for men.
Ellie Steele

Ellie Steele

Ellie Steele is an Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) Practitioner, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer Specialist that combines her unique skill set to teach her clients how to overcome the mental and emotional blocks to adopting healthy lifestyle habits. She's been in practice since 2001 and specializes in emotional eating and overcoming the natural human drivers that lead to self-sabotage.
Emma Barry

Emma Barry

Emma Barry is a global fitness authority specializing in fit-tech, fit-trends, and fit-talent. Co-founder of Good Soul Hunting - an executive search brand serving purpose-led health and wellness brands and Senior Advisor for FitTech Company, Emma's impatience with the status quo, infectious energy, and innovative flair unlocks and activates game-changing ideas.In a past life, Emma was a founding member of group fitness giant Les Mills International and former Director at luxury-lifestyle brand, Equinox. She is also the internationally bestselling author of Building a Badass Boutique - Your 10-Touch Journey to Designing a Fitness Studio that Rocks!
D'Agati, Eric

Eric D’Agati

Eric D’Agati has spent the past 20+ years as a coach, trainer and instructor. Each year, Eric travels around the world teaching and speaking to trainers, coaches and clinicians. His list of training and consulting clients include individuals and teams from all major sports from the amateur to professional level. Eric also serves on the Advisory Board for On Base University, The Baseball Health Network and the Raritan Valley College Exercise Science Department.
Garton, Fran

Fran Garton

Fran Garton, Pain Management Coach, Personal Trainer and Fibromyalgia Warrior, teaches people to live pain free. No BS coaching, mastery of modifications, and laughter are her key strategies. Her mission is to disrupt opinions about movement and not let limitations define what people can accomplish. Fran’s been featured on Toronto's Breakfast Television, Hamilton's CH Morning Live, published in Reader's Digest UK, Thrive Global, and Medium, featured on various podcasts and is a coauthor of Body Bliss: Journey to Acceptance.
Manias, Frances

Frances Manias

Frances Manias, Physique Coach©️, Iron Valley Strength & Barbell owner and Iron Sisters™️ founder, has been coaching physique, fitness, and powerlifting for 25 years. No one in Canada has won five National Bodybuilding Championships AND two National Powerlifting titles, nor represented Canada in both the IFBB World Bodybuilding Championships (7 times) and IPF Powerlifting Championships (twice). She’s been named Head Coach for the Canadian Powerlifting Union on two occasions and was a 2020 inductee into her hometown Dundas’ Sports Wall of Fame. Frances is most proud however, of the efforts and successes of her clients. Although the bodybuilding stage or the powerlifting platform might not be your cup of tea, Frances believes that success in fitness is for all.
Roberts, Funk

Funk Roberts

Funk Roberts is a 2X best-selling author, fitness expert and owner of Funk Roberts Fitness Inc. - The Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood and Funk Supplements Inc Funk is known around the fitness industry and world as the guy who helps MEN over the age of 40, 50, 60 and beyond get into the best shape of their lives and naturally increase their testosterone levels. Funk is a Certified Nutrition Coach through NESTA and holds many other certifications in Fitness. With 20 plus years’ experience he has helped over 1 million fitness enthusiast, combat fighters, trainers and coaches reach their fitness goals and improve athletic performance and is dedicated mission is to help another one million men in their 40s,50s, 60s and beyond to regain their manhood, boost testosterone, build their best body and live a healthy happy and productive life.
Fyonna Vanderwerf

Fyonna Vanderwerf

Fyonna Vanderwerf is the CFO ( chief fun officer) and owner of Hive Muskoka, and a multi award winning PRO TRAINER with canfitpro. Fyonna holds over 80 certifications and is a multi Ironman, bodybuilding and marathon finisher, Impact Magazine Top Canadian Fitness Instructor Finalist and regular contributor to several publications and radio broadcasts.
Nock, Gareth

Gareth Nock

Gareth has a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in the fitness industry for over twenty years and coaching over15'000 hours, both in-person & online. He has worked globally in the industry as a pioneer in multiple roles, including, fitness management, personal training and group fitness. In 2021 Gareth co-founded The Nock Academy, an online group training and education community.
Vanderburg, Helen

Helen Vanderburg

Founder of The ACADEMY Fitness Studio, author of Fusion Workouts. With over 35 years of experience in club ownership, consulting and program development Helen has been recognized as Canada’s top fitness educator; canfitpro 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, IDEA Program Director, Fitness Presenter of the Year and Top Industry Contributor. She is a master trainer for global fitness brands.
Igor Klibanov

Igor Klibanov

Igor Klibanov was selected as one of the top 5 personal trainers in Toronto by the Metro News newspaper and is the author of 7 books, including "The Mental Health Prescription" and “STOP EXERCISING! The Way You Are Doing it Now.” In 2010 he founded Fitness Solutions Plus, which provides personal training as well as fitness education.
Graham, Inemesit

Inemesit Graham

Inemesit is a personal trainer and nutrition coach specializing in pre and postnatal fitness with a focus on diastasis recti, hernia, and prolapse management. Inemesit believes that your aesthetics don't determine your athletics and takes a decolonized approach to fitness based on body liberty and free of body oppression.
Irene McCormick

Irene McCormick

Irene McCormick M.S. C.S.C.S., is the 2018 IDEA Instructor of the Year, a twice published author and owner of ProFit Consult LLC, serving fitness business owners in sales, operations, and programming. Irene is Adjunct Faculty at North Georgia University, a Master Trainer for SCW, WaterRower, Orangetheory and Savvier Fitness. Irene is a Subject Matter Expert for ACE, ISSA, NASM, AFAA, SCW and Human Kinetics, and is a RYKA Brand Ambassador.
Janice Hutton

Janice Hutton

Janice has a deep and diverse background in the health, fitness, sport and coaching industries. She has experience coaching elite athletes and developing international programming used by coaches and athletes worldwide. As a previous certification director with canfitpro, Janice collaborated with multiple industry leaders to create Canada’s premium fitness industry certifications. A strong leader in fitness management and a certified Life and Executive Coach, Janice thrives on sharing her passion and industry best practices with new and veteran professionals.
Jones, Jason

Jason Jones

Resilience. Strength. Vitality. The rewards of training are revealed through aspiration, dedication, and the pursuit of one's personal character. Everyone is deserving of a positive relationship with their body. Everyone has a right to the best version of themselves. Fitness is for everyone. Join me. Pick up a bar and claim what is rightfully yours.
Tareta, Jeff

Jeff Tareta

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Education, Major in Physical Education from the University of Lethbridge. His purpose is to facilitate optimum performance of people & organizations. He is a leader in operational effectiveness who helps organizations in the health care, recreation, fitness & wellness industries grow their program participation, improve customer engagement and achieve economic sustainability.
Tiessen, Jeff

Jeff Tiessen

Double-arm amputee and three-time Paralympian and world record holder, Jeff Tiessen is founder and president of Disability Today Publishing Group and Executive Director of ParaSport Ontario. As a book and magazine publisher, Jeff’s work focuses on providing individuals with physical disabilities with tools and ideas for healthy, active living. As executive producer of the Disability Today Network, he has created a one-of-its-kind online information village for the greater disability community. With ParaSport Ontario, Jeff works to ensure that there is a sport or active living opportunity for every BODY, regardless of physical ability, age or stage in life. An award-winning journalist and inductee into the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame, the Windsor-Essex County Sports Hall of Fame, and the University of Windsor Sports Hall of Fame, Jeff is a respected advocate and highly sought-after public speaker.
Jennifer Rochon

Jennifer Rochon

JRO can motivate anyone to train with her progressive training approach and charismatic personality. JRO is a personal trainer with 8+ years experience. JRO is dedicated to teach people how to enjoy training by respecting their bodies. Many have learned to break the “no pain no gain” mentality because of her approach.
Jess Silver

Jess Silver

Jess Silver is a Medical Writer, Motivational speaker, Adaptive Fitness personal trainer and Founder of Flex for Access Inc., a Non-Profit Organization for fitness and sport promotion to manage disability and injury. I’m driven to create actionable change related to disability, through fitness and educating on physical literacy. @FlexforAccess

Jessica Maurer

Jessica H. Maurer is a fitness business consultant and strategist who has presented and consulted for many brands internationally. Her passion is helping fitness professionals & businesses reach full potential through education, program & instructor development, and brand creation & awareness.

Jessie Thomas

Jessie Thomas

Jessie is the creator and owner of Farm Girl Fitness; a small group training facility with a focus on outdoor experiences. Farm Girl Fitness was established in June of 2020 to help provide people a safe place to workout, socialize and support mental health.Jessie has been a canfitpro member since 2008 as a group fitness instructor and coach.

Jill Hewlett

Jill Hewlett is as Brain Fitness Expert, Wellness Authority and author, who is licensed in the field of Educational Kinesiology and a Brain Gym® consultant of two decades. Jill shares user-friendly neuroscience, strategies and tools to audiences across North America, so they can reduce stress, optimize performance and proactively build their Fit Brain and Fit Life!
Mulhall, Joanne

Joanne Mulhall

Joanne has been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 1997, specializing in Nutrition Detox and Cleanse, Iridology and Hair Analysis as assessment tools and various energy and body therapies. She loves all things that make her feel fit and alive, especially healthy food and being outside in nature. She is passionate about educating on how to take charge of your health; minimizing disease and illness. Joanne's goal is to help everyone achieve and maintain a superior quality of life to be and do all that you desire.
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan is a multiple Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner (ACE, IDEA, and PFP Magazine), creator of Funtensity, brain fitness visionary, blogger and master trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE).As a speaker he captivates while inspiring change with an approachable, accessible personality and common sense insights to commonly confusing fitness topics. His book, Abs Revealed, delivers a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training. He creates serious fitness without taking it too seriously to ensure it is an effective, enjoyable, engaging experience. His methods create unfakeable smiles, unshakeable brains, and unforgettable fitness. A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies – now he builds them!
Park, Jooli

Jooli Park

Jooli Park is a Wellbeing Consultant at Walmart Canada and ULCA affiliated Mindfulness Educator. Inspired by her own burnout experience in advertising, she found her passion in promoting fitness, health and wellness. For last 15 years, she has been working with organizations and individuals to enable sustainable careers and lifestyles. Jooli is on a mission to make wellbeing accessible and inclusive to every individual she can inspire.
di Paolo, Julia

Julia Di Paolo

Julia Di Paolo, Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, co-author of Pregnancy Fitness(2018), author of The Labour and Birth Handbook(2016), international speaker and guest lecturer. She has created and teaches courses on diastasis (DRA) & pelvic floor dysfunction. You can find her at PhysioExcellence, Women's and Pelvic Health Clinic in Toronto, Canada where she cures incontinence, prolapse & pelvic pain.
Karla Medina

Karla Medina

Karla Medina, is a Faith and Fitness Trainer/Coach and International Presenter who is known for her fusion techniques and mentoring instructors to remain authentic in the industry. She has over 25 years of experience with her Spirit, Mind & Body Approach to Fitness. She is the author of the book Divinely Fit and producer of the Divinely Fit Fest. is the owner of Sudor Taino Group Fitness.
Kathleen MacDougall

Kathleen MacDougall


Keli Roberts

Keli Roberts has been recognized for many prestigious awards in the fitness industry. In 2003, she was named the IDEA International Fitness Instructor of the year. In 2005, Keli was awarded the Best Female Presenter and in 2008 she received the Lifetime Achievement OBOW award and in 2007 she was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Keli is an ACSM EP and holds certifications through AFAA and ACE as a GFI, HC and CPT. Moreover, Keli is an SCW Faculty Member, a Schwinn Senior Master Trainer and an Ambassador for Ryka.
Keri Martin Vrbanac

Keri Martin Vrbanac

Keri Martin Vrbanac is an incredibly passionate Pelvic Physiotherapist whose mission is to save the pelvis at a time. As a practitioner, Keri works with all ages, and all genders experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. Keri boasts a strong commitment to educating and empowering people to find their ultimate pelvic health. Keri is an entrepreneur, a podcaster and an educator.
Keyrsten McEwan

Keyrsten McEwan

Keyrsten is a holistic nutritionist with a decade+ of clinical experience, including time at one of Vancouver's most respected wellness centres. She works with individuals, couples, families, and corporations to inspire balancing nutrition and healthy living practices. She is also a popular senior instructor at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Kia Williams

Kia Williams, M.S. is a global presenter, author, podcast and web series host, and master educator for Savvier Fitness. Kia is the Wellness Chair for the NAACP Tarrant County Chapter and a contributor to the IDEA World Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Kia has managed several fitness and wellness programs. Kia's career mission is to support people who are affected by marginalization in jobs, education, healthcare, and lack of representation in the fitness industry.
Basler, Kim

Kim Basler

Kim is an Online Food Freedom & Mindset Coach, and a fitness professional, with over 25 years’ experience. She was recently named “New Presenter of the Year” in 2021 with canfitpro after sharing her personal story in the Body Image and Mental Wellness panel. Kim specializes in disordered eating and body diversity and is committed to changing the way the world measures their self-worth.

Kim Vopni

Kim Vopni is a self professed pelvic health evangelist and is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a published author, a passionate speaker and women’s health educator as well as a mom to two boys. Kim is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc - a company offering pelvic health programs products and coaching for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.
Krista Popowych

Krista Popowych

Krista Popowych inspires fitness leaders around the globe with her motivating sessions. She is a three-time canfitpro Canadian Presenter of the Year and an IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year award recipient. Krista holds a degree in Human Kinetics, is Keiser’s Global Director of Group Education, co-creator of The Ride, an IMS trainer with Balanced Body and author of the book Partner Workouts.
Byron, Kyle

Kyle Byron

Kyle Byron is a Nutrition Coach, professional mentor, and award-winning speaker. He helps everyday people and elite athletes eat better; and helps people manage the stressful process of change. Kyle has a BSc in Nutrition and 15 years experience in the trenches, having helped thousands of clients improve their relationship with food and get great results!
Gates, Kylie

Kylie Gates

Kylie has been involved in the Fitness Industry for 30 years. She is based in New Zealand and works as a Creative Director for Les Mills International. Through her 25 years with Les Mills and many roles in the company, she has recognised her passion is helping coach individuals to achieve their full potential. She does this through coaching star presenters for Global Masterclass Filming to teaching consumers in our clubs every day. Her mission is to influence and touch as many people as possible.
Bové, Laia

Laia Bové

Laia Bové (E-RYT 500 & YACEP) is an Afro-Catalan yoga and meditation teacher as well as a freelance writer currently living in the USA. She is a former professional figure skater, and has been working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes in a variety of sports for over a decade. Her focus, whether in her yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings as well as her writing, is on accessibility and inclusivity, with a clear intention to bring yoga, meditation, and wellness to a great diversity of folks, whether they have a disability or not.
Leah Seachrest

Leah Seacrest

With 29 years in the fitness industry, Leah serves as the Vice President of Fitness & Operations for REGYMEN Fitness and Covery Wellness Spa. Over the years, as a fitness instructor, director, & studio owner, Leah continues to keep one foot in the music & lights, to ensure she has a pulse on the evolution of fitness. She brings that knowledge to program design, development of certifications & continuing education. She excels in the implementation & management of new technology staying on the edge of fitness innovation. A strong advocate for adventure, Leah has led outdoor experiences taking women for a week of surf lessons, yoga, paddleboarding, self-reflection & growth in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Len Fridman

Len Fridman is a fitness business expert and successful entrepreneur. Len is the CEO and Co-Founder of WellnessLiving. In 2009 he started a local boot-camp that soon grew into multiple locations across the country. He created the MetaBody Yoga and Fitness Pass, with over 60,000 active clients. Len saw a need in the market for reliable, cost-effective business management software. And so along with his childhood friend Sasha Davids, the two created WellnessLiving, to help bootstrap business owners, just like them.
Bender, Leslee photo

Leslee Bender

Leslee Bender has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years presenting and speaking internationally. Leslee is the creator of the Bender Ball Method of core training 2007 fitness commercial of the year and Barre Above Pilates Focus. Leslee has just launched I Am Ageless Now, a program/certification co authored book, as the new way of living without pain and more energy for all stages of life. Leslee has filmed over 50 videos.
Norris, Libby

Libby Norris

With over 30 years in fitness, Libby's experience includes corporate wellness entrepreneur, education faculty, international presenter, author, boxer, and Canada AM Fitness Correspondent. Currently, Libby serves as the City of Mississauga Manager with Fitness and Therapeutic programs developing inclusive programs for fitness, older adults, chronic conditions, and hospital partnership programs. Libby and fitness sister, Ruth Parliament, are currently in process of launching online programming and resources for Older Adults fitness.
Lindsay Rainwater

Lindsay Rainwater

Lindsey Rainwater is an experienced business advisor, executive coach, and the founder of The Women in Fitness Association (WIFA).WIFA is the global association supporting women in their career trajectory helping them rise to their fullest potential in business and life. She is known for her work advising businesses on their internal processes and systems, her original published content, additionally supporting individuals in transformational change and leadership development. Her intention is to help individuals and organizations enjoy necessary change to succeed.

Lisa Greenbaum

E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist and Author, Lisa is a Canadian top 100 health influencer, 2018 Canadian Presenter of the Year for canfitpro and Global Ambassador for WIFA. Lisa specializes in Yoga for trauma and mental well-being. Creating inspirational experiences founded on authenticity and integrity is her mandate. She shares the passion of her 20-yr career teaching workshops, courses and retreats.

Lisa Mastracchio

FIS, PTS, HWL, PN Coach, canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year 2019
Lisa is a fitness professional with over 25 years’ experience as a group fitness leader, personal trainer, and nutrition coach. She was recently awarded canfitpro’s Fitness Professional of the Year in 2019. Since then, she has developed her online brand “Coach Lisa” where she has created unique group coaching programs as well as an exclusive membership site called WOW (Women on Weights). She continues to share her passion to help women build muscle and gain confidence both in person and in the online space!

opler, lorne

Lorne Opler

M.Ed., CSCS; Adjunct Professor of Fitness and Health Promotion at Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario. He is a regular presenter with canfitpro, owner of Lorne Opler Mobile Personal Training and a health and fitness writer with articles appearing in Muscle and Fitness magazine and the Washington Post newspaper. Visit his website at
Louise Green

Louise Green

Louise Green is a celebrated published Author, Educator and Award-Winning Fitness Trainer who has been changing the narrative of our fitness culture since 2007, when she founded the first exclusively Plus-Size Fitness Company in Canada. In 2021 Louise Founded the Size Inclusive Training Academy and is now certifying fitness and wellness professionals from around the world as Size Inclusive Fitness Specialists. Through representation, accessible training, and education, Green tenaciously works towards making ‘Fitness for Everyone’ a daily reality.
Syverson, Lyndsay

Lyndsay Syverson

Lyndsay is a passionate Fitness professional who is on a mission to help others make positive changes in their lives, through exercise and writings, to find a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Her blogs for SoulBody Fitness inspire people to learn how to commit to living a full life of balance. She is a Master Trainer for SoulBody Fitness in HIIT+ LIIT, Barre + Unhitched, and teaches Yoga Sculpt as well as other pre-choreographed programs.
Skilton-Hayes, Lynne

Lynne Skilton-Hayes

Lynne Skilton-Hayes is an International Fitness Presenter/Educator, the Fitness Program Supervisor at the University of Guelph, and a canfitpro and ACE certified group fitness instructor and master personal trainer. She holds a B.SC. degree and brings over 25 years of education and experience to the fitness industry. Lynne has done work for television and print.
Gefle, Mandy

Mandy Gefle

Owner of Pura Vida Nutrition, has found success in her business by focusing on the benefits of high quality whole food & easy to follow stress management strategies, to promote a balanced lifestyle for individuals who struggle with fatigue & overwhelm. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Mandy is the best-selling co-author of Heal, an educator & profession speaker.
Mark Nutting

Mark Nutting

Mark Nutting, CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT D, RCPT*E, ACSM HFD, ACSM CEP, Owner/Master Trainer of Jiva Fitness in Easton, PA, Author of "The Business of Personal Training" (Human Kinetics 2018), PFP 2016 Trainer of the Year Legacy Award, NSCA 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year, NSCA Recognized Certified Personal Trainer Emeritus, holds 12 certifications in the field, 40 years in personal training and health club management, and has been educating and coaching Personal Trainers for 38 of those 40 years. Mark is a leading business coach for personal trainers and club managers.
Matthew Wallden

Matthew Wallden

Matthew Wallden originally qualified as an osteopath and naturopath in London. Later, while working clinically and lecturing on osteopathic technique, he completed a post-graduate Master’s degree in Osteopathic Medicine before embarking on the CHEK Practitioner Program. He has consulted for various top sports teams including Chelsea Football Club, Charlton Athletic Football Club, and Surrey County Cricket Club. As a corrective exercise specialist, Matthew has lectured at four major UK osteopathic colleges and on many post-graduate courses for medical, rehabilitation, and fitness professionals. Matthew has spoken at many international conferences, runs various professional forums, and has written a number of peer-reviewed articles. Matthew’s work is his passion; he loves to help people to better health through coaching and treating patients, and teaching other practitioners. Matthew is proud to be a faculty member at the CHEK Institute; the work of whom has fully embraced and epitomized the ideals Matthew has always driven towards.
Mo Hagan

Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is a global fitness ambassador and licensed physiotherapist, recognized for her work and leadership in the fitness industry that spans almost 4 decades. She is an international award-winning fitness professional, recognized as Canada’s Top 10 Women of Power in 2020 and a Top 100 Health Influencer for 4 years in a row.  Mo is Chief Operating Officer for canfitpro – Canada’s leading fitness education authority—secretary of the national board of directors for Prescription To Get Active and the creator of canfitpro’s Women Who Influence.
Williamson, Megan

Megan Williamson

Megan Williamson, BA, NASM CPT is the owner and head coach at Ocean Rehab and Fitness, based out of Vancouver BC. She works with clients around the globe and in person in PARC at the Blusson Spinal Cord Center. Megan is currently the lead educator for North American Council on Inclusive Fitness.
Meghan Jarvis

Meghan Jarvis

A former World Class BMX bicycle racer, professional basketball player and Ninja Warrior. Meghan's passion for fitness and entrepreneurialism led her to found WellCorp Health and Wellness and Buzvil, a global fitness app. Her experiences as an athlete, educational portfolio (Masters of Education and Coaching Science, Kinesiologist, Sports Scientist), has made her a formidable leader in fitness.
Melanie Levenberg

Melanie Levenberg

Melanie Levenberg, M.Ed Melanie is an author, international speaker, TEDx presenter, certified fitness professional and global leader in kids fitness. As the CEO/Founder of PL3Y Inc she specializes in helping local leaders launch profitable businesses that help kids become healthier happier humans through movement and play.
Michael ONeil

Michael O’Neil

Michael O’Neil is the Director of Operations at canfitpro and a member of their Diversity and Inclusion Committee. As a First Nations Ojibwe who grew up disconnected from his culture, Michael is on his own personal journey of learning and reconciliation. The impact of this extends professionally in his review and updates of internal systems within canfitpro as they work to create an industry where everyone feels welcome. As a sports enthusiast, Michael practices fitness and wellbeing through playing golf, recreational hockey, and distance running.
Michelle Kerr

Michelle Kerr

Michelle brings over 3 decades of experiencer in fitness, recreation and corporate wellness. She has extensive experience in recreation programming, fitness and education leadership with the City of Mississauga, Town of Oakville, City of London, Acadia University and Nova Scotia Community College.   She Is a Master Trainer for Barre Above, has presented for canfitpro, ICAA, Parks Recreation Ontario Educational Forum and is known for her energy both on and off stage.
Mylrea, Mindy

Mindy Mylrea

Mindy Mylrea is a multiple award winning presenter including 2017 Life Time Achievement Award. Mindy is the creator of Gliding, Tabata Bootcamp, Extreme HIIT Chaos, and OneDaytoWellness
Mychele Sims

Mychele Sims

MA, NCPT, RYT: Mychele is a Certified Trainer, Classical Pilates Instructor, Master Trainer, Workshop Presenter and Educator. Mychele has more than a decade of experience creating movement experiences for underserved communities. She takes a holistic and inclusive approach to bodies and communities.
Nadia Norman

Nadia Norman

Award-winning Nardia Norman has 20 years experience in coaching, education and personal training. Recipient of FILEX’s Presenter of the Year Award 2018, Personal Trainer of the Year 2014 and an Australian Institute of Fitness Legend, her passions lie in business coaching for female fitness professionals and teaching all personal trainers to understand the science of training women.
Natalie Paavola

Natalie Paavola

Natalie is from Namay-goosis-agagun First Nation, located within the Robinson Superior Treaty area. Namay-goosis-agagun is a small remote First Nation located 275 km north of Thunder Bay, ON - with limited accessibility, in the heart of the boreal forest. Natalie achieved a degree in Indigenous Learning from Lakehead University, and has numerous credentials from Leadership Thunder Bay, Rotman School of Management, and York University. She also holds a First Nations Health Manager designation and is currently the Director of Health at Dilico Anishinabek Family Care.
Natalie Toman

Natalie Toman

Natalie, Health Promotions Lead at ParticipACTION since 2016, blends 30 years of leading wellness initiatives in corporate, recreational, and commercial environments with a Master of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotions and personal training certifications from the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Nathalie Lacombe

Coach and cupid of the fitness industry! Blending decades of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie passionately shares her insights. She is the Vice President of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada and a canfitpro Advisory Panel Member. She uses her joie de vivre to coach profound and lasting changes with her clients and audiences.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Nathalie is the EXPERT with a PROVEN SYSTEM to get you transformational results. She works with entrepreneurs who want to find Confidence & Clarity so they can make money living from their passion. She is international No.1 Bestselling Author of fifteen books on success, communication, wellness and empowerment. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering leading-edge courses, training and events
Nicky Nock

Nicky Nock

Nicky’s extensive experience in group fitness and personal training management on a worldwide scale has made her an influencer in the industry. Nicky has presented internationally and taken her skills and knowledge online creating and contributing to webinars, training sessions and online education. Currently, Nicky is the PRO TRAINER Manager at canfitpro and the Director of The Nock Academy.
Nike Charles

Nike Charles

Nike Charles is the owner of JUST2SWEAT a place where faith and fitness transform lives! She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology and a Minor in Sports Medicine. She is also a canfitpro certified Personal Trainer who has been into fitness her entire life. She is a wife and a mother to two young children who are actively into Rep sports. She thrives on seeing people living healthy and active lives. She is a motivator who will positively impact your life and bring out the best in you. Her energy is infectious and her passion for health and fitness will inspire you along your fitness journey.
Nwafor-Robinson, Nkechi

Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson

Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson is an award-winning Technology Executive, with over 20-years of experience. She is currently, Associate Vice President, Infrastructure Technology Solutions at TD Bank Group, supporting all infrastructure delivery for customer facing channels and digital portfolio of applications – but that is not all. She is Founder and CEO of Empowered in My Skin Inc., author, professional bodybuilder, host of Empowered in My Skin podcast, and an inspirational speaker, with speeches that have been viewed over 7 million times worldwide. Most recently, she was awarded 2020 WXN Most Powerful Woman Canada – Top 100.
Baffoe, Nsuani

Nsuani Baffoe

With over a dozen years of experience in the fitness industry, Nsuani is a coach, a mentor, an entrepreneur, and a father of two. Whether it’s on the floor for a 6am training session, or behind the scenes developing strategies to grow his vision, Nsuani is all in! With Ferris 360 as the starting point, Nsuani is building Toronto’s preeminent network of health and fitness professionals
Pamela Fitzgerald

Pamela Fitzgerald

Pamela Fitzgerald has worked in the fitness industry for 15 years. After graduating from the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College, Pamela continued to further her knowledge of human anatomy and the neuromuscular system through the specialized education programs; Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist. Pamela is a published fitness model and former physique competitor giving her unique perspective on body image and mindset struggles. She is now a public speaker, personal one on one muscle specialists, group and yoga instructor, anatomy instructor, nutrition coach and meditation facilitator. She is committed to helping people enjoy all the activities they love with a strong and healthy body, mind and spirit.
Pat VanGalen

Pat VanGalen

Pat brings a unique blend of education, practical experience, common sense application, science and research to her lecturing, teaching, training and coaching. She launched her professional career 40+ years ago in physical education and coaching, then spent the next 10 years in corporate-industrial fitness, health promotion, cardiac rehab and injury risk reduction programming design, implementation and management. Since 1990, Pat expanded her services to designing and teaching personal training and group exercise certification courses, providing continuing education credits, lecturing, tutoring, executive health coaching, and authoring lay and professional articles, she has dedicated her expertise to changing the way and the pace at which we age. Pat’s rehab-to-performance experience and down-to-earth demeanor make her a dynamic, informative, inspiring, and very provocative speaker, trainer and coach.
Patrick Gladue

Patrick Gladue

Patrick is from the Bigstone Cree Nation, Fitness Director at the 7 Chiefs Sportsplex on the Tsuut’ina Nation. Creator and Race Director for the Tsuut’ina Trail Run. He has created 4 fitness centres including his own which he sold in 2015. Has competed in 5 Ironmans achieving podium finishes in triathlon and has qualified and competed in Xterra World Championships. He still coaches endurance athletes in a wide variety of events i.e. mountain biking, ironman, marathons, etc.
Cauldwell, Paul

Paul Cauldwell

With over 15 years of experience in human performance program leadership, Paul Cauldwell has spoken at events all around the world about strength program design, regeneration/recovery, injury prevention, acceleration and multidirectional movement mechanics, plyometrics, and energy system development. Prior to his current Vice President role at Theragun in the global education and business development programs, Paul was the Director of Performance at EXOS for over a decade. There, he was responsible for creating and operationalizing performance programs for the Department of Defense, SOCOM, Fortune 500 companies, and elite-level athletes from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA.
Chek, Paul

Paul Chek

Paul Chek is a world-renowned expert in the fields of corrective and high-performance exercise kinesiology, stress management, and holistic wellness. For over thirty years, Paul’s unique, integrated approach to treatment and education has changed the lives of many of his clients, his students, and their clients. By treating the body as a whole system and finding the root cause of a problem, Paul has been successful where traditional approaches have consistently failed. Paul is the founder of the CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) Institute, based in California, USA, and the P~P~S Success Mastery Coaching Program. He is a prolific author of books, articles, and blog posts and the host of the popular podcast Living 4D with Paul Chek.
Galloro, Paul

Paul Galloro

Paul’s approach to health and wellness goes beyond the physical, and is grounded in spirit. With 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry and over 20 years studying metaphysics, he blends modern sciences with ancient practices to help his students, patients and clients optimize their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Spending time with Paul feels like being wrapped in a warm hug. His soul calling is to spread joy and serve others on their journey to self-love and embracing their greatness.
Boston, Portia

Portia Boston

Featured by "Well + Good", Portia Boston is a certified fitness expert and diversity & inclusion educator and consultant based in New York City. She has led DEI trainings and delivered keynote speeches for organizations such as Pure Barre/Cyclebar, The Talent Hack, Shuttlerock International, as well as for many other boutique fitness studios and organizations across the US.
Prof. Dr. George Grant

Prof. Dr. George Grant

Professor Dr. Grant, Ph.D., IMD, DHS, M.Sc., M.Ed., is considered the Canadian authority in Biofeedback & Nutrition and a global wellness ambassador. He is a world-renowned researcher, scientist, professor, chemist, toxicologist, nutritionist, biofeedback, stress management, and pain specialist. He is in as in private practice and worked as a Senior Consultant for Health Canada, FDA, and CDC. Prof. Grant has helped 11 Fortune 500 companies, 10 non-profit organizations, 10 Olympic athletes and 20,000 clients worldwide. He has over 250 published articles, conference presentations, book reviews, and 20 bestselling books. Prof. George Grant is the founder & CEO of the Academy Of
Chastain, Ragen

Ragen Chastain

Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, and multi-certified fitness professional. An expert in weight-inclusive health and wellness, she has brought her signature mix of humor and hard facts to diverse college, conference, and healthcare audiences. Ragen is a triathlete, holds the Guinness Record for Heaviest Woman to Complete a Marathon, and co-founded the 11,000 member Fit Fatties Facebook group.
Parekh, Reena

Reena Parekh

Reena Parekh is a fitness coach, pre and postnatal specialist and speaker located in Toronto. Her passion lies in helping pregnant and postpartum people regain strength with a body neutral, non-diet approach to strength training and coaching. She is an advocate for maternal mental health, and a proponent of change encouraging clients and community to pushback against postpartum bounceback culture.
Rob Dickson

Rob Dickson

Linkul, Robert

Robert Linkul

Robert Linkul is the owner of TOA, a personal training studio and online continued education provider for fitness professionals in Shingle Springs, California. Robert is an internationally known continued education provider for fitness professionals with his area of expertise being in resistance training strategies for the Older Adult with physical limitations and/or decreased quality of life. Linkul has his master’s degree in personal training, is the NSCAs 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner and a 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee.
Wilson-Smith, Robert

Robert Wilson-Smith

Robert is a nutrition and culinary instructor based in Vancouver. Robert trained as a chef in New York and worked at yoga retreats in India and Mexico before moving to Vancouver over a dozen years ago, where he worked in several well regarded plant-based restaurants while completing his certifications as a holistic nutritionist (R.H.N.), yoga teacher (RYT-200) and TRX instructor (STC, FTC).
Parliament, Ruth

Ruth Parliament

Ruth's passion for health and fitness stems from a lifelong commitment to athletics and being fit. She is a teacher by nature and loves to share her expertise and experience. Ruth has been in the Fitness and Education field for the past 30 years working as a professor at colleges and universities. She brings positivity, while creating a fun yet challenging training environment. Ruth own's her own fitness and wellness training company ‘House of Parliament Wellness’.
Ryan Mallough

Ryan Mallough

Ryan is senior director of provincial affairs, Ontario at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), which is an official partner with Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC). Ryan joined CFIB in 2015 with the communications team before moving over to the Ontario advocacy team in 2016. Prior to joining the organization, Ryan worked at the University of Toronto as a Communications Officer as well as in the research department at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada.
Samantha Montpetit-Huynh

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh

Samantha Montpetit-Huynh is the founder of SamCoreTrainer where she coaches women 40+ with the most comprehensive online health management program available online. Samantha is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, mentor, course creator, author and winner of canfitpro's 2021, Speciality Presenter of the Year Award. Samantha is a resident fitness expert on the Marilyn Denis Show.
Sandy Co-Catibog

Sandy Co-Catibog

Sandy is an online Strength Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. As a busy mom to two children, she has learned to prioritize herself and teach others how to as well. She coaches women to feel good from the inside out.

Sara Hodson

BHK, ACSM CCEP With a 20-year career in chronic disease and exercise, Sara is a leader in the movement of clinically-based medical fitness programs and the founder of LIVE WELL. With a professional background in cardiac rehab programming and diabetes, Sara launched LIVE WELL in 2011 with a deep passion and recognition of a gap in our healthcare system for medical fitness programs which allow people to be highly successful in a safe, supportive, supervised exercise environment. Sara represents LIVE WELL's hard-core values as she continues to live them every day. Sara has a vision that every individual living with a chronic disease can benefit from exercise and live a healthy and full life, no matter what!
Sara Kooperman photo

Sara Kooperman

Sara, CEO of SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION®, is a visionary leader that has transformed the fitness education community. A successful business owner and advisor, she is a keynote speaker, published author, webinar host, podcast presenter and sought-after industry trail-blazer. Sara has a unique ability to share her passion and devotion towards fitness education through her humor, enthusiasm and her effervescent no-nonsense personality. Sara serves on the Gold’s Gym Think Tank, has served before on the canfitpro Advisory Panel, was a founding board member for the Women In Fitness Association (WIFA), and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Sara currently serves on IHRSA’s Headlight Committees for Facility Standards and is also a Co-Host of IHRSA’s Talks & Takes Monthly Talk Show. Sara has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry as a whole.
Sarah Zahab

Sarah Zahab

Sarah is a Registered Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist and group fitness instructor with over 21 years of fitness industry experience. She is the co-owner of Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance Inc., a multi-disciplinary clinic in Ottawa. Sarah is a former international fitness competitor, a nationally ranked race walker and regular fitness expert on CTV Morning Live Ottawa.
Russell, Scott

Scott Russell

Scott has been a fitness professional for over 8 years, training in a variety of ways including personal training, youth training, and group fitness. He's been with REGYMEN since the beginning in 2017, and has been fortunate enough to onboard and train nearly every location's coaches in the US and Canada. Scott has advanced the training and education of REGYMEN to not only encompass the depth of programming we provide, but also develop the interpersonal connection between coach and member. In his spare time, you can catch Scott on the beach with his dog, Koda, and friend enjoying the Florida sunshine!
Wildeman, Scott

Scott Wildeman

Scott is a partner and Head Coach for KidStrong Canada, which are private child development centres focused on Brain, Physical and Character development. Scott is also the president of Prescription to Get Active and the past president of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada. Scott is also a indoor cycling instructor in Calgary and enjoys a variety of activities both inside and outdoors.

Sean Greeley

Former pro athlete, former fitness business owner. Cancer survivor, competitor, and leader. Get to know Sean, and you’ll understand why NPE is the organization fitness business owners around the world depend on to help them grow. Sean has guided NPE to the position of the acknowledged global leader in the field of business leadership, mentorship, and coaching in the fitness industry. By helping NPE clients systemize their businesses and maximize their opportunities, Sean has created an organization which “walks the walk” when it comes to performance.
Bilgin, Selin

Selin Bilgin

Selin Bilgin is an Award Winning Holistic Nutritionist, Best Selling Author, and the Founder of Luscious Living. She believes that vibrant wellness on a mental, emotional and physical level is the foundation of a thriving and prosperous society, and Selin aims to impact millions of people across the world through her message of holistic health.
Sergio Velasco

Sergio Velasco

Sergio is known for his great smile, kind heart and motivating indoor cycling workouts. The Education Manager of The Ride by Keiser and a Keiser International Master Trainer, Sergio is originally from Barcelona and now lives and rides in The Netherlands. Sergio is an international fitness presenter with more than 14 years of experience in fitness and management. He has been presenting his work in events globally and loves to connect with each and every rider.
Shakera Martin

Shakera Martin

Coach and Speaker. Since earning a Occupational Health and Safety (BASc) degree at Ryerson University, Martin aimed to promote the relationship between health, wellness and dance. She therein created the lifestyle brand Simply Shakera Inc. and award-winning fitness and entertainment group Carnival Spice. Shakera and her team have been featured on CP24, CTV, Breakfast Television, and most recently Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Fable, Shannon

Shannon Fable

Shannon Fable is a sought after speaker, author, and thought leader in the area of business development and strategic innovation. She has spent more than two decades helping impressive brands such as Anytime Fitness, Schwinn®, Power Systems, ACE, Silver Sneakers, FIT4MOM, Intelivideo and BOSU®. Fable served as Chair of the ACE board of directors, co-founded and successfully sold GroupEx PRO®, and was awarded the 2013 IDEA and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year awards. As a Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional, she helps fit pros navigate the industry to build scalable and sustainable businesses.
Shay Kostabi

Shay Kostabi

Your Experience Designer. Shay is a creator, connector, educator and guide. Co-Founder of Fitness Career Mastery, an international career development platform, educational podcast and consulting agency for fitness creators and business owners and the creator of the Group X Conservatory. With over a decade working with studio owners and instructors all over the world. Shay's purpose is to help professionals create meaningful and memorable experiences through movement, music and story for the clients they are meant to serve.
Sheldon McBee photo

Sheldon McBee

Sheldon McBee MS, is Executive Director at Universal Athletic Club. He is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor with over 19 years of experience in health and fitness. He is an experienced international presenter, lecturer, educator, business consultant, and fitness content developer. He has presented at IHRSA, IDEA, canfitpro, MACMA, SCW, and other industry conferences.
Silken Laumann

Silken Laumann

Four-time Olympian Silken Laumann is one of Canada’s most inspirational leaders, a best-selling author, and a child and mental health advocate. Silken’s Olympic story is legendary and inspirational. As reigning world champion, Silken fought back from a devastating rowing accident, to win a bronze medal in the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. In her best-selling memoir, Unsinkable, Silken shines a spotlight on all the obstacles she has encountered and overcome. Silken speaks candidly about her athletic success and triumph over physical adversity, but also the intense personal challenges of her past and the fierce determination she applies to living a bold and successful life today. Silken is the founder of Unsinkable, a multimedia non-profit organization that uses story-telling and lived experience to move people further along their mental, physical and spiritual journey.
Simon Liang

Simon Liang

Simone Samuels

Simone Samuels

Simone Samuels is a FIS, PTS, and a CALA certified fitness professional. She sits on the board of the Body Positive Fitness Alliance and is a member of Fitness Professionals Against Weight Stigma. An expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Simone was recently selected to consult on canfitpro certification products with a DEI lens.
Headshot - Stacey Vandiver

Stacey Vandiver

Stacey Seward Vandiver is the Owner and CEO of SoulBody Fitness, a global group fitness programming company that continues to keep classes ahead of the curve. She is the Creative Director of all SoulBody Fitness programs in Barre, HIIT, LIIT. Yoga Sculpt and Recovery.
Alden, Staci

Staci Alden

Staci is committed to helping group fitness managers and club operators elevate their programs, instructors, and leadership. As an experienced consultant and strategic planner for both digital and in-person offerings, her clients range from large luxury health clubs and international companies to small studios. She has designed world-class studios on a tight budget, launched signature formats, and built turnkey solutions for enhancing systems, leaders, and talent. Staci is also an established presenter, writer, and YouTube influencer, regularly interviewing thought leaders and fitness professionals on her channel. Staci is also a master instructor for Balanced Body®.
Stephanie Dupuis

Stephanie Dupuis

Stephanie is the Vice President of Personal Training and Nutrition at the GoodLife Fitness Clubs. She began her career in fitness while in university completing her degree in mathematics in 1994 in Windsor, Ontario. Stephanie quickly realized her passion for helping others to adopt fitness and health into their lives and launched her Personal Training career. For 28 years, Stephanie has been a leader in many areas of the Fitness and Personal Training industry and lives what she breathes, still working with a Personal Trainer herself. Stephanie loves to explore all avenues of fitness and has used fitness to overcome injuries and physical setbacks. She is an avid runner competing in half marathons and 10 km races regularly, and has recently uncovered her passion for Olympic lifting. She is a firm believer that strength and resistance training empowers women from all walks of life- building their confidence and allowing them to be the best version of themselves.
Suaad Ghadban

Suaad Ghadban

Suaad Ghadban is an Elite fitness and industry leader with an international, award-winning athletic background. Known for leveraging extensive networks, including high-value media contacts, to build innovative brands, power client acquisition, and accelerate market expansions, Suaad is a sought-after fitness expert and thought leader and creator of Hot Booty Ballet, Montreal’s hottest workout! Her 20 years of teaching and training experience include dance, gymnastics, circus, as well as a World Dance and Sports Aerobic Championships. Suaad is the fitness correspondent for several media outlets and has been dishing out regular fitness segments on Global TV Montreal. As a motivator and a role model, Suaad’s passionate personality and unique energetic style of teaching allows her to connect easily with people, bringing out the best in every individual and helping them go beyond their personal goals and expectations.
Sue Staresinic

Sue Staresinic

Sue Staresinic is a multi-award winning, 24-year fitness industry veteran and practicing physiotherapist. She is a LesMills presenter and canfitpro PRO TRAINER. Sue is featured in numerous NEWBODY master class videos and on the virtual on-demand platform in over 300 clubs. She received the GoodLife Instructor of Excellence award in 2016 and was finalist for canfitpro FPOY in 2020 and 2021.
Agrios, Susan

Susan Agrios

Fitness trainer & world medallist Agrios changes lives. Susan teaches Mindfitness (mindfulness & fitness), meditation & yoga, the world over. Inspiring people to practice kindness & lead healthier lives, the positive effects are profound. Creator of beKIND Mindfitness Triathlons—Canada's first. Now a global movement, over 25,000 have learned to meditate because of her beKIND Mindfulness Challenge.
Dinyer, Tara

Tara Dinyer

Tara is a Professor & Coordinator in the Health Wellness & Fitness Program at Mohawk College. She is the recipient of Hearts of Haldimand, finalist for YMCA Peace Medal, and Diamond Readers Choice for Best Fitness Instructor 2020 & 2022. She is a member of the International Team at Mohawk as a Faculty Lead helping create a more global place, and creating cultures of diversity in the classroom.
Wilson, Tara

Tara Wilson

Tara Wilson is the Co-Director and Master Trainer for SoulBody Yoga Sculpt. As an Instructor at Goodlife Fitness, she specializes in Pilates Mat but also teaches Yoga Sculpt and many other pre-choreographed programs. When Goodlife brought SoulBody to its members in 2018, she jumped at the opportunity to teach their Barre programs! After falling in love with the brand and its mission, she became a Master Trainer in 2019 for Barre and then Co-Director of their new program Yoga Sculpt in 2020. She is passionate about inspiring through movement and looks forward to presenting at canfitpro 2022 in Toronto!
Edwards, Tasha

Tasha Edwards

Tasha is a NCPT, personal trainer, health coach and all around group fitness teacher and lover. She has presented at several conferences, virtually and in person, on the topics of body diversity and acceptance as well as how to help our clients move into more joyous spaces with movement. She is an instructor on John Garey TV and started a non-profit to support womens' wellness.
Bassi, Tiffani

Tiffani Bassi

Tiffani is the Product Education Specialist at Trainerize. She’s also the founder and head personal trainer at Train with Tiff. Tiffani is passionate about movement and helping others—at Trainerize, she empowers thousands of trainers to better support their clients—resulting in more people finding success in their health and fitness journeys. Tiffani hopes to inspire new trainers to follow their passions and build rewarding careers.
Tiffany Moffatt

Tiffany Moffatt

Certified as a canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Personal Trainer Specialist and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Tiffany Moffatt is a fitness leader who has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years as an fitness coach, presenter, educator and freelance fitness writer. Tiffany operates a fitness business Joybody Fitness and is a PRO Trainer for the canfitpro FIS certification.
Durkin, Todd

Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, MA, is an internationally recognized performance coach, trainer, author, and speaker who motivates, educates and inspires people worldwide. He trains NFL, MLB, & MMA athletes at his award-winning gym, Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA. He is a 2-time Trainer of the Year, a recipient of the Jack LaLanne Award, and the 2018 Canfitpro International Presenter of the Year. His Todd Durkin IMPACT Show podcast motivates millions, he leads the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group for fitness entrepreneurs, & he creates IMPACT worldwide.
Tony Felgueiras photo

Tony Felgueiras

Tony Felgueiras is the winner of canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year FIS 2020 and a Multimedia Content Producer based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Tony blends his years of coaching with his professional skills in photography & video to run both an online coaching business and freelance content creation business, generating media for trainers, brands, companies, and more.
Trevor Pickett

Trevor Pickett

Trevor Pickett has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. He has also been a canfitpro Pro Trainer for 8 years and won Participants Choice in 2019. In 2021 he was named Best in Business and a top 3 finalist for Fitness Professional of the Year. Trevor has been featured on CBC Radio, podcasts and magazines. He is the founder of Offbeat Fitness Education and feels it is his duty to be a resource for other trainers.
Curling, Trish

Trish Curling

Trish Curling is a yoga teacher, personal trainer and owner of Ani O Yoga. She completed her 200 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training, along with studies in the Nervous System + Restorative yoga and the therapeutics of the shoulder, hip, and spine with Yoga Medicine. Trish values her commitment as both a yoga student and teacher. She strives to create an environment in her classes that feels safe, fun, and approachable for all.
Sarker, Trisha

Trisha Sarker

Trisha provides strategic counsel for Fitness Industry Canada's corporate affairs and professional communications. She produces articles for various publications, manages event coordination, and executes national campaigns. She is an accomplished business communications and media relations professional with a proven track record of influencing public opinion, policy, and legislative changes across Canada.
Victoria Goncharenko

Victoria Goncharenko

Victoria began teaching movement in 2003 after fulfilling a successful career in professional ballet. She passionately pursued certifications in group fitness, Pilates, yoga, rehabilitative exercise, pre and post-natal fitness, as well as myofascial health. Victoria also administers a comprehensive education program at Body Harmonics, one of the largest Pilates & Movement schools in Canada 

vyshnavi sivakumaran

Vyshnavi Sivakumaran

Vysh (vai-sh) is a fitness coach, trauma informed yoga instructor, & fitness industry leader in the Toronto community -- working to create inclusive, affordable and accessible fitness classes, through her online fitness community called Fitness in Place (@fitness_in_place). She advocates passionately for representation in the industry for South Asian women, but more broadly, aims to be a voice for all people who may face barriers in the wellness. She recently was awarded the canfitpro's Fitness Professional of the Year Award in 2021 for Personal Training Specialist due to her quick adaptation to serve her community through Fitness In Place and trauma informed yoga practice at the start of the pandemic. Currently she serves on the board of Fitness Professionals United in Accountability, Anti-Racism, and Action, as well as the Canfitpro Advisory Panel. Vysh’s powerlifting background gives her strength to empower others to feel and own theirs too!!
Yordanos Tessema

Yordanos Tessema

Yordanos is a personal trainer and an educator with 7 years of experience in the fitness industry. She specializes in strength training and is a competitive powerlifter at the world level. Her passion lies in fostering a positive environment that allows her clients to reach their highest potential.

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