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Event Day Contact Information

Add if you encounter any issues prior to your session please notify Nicole, Christine or Shireen





Important Event Day Reminder

Moderators: Please follow these steps to start your sessions

  • Log out of all Zoom Accounts (both desktop and browser)
  • Login to the Account that is associated with canfitpro Zoom account
  • Start the session from your desktop app or the web browser
  • Please drop a message in the group chat if for any reason you aren’t opening your room 15 minutes in advance of the start time

Hosts: You must use the link on your script to access your Session Room in Zoom. Going through the online event platform will not allow you access in advance of the session for your pre-session check-in.

canfitpro 2021 Online: Global Conference & Trade Show

Important Host Dates

July 19-23, 2021 | Review Session Script(s)
July 26-August 6, 2021 | Host to Schedule a Pre-Session Discussion with the Presenter on Zoom and Invite Moderator. If your moderator is unavailable, please update them via email after the meeting. Note: Host to schedule Pre-Session Discussion with EACH Presenter they are working with.
August 13-14, 2021 | Event Dates! You must use the link on your script to access your session Zoom room. Remember to send your Post Session Evaluation on each session (found at the end of your script) to

How To Use Our NEW Online Platform for canfitpro 2021 Online: Women Who Influence AND Global Conference & Trade Show


Host & Moderator Training Video


During Your Session - Checklist

  • Arrive in your Zoom room 15-20 minutes early
  • Review sound, lighting, presenter positioning and any other last-minute items to address
  • Ask Pre Session Question ex: Where is everyone joining us from today?
  • Introduction & Housekeeping
  • Prompt the moderator to launch the Pre-Session Poll. Read the poll and encourage delegates to participate
  • Introduce the host (read bio)
  • Look for questions in the chat to provide to your Presenter
  • Near and of session, announce 5 minute warning (if required)
  • Outro (thank presenter and announce post-session survey)
  • Arrive in your Zoom room 15-20 minutes early
  • Admit the host and presenter from the waiting room. If your session is a panel, moderator, host and presenter will enter through a specific panellist link (please see the Zoom link in your email).
  • Review sound, lighting, presenter positioning and any other last-minute items to address
  • Moderator to make the Presenter and Host “co-hosts” of the session
  • Spotlight Presenter
  • Enable closed captioning
  • When the host and presenter are ready, admit the waiting room, then disable the waiting room so you don’t have to let latecomers in manually
  • Record the session (please check your script to know if your session should be recorded). Make sure to record to the cloud.
  • Copy and paste Housekeeping items into the chat box
  • Launch Poll with prompt from host
  • Close/End Poll
  • Copy and paste text provided in the script throughout the session
  • Engage with delegates in the chat box

Example of a Session Host

  • Opening/Housekeeping can be seen during the first 2:30 seconds
  • Closing can be seen at 1:28:50

Example of a Panel Host/Facilitator

  • Opening/Housekeeping can be seen during the first 4 minutes
  • Closing can be seen at 1:25:30

How to Record the Session?

 Select ‘record’ icon at the bottom of your Zoom meeting window and select ‘record to the cloud’ 

Need Help?

During Your Session: Reach out to or let your moderator know if you encounter any issues in your session. Please include your session number and name in the subject line and a member of our technical team will join your session to assist.

The events team will be floating during the event to visit your room and support!

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Event Platform

All attendees will access the event through the canfitpro website. Your presentations will be hosted on the ZOOM platform.

Download the most up to date version of Zoom:

Watch Zoom Tutorial:

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