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Intensive Weekend

canfitpro 2022 Intensive Weekend: October 1-2. Registration coming soon...

Intensive Weekend

October 1, 2022

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Barre + Unhitched Teacher Training


$257 CAD

9:00am - 2:00pm

Becca Voelpel

2 CECs

Type: W/S

Barre Certified by SoulBody Fitness – Learn from SoulBody how to teach a progressive, pre-choreographed, more athletic-style BARRE class. Learn BOTH formats of SoulBody Barre and SoulBody Unhitched! This one-day 5-hour training will give you all the tools you need to teach a full comprehensive BARRE class that is unique, cutting edge and constantly evolving with quarterly choreography releases set to amazing music! SoulBody prides themselves on the continuing education component of their BARRE program. The programs stay fresh, innovative and most of all CONSISTENT!

SoulBody classes are fun, fast paced, yet mindful in its approach with progressions and regressions to challenge and cater to all skill levels! Our SoulBody Squad is an empowering group of instructors that is motivating through movement and their members cannot get enough!

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HIIT+LIIT Teacher Training


$257 CAD

9:00am - 1:00pm

Melissa Miles

2 CECs

Type: W/S

Low Impact Interval Training: Learn how to teach a class that will build endurance and strengthen the body with lower impact intervals and body weight training exercises. Option to take class in barefoot, creating strength in your foundation...the feet. This is a one and done workout. +Recovery is an option that adds a restorative stretch to reset and recover mindfully.

SoulBody classes are fun, fast paced, yet mindful in its approach with progressions and regressions to challenge and cater to all skill levels! Our SoulBody Squad is an empowering group of instructors that is motivating through movement and their members cannot get enough!

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Zumba B1 Française


$155 CAD

8:00am - 6:00pm

Ricardo Marmitte

4 CECs

Type: W/S

Cette formation initiale vous donnera les outils nécessaires pour diriger votre propre cours de Zumba®. Apprenez la formule Zumba® nos quatre rythmes de base et bien plus encore !

Compris dans la session:

  • le manuel électronique de l’instructeur;
  • Certificat d'achèvement
  • Crédits certification fitness (variable selon les pays)
  • Vidéos en ligne pour récapituler Basic Steps
  • ACE CEC's
  • AFAA CEU's

A quoi s'attendre

  • Vous apprendrez à enseigner les pas basiques des quatre rythmes fondamentaux Zumba® : Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, et Reggaeton.
  • En utilisant la formule Zumba®, vous apprendrez à identifier les différentes parties d'une chanson et à aplliquer les pas basiques pour construire un cours de Zumba efficace.
  • Vous pratiquerez en direct avec un formateur Zumba pour gagner en confiance et donner des cours dans un avenir proche.
  • Recevez votre licence pour commencer à donner des cours de Zumba® immediatement.
  • Obtenez encore plus d'outils pour vous aider à commencer à donner des cours plus vite et à changer des vies au plus tôt.
  • Vous aurez la possibilité de recevoir des chorés mensuelles, plus de la musique et un soutien continu.

When registering through zumba, use discount code: B1ZUMBA60 to receive 60% off

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Zumba B1


$155 CAD

8:00am - 6:00pm

Andrea Sandhu

4 CECs

Type: W/S

This introductory training will give you the tools you need to lead your own Zumba® class. Learn the Zumba® formula, our four basic rhythms and more!

Included with Session

  • Electronic Instructor Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Fitness Certification Credits (varies by country)
  • Online Videos to Review Basic Steps
  • ACE CEC's
  • AFAA CEU's

What to Expect

  • Learn how to teach the basic steps to the four Zumba® core rhythms: Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton.
  • Using the Zumba® formula, learn how to identify different parts of a song and apply the basic steps to build an effective Zumba class.
  • Practice live with a Zumba Education Specialist to gain confidence to teach sooner.
  • Receive your license to begin teaching Zumba® classes immediately.
  • Get access to even more tools to help you start teaching faster and changing lives sooner.
  • Get the opportunity to receive monthly choreo and music + ongoing support.

When registering through zumba, discount code: B1ZUMBA60 to receive 60% off

Ageless Now

Ageless Now Academy Foundational Training


$269 CAD

10:00am - 4:30pm

Janice Hutton

3 CECs

Type: W/S

Created by Leslee Bender, Ageless Now Coaches will learn to offer sessions that are science-based and approachable, featuring mindful movement and motivational techniques.

I am Ageless Now is an intention, starting the day believing every day is a gift, that wellness, movement, attitude, habits and mindset are essential to feeling you have the energy, flexibility, and strength for pain free movement. Functional movement practices are designed to help people maintain pain free movement.

Functional Movement Practices are easy for you to introduce to your clients. The movements can be done anywhere, any time. These exercises can be performed in only 10 minutes a day and can also can be incorporated into one-one-on, groups, or mind body corporate health settings. Hybrid, virtual work, other lifestyle activities are increasing the number of people who desire a balanced way to maintaining pain-free movement as they recognize that they are spending more time sitting than ideal.

Functional Movement Principles - I Am Ageless Now Coaches learn to offer sessions that are science based and embrace 4 main functional moment principles:

  • Massage and Posture that keep keeps your fascia flexible
  • Mindset & Mantras
  • Movement to keep your body strong & flexible
  • Mindful Nutrition

This training provides you with the Foundational Exercises that health and wellness fitness professionals can use in so many different scenarios: one-on-one/small group training, group fitness, coaches, sports teams - the possibilities are endless!


  • Understand movement determined by the planes of motion
  • Train the fascial lines and their relationship to the planes of motion and gravity.
  • Utilize methods that improve the integrity of movement, joint stability, and mobility.
  • Determine how postural issues affect movement quality and how to give specific exercises that will enable guests to move more efficiently.
  • Be able to give a general assessment that clients will also understand and benefit from staying within their certification scope of practice.
  • Gain the strategies and techniques to train for functional life.
  • Experience many aspects of staying ageless from specific movement and exercise techniques to motivational cuing and mantras that work.
  • Explore why fascia facilitates energy and how the muscles transmit force.
  • Understand why massage and movement are the necessary combination to increase strength and flexibility.
  • See how with each exercise there is specific cuing for alignment integrity for the joints.

Included in your registration:

  • Electronic Coaching Manual - 58 pages
  • Free Bender Ball - Canada and US only
  • Ageless Now Biomechanics video by Leslee - yours to keep!
  • Ageless Now Master class video with Leslee - yours to keep!
  • Coach, Cue and Connect the Ageless Way video with Leslee - yours to keep!
  • Option to join our Online Ageless Academy – featuring monthly workouts, webinars, discounts on continuing education and more

Assisting Presenter: Michelle Kerr

October 2, 2022

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$126 CAD

8:00am - 6:00pm

Amanda Grant

4 CECs

Type: W/S

Learn how to teach a Music-Led High Intensity Interval Training that pushes students to achieve their most ambitious fitness goals using only their body weight.


  • Electronic Instructor Training Manual
  • Training Recap Video - delivered digitally
  • STRONG Nation™ My First Class™ - 60 minutes of music and moves, delivered digitally
  • E-learning course with the foundational fitness moves and science behind the program
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Fitness Certification Credits for Instructor Trainings - varies by country
  • Fitness Certification Credits for E-Learning - varies by country
  • Canfitpro CEC's

When registering through STRONG, discount code: TSSTRONG70 to receive 70% off

Think Yourself

Become a THINK Yourself® ACADEMY Certified Life Coach


$797.60 CAD


Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

4 CECs

Type: L

Your clients are not successful because you show them a better way to squat or give them a healthy kale salad recipe. Nutrition and Working “Out” are not enough anymore. We also need to Work “In”. Mindset and Confidence are key in order to reach transformational results.

Become a THINK Yourself® ACADEMY Life Coach at the canfitpro Intensive. You can start it on the official date October 2nd, or as soon as you register and learn how to use the D.N.A. System to help your clients find confidence and focus to unlock their full potential. The course includes 25 online video recordings that you can do at your own pace, more than 15 forms and hundreds of questions that you will use in your coaching practice, a homework, a theory exam and a practical exam.

Note: Exams will follow, once you have finished with the theory and practical homework. Coaching forms are also available in FRENCH and videos are available with FRENCH subtitles. This certification gives you 4 canfitpro CECs

Original rate: $997 receive 20% off with the discount code: cfptyc20
Registrations taken from TYA will need to provide the discount code

Take the course at your own pace, you can even start as soon as you register.


Socacize Fundamental Certification


$350 CAD + HST

11:00am - 7:00pm

Kristen Daley

4 CECs

Type: W/S

Are you ready to become a Socacize Fitness certified instructor?  In just one session, you’ll gain access to the latest dance moves, join a supportive community, and walk away with everything you need to earn revenue with a brand new career opportunity!

Join us for our Socacize Instructor Training Certification Program!

In just 8 hours, you’ll:

  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to offer Socacize classes to your customers, featuring exclusive dance moves and high-energy tracks
  • Make powerful connections with other creative fitness trainers and dance enthusiasts
  • Receive 4 FIS credits for canfitpro
  • In this one-day virtual event, you’ll be trained directly by our top Socacize Certified Master Trainers and have the chance to become a Certified Instructor upon evaluation.

You’ll also receive:

  • An instructional DVD
  • A training manual with a breakdown of the materials
  • An opportunity to continue as a part of our instructor training community and receive monthly dance moves, access to a private community of like-minded Socacize enthusiasts, business training to help you make the most of your Socacize skills… and more!

Code to register: SOCACFP22

What Delegates
Are Saying


You have changed my life and I look forward to changing others for the positive. Your program works so perfectly with how I train too, mind and body need to be connected in order to have complete success.

Carla Ephgrave
STRONG Nation:

Wow! Just wow! A 5-star training with coach Amanda! She was friendly and kept us all motivated throughout the day. I really enjoyed the variety and the challenges Amanda put into the whole interaction and loved how she gave us tips and tricks to get the most out of the training. I would recommend the STRONG NATION training in a heartbeat. Sign up today 🙂


It was an awesome day! An excellent trainer, so energetic, perfect example, great coach, motivating, positive vibes. Keeping up the spirit during a ten-hour day of practice and exercise. Learned a lot and have the confidence to coach my own class strong nation!

Willemijn ter Steege
Ageless Now Academy:

Not only can I use this in my classes - this will complement my corporate wellness programs! The possibilities are endless!

Toni B


Ageless Now
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