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Important Presenter Dates

GROWTH Presenter Huddle @ 1pm EST
Thursday, October 12, 2023

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Meeting ID: 885 6612 2486

Handouts, Session Music Rights & Session Poll Questions Due
Wednesday, October 11, 2023

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Growth Event Date
Friday November 3, 2023

Presenter Communications

Dear GROWTH Presenter,
Congratulations on being selected to present in our last Event of our milestone 30th anniversary year for canfitpro ASPIRES Growth.
This will be is the first presenter communication of many.  Presenter Communications are sent approximately 2-3x a month and in the event that important information needs to be communicated leading up to the Event. 
You can always refer to the presenter resource hub at any time to get up to the date information, important dates, slide templates, ‘Join Me’ tiles, Royalty-Free Music information, presenter communications, etc. Please bookmark:
GROWTH Event Important Dates:   
GROWTH Presenter Huddle @ 1pm EST  
Thursday, October 12, 2023 
Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 885 6612 2486
Handouts, Session Music Rights & Session Poll Questions Due  
Wednesday, October 11, 2023  
Social Collaborative Content
Start Creating and Collaborating Now!
Growth Event Date  
Friday November 3, 2023 
Presenter Slides: 
Presenter slides are now available on Presenter Resource Hub and I have attached the slides here.   
Please help us promote your presence and session(s) at our Event with the following:
“Join Me” Tiles:
Personalized DIY ‘Join Me’ Tiles will be available next week on; Please follow instructions to personalize your ‘Join Me’ Tile.
* Important: Tag canfitpro on social so we can share your post!
Here is a Suggestive Post (please feel free to edit and make it your own):
Join me Online, at canfitpro ASPIRES: Growth for my session(s),” title” .
Learn more:
Hashtags: #canfitpro #canfitpro2023 #canfitproAspiresGrowth #Aspires #Growth 
Please note: canfitpro is branded as canfitpro (all lowercase).  It is NOT CanFitPro or Canfitpro or any variation so please be mindful of this when writing canfitpro on social media posts.
Social Collaborative Content: 
We want to create buzz around our Event and help promote your upcoming sessions!  
We are encouraging you to create some fun content that we can share with our combined audience of 56,000+ social media followers.  
There are limited spots available so please start creating now! 
What we are looking for: 
1.    Promotional Videos:  
Things to include and/or mention:   
·       Join me / be with me / be a part of canfitpro ASPIRES: Growth
·       Your session (s) / what delegates will learn    
·       Visit to register     
·       Length: 15 seconds – 60 seconds     
·       Hashtags: #canfitpro #canfitpro2023 #canfitproAspiresGrowth #Aspires #Growth 
·       Please film in portrait mode only    
·       Please film indoors to ensure the best sound quality    
·       Do not have the light source behind you (should always come from in front) - i.e. do not film near windows   
·       Ensure you are in a quiet zone / soundproof area   
·       Use a lapel microphone or other for optimal audio quality   
Example from a previous event can be found here:     
2.    Collaborative Reels:   
IG Collaborative Reels have yielded views from thousands of accounts!   
Presenters can create a reel as they normally would and click “Tag people”.   
There will be two prompts “Add tag” and “Invite Collaborator”.
Click “Invite Collaborator“ and type in our username: @canfitpro and share! 
Below is a link to a YouTube video that may also help:  
3.    Story Posts   
When creating content please try and stay away from being too formal. Have fun and be as creative as you like! A great way to engage any audience is by thinking “What would I want to see?”  
TikTok has some great formats/ challenges that you could use to help promote your sessions!   
*Please ensure high video/audio quality.   
For any content you send, include any hashtags/tags, that you would like for us include.   
Ideally, we would like this content to be presented on BOTH our feeds. Also known as collaborative content.  You will have the option to post on your end and we can just accept, please disclose that.  
However, if you wish for us to post, then send over content directly to or
canfitpro will register all presenters for this Event.
Write for Us: 
If you are interested in writing blogs, articles, etc. please see the attached call for content.  This is an excellent way to potentially get your content out there along with promoting your session at the canfitpro ASPIRES: Growth Event.  Please include “Growth Presenter” in the subject line when submitting to Erin –
All contracts have been sent and majority have been signed by RightSignature.  If you have not yet signed your contract, please do so as soon as possible.
Contact US: 
If you have any questions, email me at .
Dear GROWTH Presenter,
We have a little over a month left to our last event of 2023!  I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall colours (if they are happening around you.) 
‘Join Me’ Tiles:
Your personalized ‘Join Me’ Tiles are ready! You can always download them from the presenter resource hub .
Please post on your social media platforms to promote your session. 
* Important: Tag canfitpro on social so we can share your post!  
Here is a Suggestive Post (please feel free to edit and make it your own): 
I'm presenting November 3rd! Join me online, at canfitpro’s ASPIRES: Growth Event for my session(s),” title” . 
Hashtags: #canfitpro #canfitpro2023 #canfitproAspiresGrowth #Aspires #Growth 
Please note: canfitpro is branded as canfitpro (all lowercase).  It is NOT CanFitPro or Canfitpro or any variation so please be mindful of this when writing canfitpro on social media posts. 

canfitpro 2023 Aspires Growth - Presenter Slides

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All attendees will access the event through the canfitpro website. Your presentations will be hosted on the ZOOM platform.

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