For your convenience, we are pleased to provide you with important information on our Exhibitor Hub online, including resources to successfully transport, set-up/tear-down, and equip or furnish your booth.

Please fill out each form and return it to each vendor as indicated. It is essential that all forms are submitted as early as possible to ensure you receive the best possible rates. Note the service deadlines for each form. If you have any questions, please contact the vendors directly using the numbers listed on the forms or below.

REMINDER - Your booth comes with pipe and drape only.
Please order any additional items such as furnishings, internet, power, parking, etc. prior to your move-in date.

Carefully review each section below to ensure full preparation for canfitpro Global.

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Move In

  • Move-in time to the MTCC east loading docks
    Your specific move-in time to the MTCC East Loading Docks will be scheduled sometime on:
    • Wednesday, August 7th between 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM  OR
    • Thursday, August 8th between 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  • Instructions for booking a move-in time
    1. Schedule your move-in using: Voyage Control. Voyage Control opens on July 21st. You will not be able to register for a move-in time before then. For more information, download the Loading Dock Management System instructions.
    2. Click Sign Up and enter your information (or Log In if you are a returning user).
    3. Choose the canfitpro Global event, and then from the list choose the move-in time that was provided to you. You will be required to enter the booking code which was also provided to you by email to be able to select your time slot.
    4. Voyage Control will ask you which Dock Area – Hall B – you would like to book in.
    5. Once completed you will receive a “dock pass” via email. Please provide this pass to your driver.

*If you have any issues with Voyage Control, please contact Voyage Control Customer Support: (416) 585-8313 |

  • Quick links
  • Important reminders:
    • Exhibits must be fully installed by 8:00 PM on August 8th.
    • The Trade Show will be open to exhibitors for booth prep before the show opens on Friday, August 9th at 9:00 AM (trade show opens at 11:30 AM) and on Saturday, August 10th at 7:00 AM (trade show opens at 9:00 AM).
    • If you do not need the loading dock and will be hand-carrying in small items from the parking lot, then you can come in at any time during the Thursday move-in period OR during booth prep hours (as of 9:00 AM) on Friday. 
    • Material Handling Forms – NOTE: material handled by Freeman will be charged according to the rates listed within the service manual. Should you prefer to be responsible for the off-loading of your own materials, please complete and return the “Material Handling Exemption Form” to Freeman prior to the first day of move-in. Otherwise, Freeman will handle your freight and charge you.
    • SAFETY INFORMATION: It is the responsibility of every exhibitor to ensure that booth set up/tear down staff have proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). For the duration of move-in/set-up on Wednesday and Thursday and move-out/tear-down on Saturday the trade show floor is considered a construction site. Any staff working during these times should wear protective footwear during this time as stipulated in the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Anyone found not wearing approved CSA safety shoes will be asked to leave the exhibit hall by the ministry which will cause to shut down the event. CSA-APPROVED SAFETY SHOES are mandatory for exhibit setup. NO OPEN-TOE FOOTWEAR OR FLIP-FLOPS!

Move Out

  • Move-out time
    All move-outs will occur on:
    • Saturday, August 10th between 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM
  • All exhibitor materials must be removed from the exhibit facility by 10:00 PM on August 10th, 2024. Voyage Control will also be used for move-out. For more information, download the Loading Dock Management System instructions.

  • Quick Links

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Tips & Tricks

New to exhibiting? Or just want new ideas and tips on the best ways to maximize your exhibiting experience? Read our Exhibitor Tips & Tricks for information on marketing yourself before and at the expo!

Marketing Materials

Use the hashtags #canfitproGlobal and #canfitpro in any of your social meida posts!


Should you use our company and/or event name in any of your materials please follow our guidelines. You should always write canfitpro in lowercase. Please do NOT use Can-Fit-Pro, CanFitPro, Can Fit Pro or CanFit.  The proper event name is "canfitpro 2023 Global Conference and Trade Show."

If you would like more ways to get promote your company or your presence at canfitpro Global, consult our Advertise Page or contact

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FREEMAN is the official exhibit service provider for the canfitpro Global event and all of your booth ordering necessities. Through FREEMAN you have the opportunity to order furnishings, equipment, and accessories for your booth to really make your presence at canfitpro Global stand out.

Advanced online order discount rate deadline -July 19, 2023

  • FAQs and Help page
  • Phone: 416-252-2420 Fax: 416-252-2365
  • Order Online Here
  • FULL Freeman Exhibitor Kit and Rentals (all show information and ordering) – Coming soon
    • Quick Facts
    • Material Handling – Coming Soon - NOTE: material handled by Freeman will be charged according to the rates listed within the service manual. Should you prefer to be responsible for the off-loading of materials, please complete and return the "Material Handling Exemption Form" to Freeman prior to the first day of move-in.
    • Booth Space Example Image

FREEMAN is also our official shipping and customs broker for canfitpro 2023 and will assist you in ensuring all your items arrive at the show on-time and safely.

Advanced warehouse shipping - August 9, 2023

canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show will be returning to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for another fantastic event! See below for all the required information. 

NOTE - if you would like to give out food and beverage samples during the show, you MUST get approval from the venue first (see form below)

Booth services early bird rate (save up to 41% off!) - July 24, 2024

Registration will be done through Conexsys giving delegates and exhibitors live accessibility to their accounts and features of the show. Each booth is allotted a specific number of staff badges for canfitpro Global that need to be registered prior to the day of the show. Please note that if you have rotating staff, please use the generic "Booth Staff" title to avoid extra charges for staff that isn't in the booth the entire weekend.

  • Email:
  • Phone: Toronto - (905) 405 -8415, Toll Free - (800) 661-5319
  • To register your booth staff in advance, please register them through your exhibitor portal which will be sent to the main contact for your company. If you have not seen the login email, please contact Santiago at to have the link re-sent
  • Conexsys Lead Retrieval Form  - Click the "Order Lead Retrieval" in your Exhibitor Portal to do it all online! Consumer attendees registering for free trade show tickets will also receive a badge with a barcode, allowing exhibitors who rent lead retrieval scanners to collect leads from both delegates and consumers.

If you would like to order lead retrieval manually or if you're experiencing any issues, please fill out this form and send it to Conexsys Lead Retrieval

SHOWTECH Power & Lighting is the exclusive supplier of rental lighting, temporary electrical, sign/banner hanging, and mechanical services for the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Discount Pricing -July 26th, 2023
Regular Pricing - July 27th - August 16th, 2023

For reference, please see the pricing below for a regular outlet (12Amp, 1500W, 120V):

  • Discount pricing: $219.00
  • Regular pricing: $314.00
  • Show site pricing: $377.00

If you have never ordered from our online ordering portal, please create a new account with a username and password to log in first.

Please access the direct online ordering link below with Google Chrome to view pricing and/or order online.

Click here to read about our insurance requirements. Email with a copy of your insurance certificate by July 31, 2024.

Need Exhibitor Insurance? Order Online 

canfitpro is pleased to offer group rates at the following hotels. Please keep in mind that hotels often sell out months in advance, so book early! When booking, make sure to mention that you are with canfitpro 2023 Global Conference and Trade Show to receive the special group rate. Book by July 2023 to take advantage of these special rates! Click here for full rates and details.

If you would like to purchase the opportunity to provide promotional offerings in the registration kits given out to delegates and consumers onsite, please contact your Account Manager for more information. If you have already purchased kit inserts, you must first provide digital proof of your item prior to shipping the inserts to the fulfillment house.

Digital Proof Deadline: May 31, 2024, send to to get the mailing address

Insert Shipping Deadline to Fulfillment House: July 19, 2024

For all your printing needs including bag inserts, brochures, coupons, etc, Fit2Print has preferred rates for your business. Once your insert has been approved by canfitpro, you can send the digital file to Fit2Print no later than July 5, 2024.

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