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Friday, August 18

11:30AM - 7:00PM

Saturday, August 19

9:00AM - 5:30PM

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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360 Athletics logo

360 Athletics

Booth # 1012

For over 50 years, 360 Athletics has been Canada's most trusted sporting goods wholesaler. We specialize in high-quality fitness products, institutional gear, and distribution of leading brands like Hyperice, Normatec, Firefly, Coach Soak, COREFX, and more. Simplified sourcing and consolidated shipping make us the one-stop solution for diverse markets.

ABC Trainerize logo

ABC Trainerize

Booth # 1616

ABC TRAINERIZE is a member engagement mobile app and software platform that allows coaches and fitness businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical space, better connect with members, and digitize the training experience. By combining fitness, nutrition, and habits with online coaching, ABC Trainerize can help coaches drive deeper behavioral changes and healthier lifestyle decisions. ABC Trainerize is available as an integrated solution with ABC platforms, as well as other third-party member management solutions


Booth # 1425

Adventuredesk supports wellness professionals and their communities with custom group adventure travel experiences and retreats. Our curated experiences provide opportunities for personal growth, wellbeing, and outdoor adventure, all while fostering a sense of connection and belonging among members. Join us in creating unforgettable memories that engage and inspire your community.

ALLMAX Nutrition

ALLMAX Nutrition

Booth # 1516

ALLMAX Professional Grade Supplements has been the trusted brand of athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking for the highest quality supplements to optimize their workouts and achieve their fitness goals. Our product ingredients are of the purest quality, meet pharmaceutical grade and are lab tested.

Amino Snacks logo

Amino Snacks

Booth # 930

Amino Snacks offers plant-based, healthy snacks that taste like dessert. Amino Balls, the first line of snacks launched, are gluten-free, vegan protein balls that are low in natural sugars, offer 8 grams of complete,  plant-based protein, are a good source of fibre and taste like dessert. 

Animal Flow logo

Animal Flow

Booth # 1432

Arctic Hot Tubs logo

Arctic Hot Tubs

Booth # 1033

Arsam Sports

Arsam Sports

Booth # 1430

AthletaDesk logo


Booth # 826

Are you just a trainer or are you a business owner? Time to get organized, get paid on time, and get your sh*t together. AthletaDesk is business management software for personal trainers – it gets you out of the office and back in the gym. Try it free for 30 days!

Avita logo

Avita Integrative Health

Booth # 1532

Avita Integrative Health is owned & operated by Kelly Nolan, Pharmacist, Women’s Health Expert & #1 Best-Selling Author. Avita specializes in customized therapeutic treatment plans of natural supplements to balance hormones during Peri-menopause and MenopauseOur programs provide the foundational support to balance hormones, optimize health and enhance fitness levels.

Bells of Steel logo

Bells of Steel

Booth # 1212

Our mission is to help you get stronger, healthier, and more muscles for your hard-earned dollars. We do this by providing intelligently designed, high-quality, best-bang-for-your-buck equipment. Take advantage of our deals available only at the tradeshow: 40% OFF all apparel and support wear, as well as 20% OFF all equipment.



Booth # 1405

Canadian Armed Forces logo

Canadian Armed Forces

Booth # 833

CPA logo

Canadian Physique Alliance

Booth # 1612

The CPA is a community of amateur athletes who compete in bodybuilding, physique, figure, fitness, bikini, and wellness categories. We are sanctioned by the National Physique Committee, the premier amateur physique organization in the world and the path for athletes who wish to one day become professional athletes of the IFBB Pro League.
The CPA ensures fair and honest judging by respected and experienced professionals who have met the highest standard of testing criteria. In 2022, there will be 20 natural competitions and one Natural Pro Qualifier in Canada.

Canadian Water Savings logo

Canadian Water Savings

Booth # 1525

canfitpro logo test


Booth # 1023

For 30 years, canfitpro has been the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. Founded in 1993, canfitpro delivers accessible, quality education, certifications, conferences, trade shows, and membership services. canfitpro's over 24,000 members include some of the world's best fitness professionals, health club operators, industry suppliers, and fitness consumers.

CanPrev logo


Booth # 708

CanPrev was born out of a desire to put health back into your own hands. That means making natural medicine safe, effective, and accessible to everyone. And for close to two decades, this mission has driven and sustained us. Using the knowledge of natural health practitioners and the highest quality ingredients, CanPrev brings you a family of products that you can trust.

ChainBlast Muscle System logo

ChainBlast Muscle System

Booth # 1634

Clutch logo


Booth # 1506



Booth # 1133

Enjoy cold-water therapy at your convenience with our portable tub and chiller. Feel energized, relieve stress, and boost your immune system every time you take the plunge.

CORE health & fitness logo

Core Health & Fitness

Booth # 1205

Core Health & Fitness is more than gym equipment, we offer innovative solutions for all your facility needs. This is why we’ve brought together six of the most recognizable fitness brands to ensure our customers can offer their members authentic fitness experiences. Partner with us and see how our Core Values motivate our every decision.

Diabetes Canada logo

Diabetes Canada

Booth # 832

Diabetes Canada is leading the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while working to find a cure.

Learn more about Lace Up to End Diabetes here: 

DripFit logo

DripFit Health Supplements

Booth # 1335

DripFit Health Supplements revolutionizes workouts with all-natural performance-boosting products. Manufactured in Canada, DripFit takes a holistic approach using only top-quality ingredients proven through science to improve performance, results, and how you feel before, during and after every workout.

Eleiko Logo


Booth # 1413

Eleiko is a leading provider of high-quality weightlifting equipment for athletes, gyms, and fitness enthusiasts. Founded in Sweden in 1957, Eleiko has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the world's best weightlifting equipment and educating trainers and coaches on proper technique and training methods.

EPOCH logo


Booth # 1031

Epoch is a Canadian lifestyle brand that empowers you to live your best life. With inspiring content, practical advice, and top-notch products like cast-iron kettlebells and grass-fed whey isolate, Epoch helps you unlock your true potential. Embrace durability and start transforming your life today with Epoch.



Booth # 1131

Evolt is at the forefront of body composition technology. Creating a highly-driven community of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners across the health and wellness sector. Our eco-system of data-driven tools offers business owners an all-in-one digital solution for member tracking, goal setting, engagement running challenges and the support and know-how to run a successful business using this ground-breaking revenue-generating tool.

Exert Nutrition

Exert Nutrition

Booth # 706

eXert Nutrition was founded by Dave and Matt, brothers with big appetites. Their appetites are only surpassed by their passion for fitness and a healthy, fast-paced lifestyle. In 2021, eXert Nutrition's Peak Performance Bars were born. Low-inflammatory, gluten-free, whey-free energy bars that don’t miss on flavour and remain macro friendly.



Booth # 934

Fitness Industry Council of Canada (FIC) is the not-for-profit trade association representing the voice of the Canadian fitness industry. We pursue a legislative agenda to promote and protect fitness business’, while encouraging Canadians to be more physically active. Our initiatives focus on awareness, advocacy, and action.

Fit Bodies Inc

Fit Bodies Inc.

Booth # 933

Fit Bodies, Inc. teaching vacations can help bring your passion for fitness to a beach in the Caribbean or Asia Pacific! Visit to learn about your opportunity with the world’s largest provider of certified fitness, yoga, small group trainers, and sports pros to all-inclusive resorts around the world.

Fit + Fierce logo

Fit+Fierce Inc

Booth # 1423

Fit + Fierce® is an award-winning program created exclusively for girls that foster empowerment and personal development in both mind and body through education on mind, wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Designed to help girls become their strongest selves, Fit + Fierce® is a way of life and is everything a girl needs!



Booth # 928

Fitness Marketing Group Inc. have been innovators since 1978, FMG is your one-stop shop for portable fitness equipment and educational programming. FMG specializes in portable and economical fitness equipment, and they are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Bender Balls and Gliding Discs. FMG has trained thousands of leaders in Canada for Barre Above®, Barre Above® With Pilates Focus, and Tabata GX™. This year has been exciting with the release of the Ageless Training Academy – Essentials Program.



Booth # 705

Fuze Atheltics

Fuze Athletics

Booth # 1508

At Fuze We believe that strength comes from within, and our mission is to inspire women to embrace their power and potential through our comfortable, stylish, and functional activewear. We are committed to creating a supportive community that encourages women to prioritize their physical and mental well-being

gallagher logo


Booth # 1030

Gallagher is a global leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting services. We help businesses grow, communities thrive, and people prosper. We live a culture defined by The Gallagher Way, our set of shared values and guiding tenets. A culture driven by our people, nearly 30,000 strong, serving our clients with customized solutions that will protect them and fuel their futures. Around the globe and across a full spectrum of services.

Gatorade Fit logo

Gatorade Fit

Booth # 713

Gatorade Fit is made for healthy, real hydration. With no added sugar, naturally sourced electrolytes from watermelon juice & sea salt and Antioxidant vitamins A&C. G Fit is your healthy choice for everyday hydration.

Giddy Yo

Giddy Yo

Booth # 812

Giddy Yo is not your typical company. It hand crafts pure, organic, nutritious dark chocolate & body care, sources and distributes functional foods and lifestyle products that you feel good consuming and using every day. Located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Giddy Yo was founded by Bridgitte Longshore, who was 'that Mom' - obsessed with feeding her four kids - good, clean organic food.
Giddy Yo handcrafts vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, allergen-free, next-level dark chocolate. If clean, organic, lab-tested, functional foods are your jam - check out Giddy Yo!
Happy, real Canadians doing good!

GolfForever logo


Booth # 1526

Global logo-05_Trade Show1

Good View Industries

Booth # 1527

goodlife logo

GoodLife Fitness

Booth # 805

Proudly Canadian since 1979, GoodLife is the largest group of fitness club chains in Canada and the fourth largest in the world. With almost 10,000 employees, more than 1.1 million members, and 400+ Clubs, GoodLife is helping to transform the health and fitness of 1 in 35 Canadians every day. The GoodLife group of clubs includes GoodLife Fitness, Fit4Less, ÉconoFitness, and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness.

Greenlight personal training logo

Greenlight Personal Training

Booth # 1630

Grenade logo


Booth # 1422

Get It Done with Grenade! Our great tasting, award-winning protein bars are packed with 20g of protein and only 2g of sugar. Available in a wide range of flavours from White Chocolate Salted Peanut to OREO! Find us in Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Popeyes and more!

Grindstone Blends

Grindstone Blends

Booth # 1515

GymStudio Logo


Booth # 735

GymStudio is a gym and studio management software for businesses that want to deliver a frictionless member experience. Our intuitively-designed platform was created to re-think how traditional gym management platforms organize memberships, payments, schedules, booking and more.

Hot booty ballet logo

Hot Booty Ballet

Booth # 932

hk logo

Human Kinetics

Booth # 823

Since 1974, HK continues to be the premier publisher of physical activity resources, producing textbooks, consumer books, software, videos, journals, online education courses, and more. HK serves the fitness industry with resources in personal training, group fitness, yoga, strength training, club management, rehabilitation therapy, and more. Preferred Education Provider

Human Touch

Human Touch

Booth # 1325

For over 40 years, Human Touch® has constructed the wellness landscape by utilizing top engineering minds, medical practitioners, world-class athletes, and award-winning design teams to build a rich portfolio of high-performance massage chairs, ergonomic zero-gravity recliners, and targeted massage products that rejuvenate the mind and body.

Inbody Canada

Inbody Canada

Booth # 1113

InBodyCanada has been serving the Canadian marketplace since 2005. As the leading supplier of bioelectrical body composition analyzers and blood pressure monitors in Canada, we have made it our mission to provide exemplary service and products. We know we can benefit your business.

ine+ nutrition logo

ine+ Nutrition

Booth # 1431

ine+ nutrition is a small, family-owned business. Our goal: Keep you healthy through high-quality supplements, education, and support. Our mission: Committed to sustainably sourcing ingredients and producing products right here in Canada. Our purpose: To create a company you can trust and rely on and a company our 2 daughters would be proud to call their own.

iht logo


Booth # 830

IHT (International Health Technologies) is the world's largest manufacturer of Meridian Stress Assessment instrumentation. Our innovative SRT-Fit application is designed specifically for the fitness industry and scans four important pillars of health: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional and Reserve. The scan results are presented in an easy-to-read report and gives your clients specific areas to work on over the next month to help balance their body and decrease their stress.

ITL Health

ITL Health

Booth # 1427

ITL Health manufactures multi-award-winning magnesium-based supplements that are formulated using cutting-edge research for real results. We pride ourselves in eliminating the use of fillers, binders and excipients from our entire product range, ensuring quality and sustainability. Feel more energized and enjoy the many health-boosting benefits of magnesium with ITL Health’s 100% pure magnesium supplements.

Kaatsu Canada

Kaatsu Canada

Booth # 1407

Introducing KAATSU: the original, fully automated blood flow restriction (BFR) training device. KAATSU is used worldwide to improve athletic performance, enhance recovery, and speed rehabilitation. Safe and gentle, KAATSU can be used by people of all ages and abilities anytime, anywhere. Experience KAATSU in person at the show!

keiser logo


Booth # 1013

Keiser relentlessly pursues solutions that push the limits of fitness science. By beginning the design process with the human body rather than the limits of current technology, Keiser develops science-backed solutions that break the widely accepted industry conventions and elevate human performance. Keiser. Because…'Good Enough' Isn't.

Kinect logo


Booth # 1426

Life Fitness logo

Life Fitness

Booth # 1405

LIV North logo

LIV North

Booth # 1405

Love Good Fats logo

Love Good Fats

Booth # 931

Love Good Fats is a Canadian success story which is now one of the Top selling wellness bar brands in the country. Our founder created the company to provide snack bars that taste great and allow you to feel good about what you’re eating. Our products are made with good fats, protein, and fibre while low in sugar and net carbs. Crush your hunger with our ridiculously delicious keto-friendly bars.



Booth # 1130

Markkin logo

Markkin Fitness

Booth # 1535

Markkin Fitness has been manufacturing "the Abdominal BACK UP "for 25 years.

Designed by a Kinesiologist and based on research, "the Abdominal BACK UP" has been multiple applications and is one piece of exercise equipment that every Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist and Massage Therapist should have. Your clients will love it.


Matrix Fitness

Booth # 1005

As the world’s premier brand dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts at home and in the club, Matrix redefines the exercise experience with dynamic performance, sleek design, advanced functionality, exclusive workout programs and the kind of durability that stands up to rigorous use by multiple users, day after day for years.

Misty River

Misty River Introductions

Booth # 1534



Booth # 1323

Movemate is an active standing board that empowers standing desk users with desk-bound jobs to easily incorporate healthy movement throughout the workday, without disrupting workflow. Movemate helps avoid the discomfort, pain and fatigue that comes with sedentary work behavior while also building core and leg strength for better health, fitness and productivity.

Mr. Euro Manufacturing Company

Mr. Euro Manufacuring Co.

Booth # 1531

Muscle Crushr logo

Muscle Crushr

Booth # 1504

Naboso logo


Booth # 822

Naboso is a sensory-based product line that is designed to uniquely stimulate the nerves in the bottom of the feet. Based on the belief that movement is sensory, all Naboso products feature our patent-pending texture design which enhances foot awareness, integrated strength and recovery.

Northern Raised logo

Northern Raised

Booth # 817

Northern Raised is a company that connects people to their personal well-being through the food on their plates. We do this by delivering Natural, Sustainable, Ethical and Locally produced meats and vegetables direct to customers.

nuPasta logo


Booth # 723

nuPasta is a low calorie, low carb pasta with no starch. nuPasta helps Canadians maintain a healthy lifestyle with its fibre rich konjac pasta that is gluten free and has 1/10 the calories of traditional pasta. Customers who have diabetes let us know this better-for-you pasta with 0 sugar is a great base to serve with their favourite pasta recipes.

One day to Wellness

One Day to Wellness

Booth # 1622

ORSO logo


Booth # 813

ORSO supports and promotes rope skipping as a wellness activity, a recreational pursuit, and a competitive sport in Ontario. Visit our Clubs page to find a club near you and get involved today!

Organika logo


Booth # 725

What started as a small range of supplements has grown into an always-evolving collection of products, that range from supporting hydration, immunity, stress, skin health, and more. Organika is one of the most well-known, trusted brands in the Canadian health and wellness space. With over 30 years of experience, Organika is dedicated to delivering high-quality customer care while leading with best-in-class innovation, and committed to a singular mission - helping people live healthy.

Oriya logo

Oriya Botanix

Booth # 1433

Oriya Botanix brand include teas, shampoo, skin care, body cream, and other oils for a holistic approach to continue pursuing Ayurvedic health and wellness.

Ouander logo


Booth # 1523

Outdoor Fitness logo

Outdoor Fitness

Booth # 935

Oxford College Massage Therapy

Oxford College Massage Therapy

Booth # 1231 & 1331

Peel police logo

Peel Regional Police

Booth # 1530

Perfect Gym


Booth # 1512

Perfect Gym is a scalable open software platform that empowers fitness and leisure businesses to thrive in a dynamic market by harnessing an ecosystem of customer-centric experiences. Trusted by over 1500 facilities and 130 fitness chains in 55+ countries, Perfect Gym uses machine learning and an open API to streamline operations, retain members, and drive business growth with insights from third-party data sources. 

Pickleball logo

Pickleball Ontario

Booth # 1731 & 1725

Pickleball Ontario is a non-profit association of volunteer pickleball enthusiasts that are committed to supporting the growth of the game along with participation and development of both recreational & tournament players throughout the province of Ontario.

Pliteq logo


Booth # 1217

A world leader in sound control, vibration isolation and impact mitigation, we take pride in manufacturing sports flooring systems from sustainable products that manage noise transmission in commercial, residential, and athletic environments.

POLAR logo


Booth # 1317

Founded in 1977, Polar is a Finnish manufacturer of sports training computers, particularly known for developing the world's first wireless heart rate monitor. Today, Polar employs 1200 people worldwide, manufactures all products, has 26 subsidiaries globally and manages a distribution network supplying over 35,000 retail outlets in more than 80 countries. 

Power Music

Power Music

Booth # 1509

Since 1987, Power Music has been the world's #1 source of music for fitness professionals. Featuring the most innovative music app for group fitness instructors, POWER MUSIC NOW. Featuring unlimited Power Music, custom mixes, and choreography videos for one low price!

Precor logo


Booth # 913

Precor is back to being Precor – still a part of the Peloton family, but back to doing what we do best: developing the most innovative and reliable commercial fitness equipment on the market that meets your needs.
We work hard to earn customer trust. That means that from product design to sales, installation, and maintenance support, we put the needs of you and your exercisers first.

Primal Sports logo

Primal Sports

Booth # 1533

PRIMAL SPORTS WAS ESTABLISHED IN 2001 on a small scale, to manufacture and export quality fitness Goods like Boxing and Martial Arts equipments, Weight Lifting accessories and fitness apparel to world wide. Now company is currently exporting to some major brands of the world maintaining its quality, competing in price and delivering in time goods.

ProSun International logo

ProSun International

Booth # 1312

Manufacturer and distributor of wellness equipment including commercial red light beds, water massage beds, massage chairs, tanning equipment, and infrared saunas since 1995. ProSun Canada is Canadian owned/operated and based out of Whitby, ON. ProSun doesn’t just sell equipment, they provide marketing support to educate and get your clients to use it.

RAMFit logo

RAMFit Canada

Booth # 715

RAMfit is driving toward a better future for people and the planet. By turning what was once considered waste in to durable, versatile, effective, fitness products. RAM rollers are functional training tools built to last. For use indoor/outdoor in individual and or group/team training.

RAMfit Canada located in Brantford


Reg Sports Med

Regenerative & Sports Medicine

Booth # 727

Socacize logo


Booth # 1522

SOF Surfaces logo

SOF Surfaces

Booth # 1417

Family own company that specializes in the manufacturing, distributing, and installing highly specialized resilient tile surfacing products for recreational and architectural applications. As Industry leaders, we manufacture and distribute each year over 3 million square feet of DuraSAFE Safety Tiles for playground surfaces, DuraTRAIN Fitness Tiles, DuraSTRONG Rubber Paving Tiles, and DuraSOUND Rubber Acoustic Tiles

Sound Off logo

Sound Off

Booth # 731

Sound Off® is the industry leader of silent disco technology that’s been leveling up event production across the globe for over twelve years. With our wireless headphones, you can create custom fitness-and-wellness experiences with the ultimate flexibility and the best in high-fidelity audio, for inspiring and motivating classes, anywhere, anytime.

Spidertech logo


Booth # 835

Description- Spidertech is a Sport kinesiology tape and education company for Pain free wellness and Performance. Backed by Health Experts & Athletes. Our tape is clinically proven to reduce pain, while elevating recovery to enhance performance, backed by health experts and athletes. Take control of your recovery!

SRX products logo

SRX Products

Booth # 814

swis logo


Booth # 927

Soul Fitness brands logo

The Soul Fitness Brands

Booth # 1134

Sound Off® is the industry leader of silent disco technology that’s been leveling up event production across the globe for over twelve years. With our wireless headphones, you can create custom fitness-and-wellness experiences with the ultimate flexibility and the best in high-fidelity audio, for inspiring and motivating classes, anywhere, anytime.

Top Knot logo

Top Knot

Booth # 1626

TOP KNOT hats were designed for the modern day woman. We are the only high ponytail hat that has created a patented magnetic high back closure, allowing you to wear your hair at any height, and automatically closing to a full back cap when hair is down. No compromises!

Toronto Fire logo

Toronto Fire

Booth # 1632

TPS logo

Toronto Police

Booth # 1424

Toronto Police Service (TPS) is the police service for the city of Toronto. The Service has approximately 7,600 full-time and part-time uniform and civilian members including front-line police officers, criminal investigators, community response officers, parking enforcement officers, communications operators, special constables, civilian specialists and support staff.



Booth # 1412

Founded in 2004, TRX was built on the idea that fitness can be achieved by anyone, anywhere. Today, TRX is the global leader in functional fitness and Suspension Training®️, a revolutionary bodyweight workout system that powers life in motion. TRX also offers its own proprietary professional education and certification.

uvalux logo


Booth # 1313

Boost your business with luxury spa technology and state-of-the-art infrared, massage, red light, and spray tanning equipment! Try our new Wellsystem Wave Hydro Massage Therapy,  RedFit Workout & Recovery Room, and Cocoon Pod for total wellness. We carry top-selling brands and provide service and support for every type of business. Learn about industry trends, training, and how to operate a profitable business. 1-800-661-6292

Warrior logo


Booth # 1035

WARRIOR Rhythm™, WARRIOR Strength™, and WARRIOR Combat™ deliver classic modalities like yoga, functional training, and kickboxing in thrilling, original ways. Being a WARRIOR taps into a sense of empowerment and self-confidence for both instructors and students alike. Come (“as you are”) and unleash your inner wild thing. Rebels wanted.

WaterH logo

WaterH Inc

Booth # 926

WaterH is a smart hydration company that specializes in hydration solutions and is committed to revolutionizing hydration and improving overall wellness by offering smart water bottles. With our innovative product, you can monitor your water quality, and hydration levels and receive reminders through the bottle's built-in LED light and a connected app. 



Booth # 1230

WellnessLiving offers a powerful business management software solution, trusted by thousands of businesses and over 15 million users in the fitness, health, and wellness industry worldwide. Its cloud-based software features the tools and mobile apps that businesses need to attract, engage, and retain their clients. WellnessLiving is a customer-focused company that makes running and growing your business easy.

WellnessSpace logo


Booth # 1414

With three products, each aimed at a different area of recovery and relaxation, WellnessSpace seeks to change the way gyms and fitness centers approach supporting their clients’ wellness. By offering amenities to support your clients on their journey to total body wellness, your fitness club will become a destination for self-care and holistic health.

XBODY Canada

XBODY Canada

Booth # 1213

XBody is an award-winning manufacturer of full body Electric Muscle Stimulation devices. This technology has been scientifically proven to provide clients with muscle strengthening, toning and endurance. With appropriate Canadian approvals and infrastructure for +7 years including onsite service, support and inventory, we use cutting edge technology and products to meet your business needs.

YES! Fitness Music

YES! Fitness Music

Booth # 704

Younited Nutrition with Purpose

Younited Nutrition

Booth # 816

Younited Nutrition with Purpose is a Canadian wellness brand founded by Renzo Mariani, a supplements expert with over 25 years of experience in the category. Born from the desire to consume foundational wellness products that met his own discriminating and exacting standards, all Younited products are carefully formulated with only the best available, cleanest ingredients to support longevity, performance, and healthy aging. Our products go above and beyond expectations, fads and hype, serving wellness consumers who demand the best. Made in Canada.

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