Event Health and Safety Measures

In the best interest of all delegates and attendees to canfitpro 2022 Global Conference and Trade Show, the following Health and Safety Measures are in place to limit the transmission of COVID-19.

Individuals attending in-person are encouraged to read and practice these measures to help with the overall health, safety, and wellbeing of all attendees.

In accordance with the Province of Ontario’s public health measures and advice, delegates are welcome to use masks as a layer of protection to mitigate the risk of transmission of COVID-19. Masks are not required to attend the event.

You should wear a mask if:

  • you feel it is right for you
  • you are at high risk for severe illness
  • you were in close contact of someone with OR has symptoms of COVID-19

What canfitpro is doing to help limit the transmission of COVID-19

  1. Masks will be available at the Registration Kiosks (600 Level), Exhibitor Registration Kiosk (800 Level), and at other Information Kiosks throughout the South Building.
  2. We encourage attendees to bring a mask and use the masks available primarily for a refresh or replacement your mask is soiled or damaged.
  1. Frequent hand washing is recommended and is available in the washrooms throughout the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
  2. Hand Sanitization stations will be available at the Registration Kiosks (600 Level), Exhibitor Registration Kiosk (800 Level), and at other Information Kiosks throughout the South Building.
  3. We encourage attendees to bring personal hand sanitizer if desired to feel comfortable especially in areas with high-touch surfaces like railings and equipment.
  1. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre in both North and South Buildings are equipped with two-step filtration systems with a MERV 13 rating; AND
  2. Air Filter and HVAC cleaning: MTCC uses highly effective air filters in all HVAC systems and have increased the cleaning frequency of the air handling units. The volume of fresh air intake has also increased from a baseline of 20% up to 50%. Running hours for air handling units have been extended to further increase the turnover of fresh air in our facility.

The canfitpro 2022 Conference is a hybrid experience and delegates unable to attend in person due to COVID-19 related concerns can access the online virtual experience. For assistance, contact canfitpro at info@canfitpro.com or 1-800-667-5622

What YOU can do to help limit the transmission of COVID-19

  1. We recommend a daily self-screening or Rapid-Test before arriving at the event. Please refer to the Province of Ontario’s COVID-19: Stop the spread webpage for more details.
  2. If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID19, we recommend that you leave the premises, take a rapid-test and isolate until it is clear to return.
  3. If you test-positive for COVID-19, do not attend the event under any circumstances. Isolate and seek medical attention as required.
  4. If you require a Rapid-Test Kit, visit a local drug store or grocery store. You can also visit the Information Kiosk on the 600 Level while stock is available.
  1. If you are in spaces with large gatherings or groups congregating for extended periods we encourage you to follow the masking guidelines, mentioned previously.
  1. Face masks and replacement masks (refer to mask/masking section above)
  2. Personal use hand-sanitizer (if desired)
  3. Hand or face wipes (if desired)
  4. Personal Reusable Water Bottle (preferably labelled)

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