canfitpro ASPIRES Nutrition is an online event that offers 10 engaging education sessions from top experts in nutrition who will address key topics in both lectures and panels in 4 specialized education areas: Functional Nutrition, Specialty Nutrition, Lifestyle Nutrition, and Mind-Food Connection.

Join us to discuss the relationship between diet and diseases, balancing blood sugar for longevity, learn a holistic approach to thyroid health, uncover the impact of dieting in fitness professionals, take a deep dive into the sexual dimorphism in physiology and metabolism, and participate in a panel challenging nutrition for optimizing athletic performance, among others.

This is a unique opportunity to grow your nutrition knowledge and add value to your services. You don’t want to miss this highly anticipated event!

functional nutrition


Take the way you think about Nutrition to the next level. Learn how to critically analyze the latest nutrition research to determine what is applicable to you and your clients, and help your athletes meet their goals by understanding the role of nutrition in their training programs.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Join the discussion on the latest nutrition trends. Learn more about the latest general nutrition guidelines for sport and exercise, differences in physiology and metabolism for each gender, and how nutrients can support healing in sports injuries.

Lifestyle Nutrition

Lifestyle Nutrition

Nutrition is a critical part of health and development as well as a pivotal building block in life. The nutrition landscape has changed, and we are learning to adapt with more control over preventative, long-term health and vitality at different stages of life.

Mind-Food Connection

Mind-Food Connection

Let’s dig deeper than “eat less and exercise more” and seek to better understand our client’s relationship with food. Learn and understand the history of dieting and how it has abnormally impacted how we think about food and leave with solutions to implement immediately and find out how emotional eating can affect us and what you can do about it.

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canfitpro ASPIRES Nutrition



Bundle Price

canfitpro ASPIRES series

canfitpro ASPIRES Nutrition – March 3-4, 2023

canfitpro ASPIRES Longevity – May 5, 2023

canfitpro ASPIRES Growth – November 3, 2023


Participate in sessions covering Functional Nutrition, Specialty Nutrition, Lifestyle Nutrition, and Mind-Food Connection.


CEC Credits

Earn a total of 4 CECs by attending canfitpro ASPIRES Nutrition. Move as you please between 10 sessions.


Join 12 top presenters, fitness experts, leaders, pioneers, and fitness innovators from across the globe.



Connect with delegates, sponsors, influencers, and industry experts.

See what FitPro’s are saying

Benjamin Siong was very competent and clear in what he was teaching. He literally taught things my doctor would not go in detail with.

Catherine Vallieres
CHV, Montreal

Overall, I think this conference was good. There were some lectures that provided me as trainer with concrete, useful tools that I was able to implement in my very next sessions. The zoom format allowed us as participants to share our thoughts quickly, without necessarily interrupting the flow of the lecture.

Yan S

Nutrition is key to developing the health and wellness journey of the whole person and this conference allows me to look, listen and link my existing experience and knowledge to my clients. I am an advocate for developing partnerships is wellness program planning and a conference with canfitpro provides me the people, tools, and resources to continually grow for myself and my work.

Philippa D.

Such an important topic emotional eating, in-depth researched material made me see how far we have come in hearing the cry for help and that its now available!! I could have sat for another day! Every presenter and the facilitator added a lot to the professionalism of the entire weekend!

Sally MacDonell
Vinaland, ON

I appreciated the diversity of presenters with different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise. I particularly enjoyed the panel discussion at the end, where differing opinions were respectfully discussed.

Toronto, ON

The last several years that canfitpro has held their online Nutrition events have been filled with some the greatest and most knowledgeable individuals in the industry of nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. I have been amazed at the valuable information gained from this year’s presenters. Thank you canfitpro for allowing us to continue learning online.

Saskatchewan, SK

Loved the fact that canfitpro continues to offer professional development opportunities via an online platform. It guarantees that their commitment to the fitness industry.

Lisa PS
Newmarket, ON
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