canfitpro 2022 Online


March 4-5, 2022


Functional nutrition


Take the way you think about Nutrition to the next level. In our Functional Nutrition track you will learn how to critically analyze the latest nutrition research to determine what is applicable to you and your clients. Help your athletes meet their goals by understanding the role of nutrition in their training program.

Specialty Nutrition


Join the discussion on the latest nutrition trends. Learn more about Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo and how what we eat can contribute to overall gut and hormone health. Explore what key indicators to be on the lookout for that signal poor digestion and how to improve them. Discover how food choices impact health goals.

mind-food connection


Let’s dig deeper than “eat less and exercise more” and seek to better understand our client’s relationship with food in the Mind-Food Connection track. Discover how nutrition choices can impact brain health, emotions and how to help your clients move through limiting beliefs that are holding them back. Understand WHY your clients eat the way they do may be more important than knowing WHAT they are eating.

lifestyle nutrition


Nutrition is a critical part of health and development as well as a pivotal building block in life. The nutrition landscape has changed, and we are learning to adapt with more control over preventative, long-term health and vitality at different stages of life.

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