canfitpro / 2023


Friday, August 18      11:30AM - 7:00PM

Saturday, August 19   9:00AM - 5:30PM

Metro Toronto Convention Centre


THE EVENT Experience the ultimate fitness revolution at the canfitpro 2023 trade show.

Step into the future of fitness and join us for an unforgettable journey where cutting-edge trends, exhilarating workouts, and groundbreaking discoveries await you. Best of all, it's absolutely FREE!

Immerse yourself in the world of fitness innovation as you explore the latest industry trends that are shaping the way we stay healthy and active. From revolutionary workout routines to transformative nutrition insights, you'll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and unleash your full potential.

THE TRADE SHOW Why visit the trade show?

Discover why the canfitpro 2023 Trade Show is a must-visit event for fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone passionate about leading a healthy and active lifestyle:

Unforgettable Experiences:

Immerse yourself in a day filled with unforgettable moments. The trade show offers an array of captivating experiences that will leave a lasting impression.

Cutting-Edge Exhibitors:

Explore a world of innovation as exhibitors showcase the latest advancements in fitness, technology, nutrition, and more.

4 Dynamic Stages:

Dedicated to workouts, lectures, and workshops. Experience workouts led by top trainers, lectures on industry trends, and hands-on workshops.

Live Competitions:

Witness the excitement and thrill of live competitions. Cheer on talented athletes as they showcase their skills and compete for top honours.

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EXHIBITORS Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

Explore and uncover a world of cutting-edge products, innovative equipment, advanced technology, transformative programs, and top-notch nutrition supplements. Immerse yourself in the best of the industry, featuring leading providers of apparel, fitness equipment and programs, nutrition products, health and wellness solutions, music and technology, and essential business services. Enhance your fitness journey with the latest and greatest offerings available from exhibitor at the canfitpro 2023 Trade Show.

Unique Experiences Offered

Ontario Rope Skipping Organization

Access to demonstrations, competitions, workshops, and Q&A!


Challenge yourself in the latest trend in physical and mental health.

Meet and Greet industry titans

Meet and Greet industry idols, influencers, and presenters

Oxford College Massage Therapy

Enjoy a FREE relaxing massage from the students at Oxford College Massage Therapy

Charging Lounge

Have a break in the Charging Lounge, sponsored by Human Touch

canfitpro Naturals Championships

The CPA is on the Performance Stage August 19 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Pickleball Ontario

Play the fastest growing sport in Ontario at our Pickleball court!

Shop from top exhibitors, create memories, win prizes and so much more!

Meet & Greet inspiring people and influencers from the industry

STAGES Dive into a World of Inspiration across Four Dynamic Stages

In addition to exploring the cutting-edge products and innovative exhibits, you'll have exclusive access to a multitude of sessions taking place across four dynamic stages.


Health & Nutrition







Explore the schedule

Check out the times for all the sessions available on both days. Once you register, you can select and schedule your preferred ones!

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