Due to recent developments in the province of Quebec and based on the latest guidance and official announcements of Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault, it is with heavy heart that canfitpro has made the necessary and difficult decision to cancel canfitpro Montreal 2020. Learn More


Cathy Angers

PRO FORMATRICE RCR et DEA et MAÎTRE FORMATRICE Premiers soins & RCR et DEA, Cathy est dans le domaine du secourisme depuis plus de 20 ans. Forte de ses expériences de réanimation, elle veut faire connaitre à un maximum de personne les techniques et les facteurs de risques afin de sauver le maximum de vies. Prônant une approche simple et pratique, elle vous donnera confiance en vous afin de bien réagir dans les situations d’urgence.
Asselin, Etienne 2020

Etienne Asselin

Owner of Ottawa Fitness Seminars, instructor for the Resistance Training Specialist and personal trainer since 2009, I have studied under many leaders and explored various practices & perspectives: from cadaver labs to kettlebells, from Paul Chek to Tom Purvis. Let me share what I’ve learned with you.

Nathalie Beauchamp

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, B.Sc., D.C., IFMCP is an Ottawa-based Chiropractor, the owner of Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, a Functional Medicine Practitioner, an international lecturer, and Radio/TV personality. She is the author of the book Hack Your Health Habits: Simple, Action Drive, Natural Solutions for People On The Go!

Edith Bernier

Edith instantly fell in love with the Zumba fitness program in 2010 and subsequently became a Zumba Jammer thanks to her creativity, persistence and passionate energy. With over 20 years of experience as a group fitness instructor, she travels internationally to share her experience and creations and was honoured to co-host Jam Session workshops at the 2019 annual Zumba® fitness convention in Orlando.
Broussal-Derval, Aurelien 2019

Aurélien Broussal-Derval

Aurélien Broussal-Derval était coordonateur national de la préparation physique pour la Fédération Française de Volley Ball, où il dirigeait la Cellule d’Aide à la Performance. Il est aujourd'hui Directeur des Formations à la Fédération Française d'halterophilie.il a deux Masters en Préparation Physique et en entraînement sportif. Il est l’auteur de nombreux ouvrages sur l’entraînement et la prévention du sportif (La préparation Physique Moderne, Méthode de Crosstraining, etc.). Il a entraîné les équipes Olympiques Russes, Britanniques et Françaises dans différents sports.

Eveline Canape

Physical educator, Eveline began her as a coach with a wide variety of clients. She rose through the ranks to become manager and led her to win the prestigious Arista Sunlife award for "Young Executive in Quebec". She joined the Énergie Cardio network as director of business development in 2009. Seven years later, she acquired the Énergie Cardio network with her partner Claire Tremblay. As the vice-president of training and member experience, her role is to ensure the quality and development of training services to the highest standards in the 27 Énergie Cardio gyms.

Dominique Castonguay

Dominique has been teaching POUND for over three years and has an education degree in dietetic and leisure. Her enthusiasm, energy, and passion for music have inspired her clients to positive actions and changes in life.

Nathalie Chénier

Zumba Jammer since 2012, Nathalie has more than 30 years of dance experience (Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin dance, acrobatic rock n roll and more...) and has her own dance and fitness studio since 11 years. Twice Canadian champion in acrobatic rock n roll and also representing Canada at the 1999 world championship in Spain. She was also part of a dance company as a professional dancer and worked as a choreographer for 8 years in various hotels around the world. Mexico, Dominican Republic and Chile. Nathalie has a real passion for dance and Zumba… and her passion is contagious.

Mai-Linh Dovan

Mai-Linh Dovan has been involved in the strength and conditioning close to 20 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy and a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, where she worked in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Research in Human Development.

With her experience in Athletic Therapy and Strength and Conditioning, she has developed an approach geared towards functional training with integrated rehabilitation. She has used this approach with many elite athletes, working on their (p)rehabilitation during the off-season. An entrepreneur and having taught at Concordia University, she values the sharing of knowledge, presenting at various conferences and workshops and offering continuing education courses and collaborating with world reknown strength coach Christian Thibaudeau and Thibarmy.com.

She is the founder of Rehab-U | Movement and Performance Therapy, an online resource for innovative movement optimization and (p)rehabilitation tools and services for athletes and active individuals, as well as trainers and coaches looking to refine their practice. Get yourself: Renewed. Robust. Resilient.
Fitzgerald, Mark 2019 2

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark has spent the last 12 years in professional hockey with the Toronto Maple Leafs and most recently as Head of Performance for the Anaheim Ducks. During this time, he built Elite Training Systems, currently with 4 locations, and personally consults for athletes in professional sports. He is also the lead performance consultant for Under Armour Canada. My training programs are based on athleticism. Movement proficiency before anything else although heavily influenced by lifting heavy things during my athletic career I have learned that making movement better means bigger faster stronger athletes in the long run.

Chris Fudge

With over ten years of high level practical experience in the field of personal training and strength and conditioning, Chris is known for his obsessive style of tracking all variables in training and performance such as macros, sleep patterns, frequency, tempo, reps, sets, percents and tonnage. Because of this Chris is defined as a results based trainer. His education has led him to work with clients of various backgrounds from National record holding Powerlifters, award winning fitness models, university and professional athletes of varying sports to everyday weight loss and pain management clients. Chris has been awarded Personal Trainer of the Year across Canada (2013 + 2014), won provincial and national powerlifting championships and has represented Canada at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships 2014. Chris believes effort is what distinguishes great results from poor results.

Suaad Ghadban

Suaad Ghadban is a leading fitness and health expert. She is well-known for her personal and unique approach to fitness that draws its inspiration from her extensive background in dance, gymnastics and circus training. Suaad is a former World Dance and Sports Aerobic Champion, and she holds a College degree in Sports and Leisure and a B.A. & Sc. in Therapeutic recreation. With 15 years of teaching experience and 22 years of training under her belt, Suaad has created a very fun, effective ballet inspired booty program called Hot Booty Ballet.

Tracy Glennon

Tracy is the owner of drop yoga, a community events and educational yoga company. She is a 500 hour RYT and a Senior Master Trainer for YogaFit. She is an international fitness presenter on topics ranging from women in business to cycling to kids yoga presenting at fitness/business conferences, at local universities and womens events. She has been teaching for over 20 years and in that time has educated thousands of aspiring instructors across the country in their yoga instructor journey. She spent the last 20 years in a Senior Leadership operational role for GoodLife Fitness sharing her true passion for fitness with others. She is an avid cyclist and triathlete who loves to travel participating in races and yoga events whenever she can.

Samantha Goodman

After completing her B. Sc. in Kinesiology, Samantha spent four years in her role at the Nautilus Plus Place Montreal Trust branch as their Assistant General Manager. From there she moved within the non-profit sector and became a Fitness Coordinator at Montreal’s JCC. Samantha created, developed and ran a new department of teen fitness and wellness programs. Having gained valuable experiences applying her skills within the not-for-profit sector, Samantha has now joined the team at Victoria Park Fitness Club, where she holds the title of General Manager.

Ashley Gray

Ashley has been with canfitpro for 14 years and has been teaching CPR & AED for 11 years. She enjoys teaching CPR & AED and changing people’s perspective on the topic and learning to save lives making it fun and informative! She enjoys everything sports and fitness and grew up participating in dance competitions and playing competitive baseball & basketball. This led her to studying Fitness and Lifestyle Management in college and to continue working in the fitness industry.

Rebecca Gray

After 15 years in retail management, I became a personal trainer to help others. I took the lessons I learned and built a business from scratch (twice!) Its my passion to motivate my clients and the people around me! If I can’t motivate you, you probably aren’t ready!

Mo Hagan

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is COO at canfitpro. Mo is a global fitness ambassador and has been recognized for her work in fitness that spans over three decades.  She is a Canadian Top 100 Fitness Influencer, IHRSA’s 2016 Woman Leader of the Year, a #1 best-selling author, Board of Director member for RxTGA and WIFA and a Reebok sponsored athlete.

Catherine Hull

Catherine is a self-care & empowerment advocate, coach, and energy healer, as well as a co-founder of The Peace Room Modern Meditation Studio in Ottawa. She has led dozens of workshops and presented on many health related topics all with the same core message : " You have the power to heal yourself and live the life you were destined to live. The Power is in you "

Jessica Lachance

Jessica has been a POUND instructor since 2016 and has been in the fitness group industry for more than 15 years. She offers her clients unique experiences that help them to discover their potential and increase their confidence to find their inner ROCKSTAR.

Nathalie Lacombe

Mover, shaker, and joie de vivre giver! Blending 25 years of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie passionately shares her inspirational insights. She uses her uniquely vibrant leadership style to make profound and lasting change with her teams, clients, and audiences.

Nathlaie Lambert

Après une carrière de 22 ans et 4 médailles olympiques en patinage de vitesse, Nathalie Lambert a mis à profit son expérience d’athlète, son BACC en éducation physique et ses cours de maîtrise en science du sport en poursuivant une carrière au Club Sportif MAA comme directrice des programmes sportifs et communication depuis 1999. Elle dirige une équipe de plus de 80 intervenants sportifs dans un des clubs les plus prestigieux à Montréal qui s’est bâtit une solide réputation de leader dans l’industrie depuis son ouverture en 1881.

Julie Larivée

Holds a bachelor's degree in Animation and Cultural Research, a certificate in Pedagogy, from the University of Quebec in Montreal and a group course instructor certification by ANIE (National Association of Stakeholders in Training), Julie Larivée has been teaching dance and group fitness classes full time for almost 15 years to different clienteles. She teaches a multitude of group courses such as Zumba (Fitness®, Kids®, Toning®, Sentao®), Strong by Zumba®, Aerobic dance, Cardio-Dance. Bodybuilding, etc. In 2011, Julie Larivée became head of the dance program at the St-Pierre-Apôtre elementary school of the CSDM, which is attended by children with mild to severe intellectual disabilities. In 2012, she created her own dance school: J’Danse Julie Larivée where she teaches both adults and children. In 2015, she received the Coup de Coeur Janine-Sutto Prize from the Montreal Intellectual Impairment Association to underline her involvement and her dance lessons offered at St-Pierre-Apôtre school. In 2016, Julie obtained the position of Zumba® Choreographer specialist for Merengue Canada (Zumba Jammer®). In 2019, she obtained the position of Zumba® Choreographer specialist for Zumba Kids® Canada (Zumba Jammer®). She creates choreographies and travels across Canada and France to teach her choreographies to Zumba® instructors.

Josée Lavigueur

Figure emblématique de la santé au Québec, Josée Lavigueur est la fière fondatrice de la plateforme web qui grandit en francophonie : MA ZONE FIT. Sa mission? Donner des outils de grande qualité au public, pour leur permettre de garder la forme ET la santé. Instructeure de cours en groupe depuis plus de 30 ans Josée est une femme de tête, qui mène de front sa vie familiale et sa carrière. Présente dans plusieurs médias et co-auteures de livres à succès, Josée a animé et conçu 35 DVD d'exercices à ce jour. Elle s'implique bénévolement avec Opération Enfant Soleil, un organisme qu'elle chérie. Le Fonds Josée Lavigueur a été créé par Énergie Cardio, avec une précieux mandat :prévenir la maladie chez les jeunes par le biais de l'activité physique. De toutes ses réalisations, celles dont elle dit être la plus fière se nomment Sarah et Léane.

Arin Lindauer

Arin Lindauer, 2-time Best Selling Author has owned a Fitness Business with her husband for the last 12 years. She was an NPE client for 5 years and in the first 16 months they quadrupled their business, winning Rookie of the Year! She is passionate about helping people, which has translated into helping fitness business owners thrive in their business. Arin is a mom of two children, Leo and Lyvia.

Lisa Mastracchio

FIS, PTS, HWL, PN Coach, canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year 2019
Lisa is a fitness professional with over 25 years’ experience as a group fitness leader and personal trainer. She is a coach at Econofitness clubs in Quebec and teaches both live and virtual classes. She also works at Goodlife Fitness Clubs as the National Trainer and co-creator of Newbody, an exclusive group fitness program. Lisa also inspires and shares her passion with other fitpros as a presenter in conferences across the country. In addition, Lisa has recently been awarded canfitpro Fitness Professional of the Year in 2019. She recently launched her brand “Coach Lisa” which offers online digital fitness products and both group and personal online training programs.

Shelly McDonald

Shelly has been a dedicated fitness professional for many years now as a Television Personnel, Group Fitness Director, International Presenter, Phys Ed. Teacher and Personal Trainer. She is most recognized for her involvement with TV’s “Caribbean Workout” series which are now found on itunes and Amazon. Aside from her involvement with the media, Shelly teaches physical education at Marianopolis College as well as at local fitness clubs in Montreal.

Elizabeth Mooney

Creator of Country Fusion®, Elizabeth has danced since age 2 and taught fitness for over 10 years. She directed her own off-broadway show and was featured on America’s Got Talent. An accomplished actress, dancer, choreographer and model, Liz has appeared in tv roles including Boardwalk Empire, Royal Pains and Power.

Mark Nutting

CSCS*D, NSCA-CPT D, RCPT*E, ACSM HFD, ACSM CEP, Owner and Master Trainer of Jiva Fitness in Easton, PA, Author of The Business of Personal Training book (Human Kinetics 2018), PFP 2016 Trainer of the Year Legacy Award, NSCA 2009 Personal Trainer of the Year, NSCA Recognized Certified Personal Trainer Emeritus, holds 12 certifications in the field, 39 years in personal training and health club management, and has been educating and coaching Personal Trainers for 37 of those 39 years. Mark is a leading business coach for personal trainers and club managers.

Nasser Obeid

President at Johnson Health Tech Canada, has over twenty years experience in the Health & Fitness industry. Nasser is a Canadian Kinesiologist from McMaster University with a minor in computer science and economics. Nasser has International Sales, Marketing and Management experience.
Opansinski, Karin 2019 1

Karine Opasinski

Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) – French, English, Spanish who has more then 28 years of dancing experience and 18 in the fitness industry. As a member of “La Troupe des Ballets Modernes du Québec” and “New Age Nation” she participated in various TV shows, musicals, videos and Janet Jackson’s“1814” promotional tour in Montreal.She was a proud Cheerleader of the Montreal Roadrunners for all their seasons as well as the famous Montreal Alouettes, as a professional dancer, she worked for several major hotel chains in the Caribbean, and before starting with Zumba, she was the pro-trainer for Cardio Latino in Quebec. Karine is a FIDA and Can Fit Pro certified. Always smiling, dynamic, passionate for dance and really implicated, she brings sunshine where there is none.

Jennifer Pelletier

Group fitness and training director for Les Entreprises Vivre en Forme and Econofitness gyms, conference speaker, trainer and kinesiologist, Jennifer has more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is responsible of the creation of the POWER CARDIO program as well as the GoFitness Live and virtual group fitness programs. She has participated in many television shows and DVD’s of Josée Lavigueur, in addition to being a co-host of the Kilo Cardio 3 DVD.

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

8 times International No.1 Best-selling Author, Nathalie P. is the EXPERT with a PROVEN SYSTEM to reprogram your brain and get you transformational results. She is the Founder and CEO of the THINK Yourself® ACADEMY, offering leading-edge courses, training and events.

J.P Richard

A former world top 50 ranked swimmer and former All-American, team Captain for the University of Alabama swim team, JP has seen what it truly takes to be world class. Since launching TRIBE Team training in North America in 2014, J.P. has grown the TRIBE Team Training® to over 75 clubs, certifying over 750 TRIBE Coaches generating over $5 Million dollars of annual revenue from thousands of members across North America.

Camille Rouleau

Entraînements bienveillants inspirés du balletDiscover Corps de ballet: a powerful yet graceful barre workout including cardio, muscular and flexibility exercises.Découvrez Corps de ballet: un entraînement à la barre puissant, pour développer la force, l’endurance et la souplesse des ballerines, dans une ambiance bienveillante!

Karen Sampson

With nearly 25 years experience in the fitness and swimming world, Karen is known for her dynamic and interactive teaching style. Equally comfortable in the pool, the gym or the great outdoors, Karen motivates participants of all ages with her contagious energy. Certified by the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals, the Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance Inc. And the YMCA, Karen keeps up to date with this quickly evolving field of practice with 20 hours of professional development per year. She also holds a specialty certification in pelvic floor health and has completed her Doula training.

Kirstin Schell

Holistic Nutritionist, Naturotherapist, Precision Nutrition L2, canfitpro
Kirstin began her career in the Fitness Industry in 2000 with GoodLife fitness and has since held the role of Fitness Manager, General Manager and Regional Personal Training Manager. Nutrition became a passion early in her career as she saw firsthand its impact on the wellness, results and vitality of her clients. Kirstin now runs a successful nutrition consulting practice in Montreal and co-authored the canfitpro Nutrition and Weight Loss certification manual that launched in 2013. Based on her extensive personal training and group fitness education and experience, Kirstin is a sought-after instructor and presenter.

Nadège St-Philippe

Nadège St-Philippe, a young Quebec woman of Haitian origin, has an extraordinary track record. Resourceful and highly talented, she combines both personal and professional experiences. After 14 years of ballet-jazz, she became a passionate step fitness choreographer, group fitness coach, co-host for TSN and RDS (reporting from Barbados and Florida), host of Nadège en 32 temps, weather presenter on TVA and LCN networks, founder of the company Lacaye’la (dedicated to healthy lifestyle habits), public speaker, spokesperson for charitable organizations (including Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi) and a committed volunteer in various community initiatives. Nadège also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration.Known for her innate sense of style, as well as her soft spoken and considerate personality, Nadège is a multitalented artist and successful entrepreneur. Friendly, fulfilled and passionate, she is also a fighter, having battled and survived cancer.

Christian Thibaudeau

Christian Thibaudeau has been involved in the business of training for over the last 16 years. He worked with athletes from 30 different sports. Christian is a prolific writer with four books published, all translated into three languages. For many years, Christian was one of the main authors of T-Nation, one of the world’s foremost sites in the field of high level physical training. Cofounder and head strength coach of Thibarmy and Ballistic Advanced Training Institute.

Jean-Denis Thomson

Jean-Denis détient un baccalauréat en science de l’activité physique de l’UQÀM. Directeur du département d’entraînement chez Énergie Cardio, il a la responsabilité d’inspirer et de diriger plus de 400 entraîneurs personnels. Depuis plus de 15 ans, il forme des entraîneurs, des entraîneurs-chefs et des gestionnaires de centre de conditionnement physique partout au Québec. De plus, il agit à titre de conférencier lors de différents congrès traitant de l’entraînement. Vous pouvez également lire ses chroniques d’entraînement sur le site Internet d’Énergie Cardio. Durant ses temps libres, il enseigne le vélo intérieur et agit à titre d’entraîneur personnel pour une clientèle diversifiée, de la perte de poids à l’athlète international.
Vive, Charly 2019

Charly Vives

A former professional cyclist and member of the Canadian National Cycling Team, Charly is currently the Associate Director of Fitness and Wellness at Health Systems Group in Montreal, Canada. His extensive knowledge and experience not only as a professional cyclist but also as a fitness professional makes him the perfect presenter. Charly joined the Stages Cycling Master Educator Team in 2018.

Laura Warf

Laura is the founder of the School of Happiness. She is an inspiring speaker and educator having presented at various events and conferences for 25 years. She is know for her passionate ability to engage audiences with energy and enthusiasm which contributed to her becoming a former recipient of the canfitpro new presenter of the year award and the Distinctive Women Trailblazer of the year award. She has an education degree from McGill in fitness/kinesiology, certifications and training as fitness and mind-body specialist, coach, yoga teacher, Reiki practioner and energy therapist.