Skip Wilson

Meet Christopher ‘Skip’ Wilson: a marketing powerhouse with a love for fitness that’s as strong as his strategic acumen. With a track record of leading marketing teams and building game-changing campaigns for global brands like Sony, Precor, Peloton, and MTV, Skip’s expertise in brand development and go-to-market strategy is unmatched. As a fractional CMO and business coach, he’s the go-to guru for growing teams looking to scale for success. But Skip’s talents don’t stop there. He truly is one of us, with certifications in cycling, yoga, and strength training; he’s also a force in the fitness world, bringing his East Coast drive and West Coast vibe to gyms like Equinox, LifeTime, and the YMCA. Whether he’s crafting marketing strategies or crushing it in the gym, Skip is the ultimate multitasking marvel. Skip earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Vanderbilt University and holds an MBA in Consumer Behavior from Tulane University.