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The following is a list of pre-requisites required to become a Pro Trainer:

  • A foundational or specialization fitness certification or post-secondary diploma or degree in a fitness or health related field.
  • Holds an active certification in appropriate discipline or willing to obtain the associated canfitpro certification based on area applying for.
  • Minimum of 3-years of experience in the field and able to provide an employer and/or client reference letter.

PRO TRAINERS are course instructors and exam facilitators for canfitpro’s certification programs.  PRO TRAINERS are independent contractors entering a professional business relationship with canfitpro.  As an independent contractor and entrepreneur, you are expected to run your business professionally and successfully independent of canfitpro except for the course materials, training, and resources required to deliver a high-quality course experience.

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We asked 6 of our canfitpro PRO TRAINERs why they are a PRO TRAINER. What is their 'why' behind what they do?
Here is what they said.



I took this course before and was hesitant with it being online and was a bit nervous about how much I'd retain, but.....

Trevor exceeded my expectations, his way of being is just so genuine and you can truly see how much of a stand he is for people to understand the information. He was very clear and engaged with us, answered any questions we had, shared his personal experiences which allowed for that connection to be there and by the end of the week felt like I personally knew him.

He went over all the content, I was very engaged and learned alot more than I thought, he showed us that we have his support, and his energy was always there and he made it enjoyable.

5/5 stars for Trevor

Trevor Pickett - Pro Trainer


I recently graduated from the canfitpro FIS course with PRO TRAINER Beth Yarzab. I wanted to write to you to let you know that Beth was a fantastic instructor. Our course was online due to COVID, and Beth's ability to stay upbeat, engaging, and informative throughout the process made it something I looked forward to each week.

Beth's knowledge about body positivity and inclusiveness were educational and made everyone feel welcome.

I am so happy to be a part of the canfitpro family and look forward to my journey in this dynamic industry.

Beth Yarzab - Pro Trainer


Glen you are amazing! You truly made this course so much fun. Your personality glistens! You are so kind, patient and encouraging. All of the resources you provided were very helpful and you are extremely prepared. At no time did I ever feel discouraged, “dumb”, or like I would not be prepared for the exam. I am very happy to have had you as my PRO TRAINER!!!

Glen Burgess - Pro Trainer


I’m truly excited and scared that I will be taking this exam so fast. I’m nervous and relaxed. Whatever the results may be I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn more and evolve in my own personal goals.

You took the time to be my PRO TRAINER. Gave me great insight and knowledge to wrap my mind and incorporate to my own daily living.

As you know I have my own personal issues with cancer that is only making me stronger. I truly feel this extra knowledge under my belt will help serve myself, family and participants and future clients.

I just want you to know you made a BIG difference in my way of processing information with my body. You’ve given me hope that the more I continue to educate myself and apply this to my own lifestyle I’m giving myself a fighting chance.

Thank you for being my inspiration!

Louise Vigneault - Pro Trainer