David Robertson

David Robertson

Hey everyone. My name is Dr. David Robertson. I have been a PRO TRAINER with Canfitpro since 2012. I currently teach the PTS & FMA programs as well as the CPR certification courses.

My teaching focus is to not only help you pass the examination process but to help you become an industry leader. The fitness and wellness industries are forever growing and improving and it will need knowledgeable leaders.

My goal for you is to learn the why. Social media has accelerated the amount of information readily available to the public so having a trusted source is important. This is where you come in as a certified personal trainer.

Additionally, I am a licensed chiropractor, practicing in the busy midtown and downtown Toronto areas. My clinic focus is rehabilitation & injury prevention in the sport and non sport settings. Having this therapy background allows me to teach the most up to date aspects of biomechanics and proper technique.

I want my participants to become absolute rockstars in this industry. Join one of my courses and you will be well on your way!