Mathew Ferron

My name is Matthew Ferron, and I am the founder of Matt Iron Personal Training Inc. I decided to become a personal trainer after experiencing the transformative effects of strength training, powerlifting and medium distance running. The transformation that I experienced was more than physical in nature, instead it fundamentally changed the way I thought about what is and is not possible. Having gone through this experience and achieved both my physical and mental goals, I would like to help as many clients as a I can do the same.

I have had many ups and downs attempting to incorporate seemingly opposing training modalities (powerlifting and endurance training) into my training regimen and intimately understand the common pitfalls that lay in front of clients attempting to do the same. This is the value that I bring to each client – understanding their unique issues, constructing a plan to get around and resolve muscular imbalances and finally achieving the initial objectives.

I consider every day that I get the opportunity to work with my clients a blessing. Contact me now to begin constructing the body and mind that you want!