Mehran Emadi

Mehran Emadi

My name is Mehran Emadi.

I started my fitness journey when I was young, when I registered for karate lessons with my dad at the age of 6. I continued for several years until I stopped because our sensei decided to retire from teaching.

Although as a kid I was overweight due to the fact that I really enjoyed eating chocolate with no willpower, I was still quite active, athletic and was part of my soccer and basketball team at school.

The first time I stepped into a weightlifting gym was when I was a teenager around 17. I started enjoying the pumping music and the energy of the gym and at the same time a little intimidated. With the help of my brother who had started earlier than me I was able to figure out things to do around the gym.

Despite having an engineering background with a Master of Science, I started as a Personal Trainer 12 years ago. Having my sister as my manager at GoodLife and my brother as the Personal Trainer of the year with the company boosted my confidence since I knew I could always count on them when I needed help with certain clients.

My first client was Angela a very friendly and sweet lady with a frozen shoulder. From the very beginning I realized that as a Personal Trainer I need to educate myself on a regular basis. Fortunately, my client was very impressed by her results, and she trained with me for 7 years until I left Goodlife.

I had many more clients with injuries and those were the clients I learned the most with.

I started to realize that one approach doesn’t fit everybody and as a trainer I need to be flexible with my approach. Every client was unique, and I was learning something new every day. I promised myself from the very beginning to take my education seriously since I didn’t want to be a trainer who just works for money.

I genuinely wanted to team up with my clients, deliver results and more than anything, give them an excellent experience. I wanted them to be excited about training with me and look forward to their training sessions.

I found my job very rewarding and had a very high retention rate with my clients. I had clients who would brag to others about their results such as a client who could do 20 chin ups at the age of 50 when she wasn’t able to do 1 when she first started with me.

I won the success story of GoodLife with my client who had a connective tissue disorder and never got rid of her pain despite seeing different therapists. However, within 6 months of her training, her pain was gone. Moreover, she lost 60 Lbs once she started taking her lifestyle changes more seriously.

When I came to Movati I was impressed to find myself in a group of highly educated and experienced team of Personal Trainers which motivated to try to further excel in my career.

At this point in my career, I feel I am very lucky to have mentors such as my siblings to help me feel confident as a personal trainer when I started, and I would like to be able to do the same for new fitness professionals who want to become Personal Trainers and need help with how to be successful.

I have witnessed people who have succeeded as personal trainers, and people who completed the certification but were never able to make a living of this job – I want to be the person who enables their success.

I believe sharing my experience and knowledge with new Personal Trainers who are going to be the future of this industry would be a great honor and would compliment my mission to help more people become healthy and fit.