Naissa Preston

Naissa has been contributing to the Fitness and Wellness Industry as a Personal Trainer, Group
Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist and Dryland coach her entire career. Having been raised by
compassionate people who had a never ending level of patience for putting tuition money
towards “following your nose”, she has evolved into an energetic and deeply knowledgeable
On a foundation of formal education (both Nutrition and Movement Science at a post secondary
level), Naissa has stacked on Stott pilates certification with TRX philosophy and coursework to
provide a level of human movement nuance that allows clients, participants and Fitness Leaders
to expand their understanding of just how to build powerful resiliency.
When Naissa found TRX, it provided the perfect system to speak to intense gym rats and rehab
clients alike in a language that was easy to hear. The 12 years of TRX education and
workshops has become my soap box to sell “Your Better”.
In Naissa’s education courses, you can expect to challenge yourself both physically and
mentally with a blend of stark reality and hard facts, ridiculous examples of goofy success and
epic fails in a highly interactive environment.

Naissa Preston, B.SC Nutrition and Food Science, NAIT Certified Personal Trainer, CanFit Pro
PROTrainer TRX