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Program Design Masterclass

Learn how to design exceptional personal training programs in under 10-minutes using a client-focused, strategic system that delivers results.

A must-attend session to build your credibility, client success, and income as a personal trainer.

Featuring: Jason Jones, Eddie Panting

2022 Business Opportunities for Fitness Professionals and Studio Owners

A must-attend session to learn practical and evidence-based tools and strategies that support building, fostering, and nurturing a culture of belonging will be presented.

Featuring: Laureen DuBeau, Hanif Sheikh

Reconnect With Living Your Best Life

Learn how to move forward from a life ‘on pause’ to a life ‘on play’. This panel will uncover some of the major themes holding you back from living your best life including ways to support your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Hosted By: Amritha Shrikumar
Featuring: Bria Wannamaker, Lorne Opler, Susan Agrios, Jooli Park

Celebrate Earth Day with Outdoor Cardiovascular Training

Celebrate Earth Day by power walking outside!

Use this low impact, outdoor activity to celebrate Earth Day with your clients. Take the time to appreciate our beautiful planet, together.

Hosted By:
Sarah Zahab

Black Fitness Experience

As a fitness education company, we’d like to build awareness of the effects of systemic racism in our industry – experienced by both fitness pros and fitness consumers.

Hosted By:
Andriana Crawford, Carl Carter, Portia Boston

The State of Fitness in 2022

Industry Outlook Through the Pandemic and Opportunities for the Year Ahead

Hosted By:
Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Chris Stevenson, Fyonna Vanderwerf, Jay Raymundo, Alisa Herriman, Simone Samuels