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Learn how you can personalize and customize your virtual booth using our Virtual Trade Show solution and experience the innovation available to you this year!

Virtual Booth Benefits

  • Your Virtual Trade Show Booth includes:
    •  Customizable Virtual Booth Space
    • Feature videos, new products, promos, and downloadable files
    • Links to video meeting room, surveys, meeting scheduler
    • Contact Information
    • Tech support
  • Access to an engaged audience of delegates
  • Cost savings on booth setup, transportation, accommodations, labour, flooring, electricity, and staffing.
  • Conversions: delegates can immediately book an appointment, talk to a live person, or visit your website.
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If you didn't have a chance attend, check out the video below to see what it's all about!



Mo's thoughts | What are people saying about canfitpro?

No doubt that for those of you who attended canfitpro 2019 you were catapulted forward in your career, having been inspired by what took place this year in Toronto. With over 11,000 fitness professionals and enthusiasts under one roof it would be difficult to feel anything less than inspired. The reality is that nothing can beat attending a live event, where you have face-to-face, heart-to-heart and sweat-to-sweat interactions with industry leaders and peers. It's now your move, to go forward with the new knowledge, energy, confidence and mindset that you have gained and become what you seek!

Mo Hagan

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