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Applications for 2021 Due by November 13, 2020



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We keep applications on file from the previous year. If you would like us to “reactivate” your file for the following year, please indicate when submitting your online application. We are looking for ‘new’ topics, therefore, a brand new application is always best.




High quality event bringing huge crowd of interested fitness professional, canfitpro virtual series has been a delight to present for. From tech rehearsal to VIP party and amazing resourceful staff, always a fun and successful experience. canfitpro cares about their presenters as much as their delegates.

Jill Hewlett

As a presenter, being part of the canfitpro virtual conference is a wonderful opportunity to be part of an amazing community, an inspired organization and share Brain Fitness - which is the work I am passionate about.


I love presenting at canfitpro. The organizers show a lot of gratitude towards me, and the experience is well organized. Leading up to the conference are several communications outlining how things are going to play out. canfitpro provides marketing aids that help me market myself as much or more than it helps the event. The delegates are very attentive and respectful. It's also energizing to be among such well-regarded professionals in the field. What more could you ask for as a presenter?

Kim Basler Waterloo, Ontario Canada Canfitpro Member Since 1993

My first experience presenting at canfitpro was amazing! The preparation leading up to the virtual series was well organized and thought out. Our panel discussion on Body Image & Mental Wellness was VERY well received with over 200+ people attending live - Incredible! World class education and inspiration during a pandemic was very much needed and canfitpro definitely delivered! Thank you so very much for the opportunity to present!


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