CEC Approved Courses and Providers List

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Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Level 1: Barre Foundational TrainingEnglish3.0
Level 2: Barre Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
BOSU Next Generation Balance TrainingEnglish2.0
BOSU Mindful Movement and MobilityEnglish2.0
BOSU Advanced Programming StrategiesEnglish2.0
BOSU Kinetic Line Training for Mobility & Movement EfficiencyEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Nutritional & Mindset Specialist CertificationEnglish4.0
Personal Training CertificateEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Agatsu Indian Club & Mace Training Certification Level 1English4.0
Agatsu Kettlebell Instructors Course Level 1English4.0
Agatsu Lower Body Mobility & Movement Certification Course Level 1English4.0
Agatsu Strength and Speed SpecialistEnglish4.0
Agatsu Upper Body Mobility & Movement Certification Course Level 1English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Natural Health FundamentalsEnglish4.0
Nutrition: Studies and ApplicationsEnglish4.0
Nutritional SciencesEnglish4.0
Sports and Fitness NutritionEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barre Instructor CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
2021 Vitals TrainingEnglish3.0
2021 Anytime Fitness ConferenceEnglish4.0
2021 Anytime Fitness Virtual ConferenceEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Strength Training the Post-Operative ClientEnglish3.0
The Barbell Rehab WorkshopEnglish4.0
Low Back Pain FundamentalsEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Pre/Post Natal TrainingEnglish4.0
Reformer Teacher TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
BBS Level 1 Foundational trainingEnglish4.0
BBS Level 2 Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barre Where You Are Barre Instructor Training CourseEnglish4.0
Raising the Barre: How to Take Your Class to the Next Level Using Props, Music & MoreEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barre Certified by BarreworksEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Ultimate Portion Fix CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Bellyfit Instructor CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
101 Best Cable ExercisesEnglish2.0
Active Kids - Training Children and TeensEnglish3.0
Advanced Sports Nutrition and Super FoodsEnglish2.0
Awesome AbsEnglish2.0
Balance and Chair Exercises for SeniorsEnglish4.0
Better Butts: Anatomy of Exercises for The Muscles of the Leg and ThighEnglish2.0
Boot Camp and Outdoor FitnessEnglish3.0
Both Sides Up - Half-Ball (BOSU) TrainingEnglish2.0
Conflict Resolution and Dealing with Difficult BehavioursEnglish2.0
Effective CommunicationEnglish2.0
Functional Training and Identifying Movement PatternsEnglish2.0
HIIT - High Intensity Interval TrainingEnglish2.0
Leadership SkillsEnglish2.0
Multi Joint/Compound Exercises for Functional MovementEnglish2.0
On the BallEnglish2.0
Perfect PostureEnglish2.0
Powerlifting 101 - Powerlifting to WinEnglish3.0
Shoulder Anatomy, Ailments, Injuries & ExercisesEnglish2.0
Spinal Anatomy, Ailments, Injuries and ExercisesEnglish3.0
Supervisors courseEnglish4.0
The Mechanics of StretchingEnglish2.0
Total Body TubingEnglish2.0
Training the Elite AthleteEnglish4.0
Training the RunnerEnglish2.0
Workout Without WeightEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Biomechanical Deficits and Corrective ExercisesEnglish2.0
Hip Anatomy, Ailments, Assessments and Corrective ExercisesEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
BollyX Level 1English4.0
BollyX LITEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
B & B Boxing Certification Level 1English4.0
Boxing & Barbells Level 2 CertificationEnglish4.0
Boxing & Barbells Level 1 CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Acute Variables: Repetition RangeEnglish1.0
Advancements In Exercise Selection 2: A Case Study Approach to Corrective ExerciseEnglish4.0
Ankle JointEnglish2.0
Anterior Oblique Subsytem IntegrationEnglish1.0
Back/Pulling ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Biceps FemorisEnglish1.0
Bridge and ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Cervical SpineEnglish2.0
Chest/Pushing ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Chop Pattern and ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Comparing Shoulder External Rotator ExercisesEnglish1.0
Corrective Exercise LabEnglish4.0
Deadlift ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Deep Cervical Flexor ActivationEnglish1.0
Deep Longitudinal SubsystemEnglish1.0
Deep Neck FlexorsEnglish1.0
Does Movement Impairment Precede Knee Pain and Injury?English1.0
Does Movement Impairment Preceed Low Back Injury?English1.0
Erector SpinaeEnglish1.0
Extensor Hallucis Longus & Extensor Digitorum Longus & Fibularis TertiusEnglish1.0
External ObliquesEnglish1.0
Flexor Hallucis Longus and Flexor Digitorum LongusEnglish1.0
Functional Anatomy 1:  IntroductionEnglish2.0
Functional Anatomy 2:  Muscular Function and Upper Body MusclesEnglish2.0
Functional Anatomy 3:  Lower Body and Core MusclesEnglish2.0
Gluteus MaximusEnglish1.0
Gluteus Maximus ActivationEnglish1.0
Gluteus Medius ActivationEnglish1.0
Hip External Rotator:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Hip Flexor:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Hip Internal Rotator:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Hip JointEnglish2.0
Infraspinatus and Teres MinorEnglish1.0
Integrated Exercise ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Internal ObliquesEnglish1.0
Intrinsic Stabilization SubsystemEnglish1.0
Knee JointEnglish2.0
Latissimus DorsiEnglish1.0
Legs/Triple Extension ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Levator ScapulaeEnglish1.0
Lower Body Goniometric AssessmentEnglish1.0
Lower Body Manual Muscle TestingEnglish1.0
Lower Extremity DysfunctionEnglish2.0
Lower-extremity Power Exercise Intensity, Part 1English1.0
Lower-extremity Power Exercise Intensity, Part 2English1.0
Lumbar Extensor:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Muscle Cell Structure and FunctionEnglish1.0
Muscle Fiber Dysfunction and Trigger PointsEnglish1.0
Muscle Fibre TypesEnglish1.0
Muscle Length TestsEnglish1.0
Overhead Squat Assessment (Part 1):  Signs of DysfunctionEnglish1.0
Overhead Squat Assessment (Part 2):  Sign Clusters and Compensation PatternsEnglish1.0
Pectoralis MajorEnglish1.0
Pectoralis MinorEnglish1.0
Performance Program DesignEnglish4.0
Plank and Side Plank ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Plantar Flexor:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Posterior Oblique Subsystem IntegrationEnglish1.0
Power (High Velocity) Training: Lower BodyEnglish1.0
Power (High Velocity) Training: Upper and Total Body ExercisesEnglish1.0
Power Training (High Velocity Training): IntroductionEnglish1.0
Predictive Model of Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex DysfunctionEnglish2.0
Predictive Model of Upper Body DysfunctionEnglish2.0
Rectus Abdominis And PyramidalisEnglish1.0
Regional Interdependence:  Hip and AnkleEnglish1.0
Regional Interdependence:  Trunk and Lower ExtremityEnglish1.0
Scapular Muscle:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Self-Administered Joint Mobilizations:  Lower ExtremityEnglish1.0
Self-Administered Joint Mobilizations:  Upper ExtremityEnglish1.0
Serratus AnteriorEnglish1.0
Serratus Anterior ActivationEnglish1.0
Shoulder External Rotator ActivationEnglish1.0
Shoulder Internal Rotator and Posterior Deltoid:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Shoulder JointEnglish2.0
Shoulder/Overhead ProgressionsEnglish1.0
Stability TrainingEnglish1.0
Sternoclavicular, Acromioclavicular and Scapulothoracic JointsEnglish2.0
Tensor Fascia LataeEnglish1.0
Teres MajorEnglish1.0
The Effects of Local VibrationEnglish1.0
Tibia External Rotator:  Release and LengtheningEnglish1.0
Tibialis AnteriorEnglish1.0
Tibialis Anterior ActivationEnglish1.0
Tibialis PosteriorEnglish1.0
Tibialis Posterior ActivationEnglish1.0
Transverse Abdominis ActivationEnglish1.0
Trapezius ActivationEnglish1.0
Trapezius MuscleEnglish1.0
Upper Body Goniometric AssessmentEnglish1.0
Upper Body Manual Muscle TestingEnglish1.0
Vastus Medialis Obliquus (VMO) and Tibial Internal Rotator ActivationEnglish1.0
Vibration Release Techniques: Lower BodyEnglish1.0
Vibration Release Techniques: Upper BodyEnglish1.0
Course Title# of CECs
Advanced Postnatal Wellness Practitioner Level 24.0
Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner Level 24.0
Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations Workshop4.0
Natal Strength® – The Definitive Guide To A Safe Return To Strength Training Post Birth4.0
Meno Strength®- The A-Z of Strength Programming for the Midlife Female Client4.0
Optimal Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Healing & Recovery4.0
Working With The Pre/Post Natal Client Outdoors On-Line Global Certification4.0
Women’s Wellness and Whole Body Vibration Workshop4.0
Pelvic Flow And Freedom – Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Mobilization Re-Imagined2.0
Breathe Better – Optimizing Respiration for Health, Vitality and Core Function4.0
Optimal Health After Hysterectomy4.0
3rd Age Woman GLOBAL ON-LINE Certification - Peri to Post Menopause Wellness Coaching4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Advanced Program Design CorrespondenceEnglish4.0
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Level 1English4.0
Holistic Health and Performance for WomenEnglish4.0
Primal Pattern Movements: A Neurodevelopmental Approach to ConditioningEnglish3.0
Program DesignEnglish4.0
Scientific Back Training CorrespondenceEnglish4.0
Scientific Core Conditioning CorrespondenceEnglish4.0
Scientific Shoulder TrainingEnglish4.0
Walking TallEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Aqua Articulation: Promoting Joint Friendly MovementEnglish1.0
Aqua CUE-riosityEnglish1.0
Aqua DanceEnglish1.0
Aqua Equipment Energizer & Aqua HIITEnglish4.0
Aqua HIITEnglish2.0
Aqua Infused Yoga Specialty Training CourseEnglish4.0
Aqua Kick Box Speciality Training and Certification CourseEnglish4.0
Aqua Kickbox Boot Camp High Intensity TrainingEnglish1.0
Aqua NatalEnglish4.0
Aqua Pre & Post NatalEnglish2.0
Aqua Pre/Post Natal Speciality Training and Certification CourseEnglish4.0
Aqua StrengthEnglish1.0
Aqua Yoga MovementsEnglish1.0
Becoming a stronger fitness instructor - Aqua Infused Pilates:English2.0
Brand New You - Building Your Aqua LegacyEnglish1.0
CALA Aqua Yoga Specialty Training & CertificationEnglish4.0
CALA Essentials / Aqua EssentialsEnglish2.0
CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training (VWT)English4.0
CALA Foundations of Vertical Water Training Integrated with Introduction to Water FitEnglish4.0
CALA Group Aqua Fitness Intensive CourseEnglish3.0
CALA Healing Waters: Aqua Arthritis & Joint Disorders Specialty Training & Certification CourseEnglish4.0
CALA HIIT the Liquid Weight RoomEnglish2.0
CALA Introductory Waterfit Training WorkshopEnglish4.0
CALA Warm Water Aqua FitnessEnglish2.0
Changing the Chatter in Aqua Fitness ClassesEnglish1.0
Changing the Chatter in Aqua Fitness ClassesEnglish2.0
Creative Splash with Power MotivationEnglish2.0
Deep and Shallow FusionEnglish2.0
Formation cominee en aquaformeFrench4.0
Formation Moniteur en aquaforme CALAFrench4.0
Group Aquafitness (GAF) Speciality Training & Certification CourseEnglish4.0
HIIT The Deck & An Intro to Aqua Barre/Ai Chi FusionEnglish1.0
HydroRider Specialty Training & Certification - pre-requisiteEnglish4.0
Integrating Aqua Yoga Poses and Stretches in Aqua Fitness ClassesEnglish1.0
Integrating Aqua Yoga Poses and Stretches in Aqua Fitness ClassesEnglish2.0
Intro to Aqua ArthritisEnglish4.0
Intro to Aqua YogaEnglish4.0
Intro to Group Aquafitness ClinicEnglish4.0
Intro to HydroRider Part 2English4.0
Intro to HydroRider Training - Part 1English4.0
Intro to Water Running ClinicEnglish4.0
Moves and Modifications - Making it Work for YouEnglish2.0
Navigating Uncharted WatersEnglish1.0
Off the Wall Deep DynamicsEnglish2.0
Spot On ChoreographyEnglish1.0
Stimulous Teaching WorkshopEnglish2.0
The A.R.T of Aqua MasteryEnglish1.0
Water Running Specialty Training & CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Hypertrophy AcademyEnglish4.0
Mastering Program DesignEnglish4.0
Modulations of Energy Systems of Optimal Body CompositionEnglish4.0
Strength AcademyEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Beginner Flexibility Certification for InstructorsEnglish3.0
Beginner Pole Dance CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Cancer Exercise Specialist Advanced QualificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Cannabis Competent ConsultantEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
CCF Level 1 Certified Coach PractitionerEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Osteo TaichiEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Circus Arts LeaderEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
PCES 2.0English4.0
Postpartum Corrective Exercise SpecialistEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Applied Performance NutritionEnglish4.0
Course Title# of CECs
DTS Exercise Coach Level 1 Certification4.0
Breath Webinar & Course2.0
Squat Analysis Coach webinar and course3.0
Hip Hinge webinar and course2.0
DTS Level 1 Certification4.0
DTS Habits Coach4.0
Small Habits Big Impacts1.0
Low Back Pain Specialist Certification4.0
Low Back Health Fundamentals1.0
DTS Kettlebell Coach [LIVE]4.0
DTS Striking Fundamentals4.0
DTS Hypertrophy Fundamentals4.0
DTS Kettlebell Coach [ONLINE]3.0
Lean Body Coach4.0
DTS Powerclub Fundamentals3.0
DTS Conditioning Coach4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1English4.0
Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 2English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Certification en marche nordique / Nordic Walking CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Pregnancy and Postpartum AthleticismEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barefoot Specialist Level 1 CertificationEnglish4.0
Barefoot Specialist Level 2 CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Exercise Prescription in Health Care WorkshopEnglish2.0
Physical Activity Counseling and Exercise Prescription in Health Care WorkshopEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Exercise and Pain: A New perspectiveEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Foot Programming SpecialistEnglish2.0
Hip Programming SpecialistEnglish3.0
Knee Programming Specialist CertificationEnglish3.0
Movement Mastery SeminarEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
COPD management for Exercise ProfessionalsEnglish4
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Principles and Theory of Concussion CourseEnglish4
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Kickboxing CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
FIT CHICKS UNIVERSITY (8 tutorials)English4
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise SpecialistEnglish4
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
2020 TRX Instructor SummitEnglish4.0
TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC)English4.0
TRX Delivering Your ExperienceEnglish1.0
TRX for YogaEnglish3.0
TRX FORCE Level 2English4.0
TRX Functional Training Course (FTC)English4.0
TRX Group  Training Course (GTC)English4.0
TRX Group Rip Training Course (GRTC)English4.0
TRX in 90minEnglish1.0
TRX Next Level HIITEnglish1.0
TRX Rip Training Course (RTC)English4.0
TRX Suspension Training Course (STC)English4.0
TRX Suspension Training Course: Live Virtual EditionEnglish4.0
TRX Trainer Basics Digital CourseEnglish2.0
TRX TRAINING Through the STagesEnglish1.0
TRX Training Unplugged: Balancing Technology & PerformanceEnglish1.0
TRX Training: Lenses 2.0English1.0
TRX Virtual Training CourseEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
4 Steps to a Successful Bootcamp (Level 1)English4.0
4 Steps to a Successful Bootcamp (Level 2)English4.0
Bodyweight Essentials: Sub30 CoreEnglish4.0
How Personal Trainers can give nutrition adviceEnglish4.0
Nutrition Summit: What Fitpro’s Need to Know About NutritionEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Fitness Support SpecialistEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Course Level 1English4.0
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Course Level 2English4.0
Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Course Level 3English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barre AboveEnglish4.0
Barre Above with Pilates FocusEnglish4.0
FITT Half Day SymposiumEnglish2.0
Tabata Boot CampEnglish4.0
Tabata GXEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Financial FITTness Level 1 - Mastering the ESSENTIALSEnglish4.0
Financial FITTness Level 1 - Mastering the FUNDAMENTALSEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
ForFitness and Athletics - Kettlebell Fundamentals - Level 1English3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Functional Movement Coaching Level 1 (Primal Pattern Analysis)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Diploma in NutritionEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Brain Health Trainer CourseEnglish4.0
Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist CertificationEnglish4.0
Functional Aging Specialist CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
FMS Level 1 - (Formerly FMS level 1 -Movement Experience)English4.0
FMS Level 1 - Online (Functional Movement Systems)English1.0
FMS Level 2 - (Formerly FMS Level 2 - Return to Movement)English4.0
FMS Level 1 Virtual CourseEnglish4.0
FMS Level 2 Virtual CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Functional Kinesiology: Improving Performance Through Enhanced Muscle ActivationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Get RIPPED! Instructor CertificationEnglish4.0
Get RIPPED! Mentorship ProgramEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
GGS 1 - Coaching CertificationEnglish4.0
Pre & Post Natal Coaching CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Bars & Belles Summit (Multiple dates)English3.0
Bars & Belles: Beyond the Sets & RepsEnglish2.0
Coaching Essentials - GoodLife MYBootcamp)4.0
Instructor Education Summit - Building your Brand and your Class NumbersEnglish1.0
Kettlebell Ballistics for Strength SeminarEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Advanced Instructor Module (AIM)4.0
Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 24.0
Newbody Training4.0
Newbody Upskill Training4.0
Quarterly Workshop4.0
TONE (formerly BODYVIVE)4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Canadian Fitness Business SummitEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Heart Wise Exercise Renewal (Live or Online)English1.0
Heart Wise Exercise Training Course (Online & Live accepted)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Streamline Your ProgrammingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
HIGH Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
A Journey Into Yin YogaEnglish3.0
ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons With Chronic Diseases and DisabilitiesEnglish4.0
Active Living Every Day Facilitator TrainingEnglish3.0
Active Living Every Day Facilitator Training Course, Third EditionEnglish4.0
Adaptive YogaEnglish4.0
Advanced Exercise NutritionEnglish4.0
Advanced Fitness Assessment/Exercise Prescription 7th & 8th Ed.English4.0
Advanced Marathoning CE Course, 3rd EditionEnglish4.0
Advanced Power TrainingEnglish4.0
Advanced Sports Nutrition with CE Exam, Third EditionEnglish4.0
Advanced Strength TrainingEnglish4.0
Advanced Training for Muscular EnduranceEnglish4.0
All-Pro Performance Training With CE ExamEnglish4.0
Ankle SprainsEnglish4.0
Applied Health Fitness PsychologyEnglish4.0
Applying Music in Exercise and SportEnglish4.0
Assessing and Rehabilitating Shoulder InstabilitiesEnglish4.0
Assessments for Sport and Athletic PerformanceEnglish4.0
Athletic Movement SkillsEnglish4.0
Back ExerciseEnglish4.0
Bending the Aging Curve: A Periodized Prescription for Improved Aging WebinarEnglish1.0
Body Building AnatomyEnglish2.0
Body Composition: Assessments That Work (Webinar Course)English1.0
Body Weight Strength Training AnatomyEnglish4.0
Bodybuilding AnatomyEnglish2.0
Bodybuilding with CE ExamEnglish3.0
Boot Camp CompleteEnglish2.0
Brain Fitness for Older AdultsEnglish4.0
Buddy Lee's Jump Rope Training FundamentalsEnglish4.0
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course-8th EditionEnglish1.0
Client-Centered Exercise PrescriptionEnglish4.0
Complete Conditioning for Soccer with CE ExamEnglish4.0
Complete Guide to Foam RollingEnglish4.0
Complete Guide to TRX Suspension TrainingEnglish4.0
Conditioning to the CoreEnglish4.0
Conditioning Young AthletesEnglish4.0
Core Assessment and TrainingEnglish4.0
Core ConditioningEnglish4.0
Cycling AnatomyEnglish2.0
Cycling Anatomy, 2E CE CourseEnglish4.0
Designing Resistance Training Programs, 4th EditionEnglish4.0
Developing Agility & QuicknessEnglish4.0
Developing Agility and Quickness, Second Edition CE CourseEnglish4.0
Developing PowerEnglish4.0
Developing SpeedEnglish4.0
Developing The CoreEnglish4.0
Diet Lies and Weight Loss TruthsEnglish4.0
Disordered Eating in Active and Sedentary Individuals - discontinued Jan 1/15English4.0
Dumbbell Training CourseEnglish4.0
Dumbbell Training, Second Edition CE CourseEnglish4.0
Dynamic Warm-UpEnglish2.0
Eat Lift ThriveEnglish4.0
Effective Exercises for Rotator CuffEnglish3.0
Effective Exercises for ScoliosisEnglish3.0
Endurance Sports NutritionEnglish4.0
Enhancing Children's Cognition with PA GamesEnglish4.0
Essentials of Essentric TrainingEnglish4.0
Essentials of FitnessEnglish4.0
Essentials of Youth Fitness CE CourseEnglish4.0
Evidence-based Approach Ankle SprainsEnglish4.0
Exercise Anatomy CourseEnglish4.0
Exercise and Parkinson's DiseaseEnglish3.0
Exercise and PregnancyEnglish4.0
Exercise and Sport PsychologyEnglish4.0
Exercise for Breast Cancer SurvivorsEnglish3.0
Exercise for Frail Elders, 2nd Edition CE Course SummaryEnglish4.0
Exercise Management for Cardiovascular ConditionsEnglish4.0
Exercise Management for Metabolic ConditionsEnglish4.0
Exercise Nutrition CourseEnglish4.0
Explosive PowerEnglish2.0
Facilitated StretchingEnglish4.0
Fitness Professional's HandbookEnglish4.0
Fitness Through Walking and RunningEnglish4.0
Flexibility Assessment and PrescriptionEnglish1.0
Flexibility for PerformanceEnglish3.0
Foam  Roller FitnessEnglish2.0
Fueling Young AthletesEnglish3.0
Functional Foods Part 2: Fermented Foods & MacronutrientsEnglish4.0
Functional Training AnatomyEnglish4.0
Fusion WorkoutsEnglish3.0
Golden Waves Functional Water Exercise for Older AdultsEnglish4.0
Golf Conditioning SpecialistEnglish4.0
Hamstring StrainsEnglish4.0
Heart Rate Training with CE Exam, Second EditionEnglish4.0
Herbal SupplementsEnglish4.0
High Intensity Training for WomenEnglish4.0
High Performance Training for SportsEnglish4.0
Hydration for AthletesEnglish4.0
Indoor Cycling BasicsEnglish3.0
Joint IntegrityEnglish2.0
Kettlebell TrainingEnglish4.0
Kinetic AnatomyEnglish4.0
Lifestyle Wellness CoachingEnglish4.0
Low Back Disorders, 3EEnglish4.0
Making Sense of the Commercial Food Scene WebinarEnglish1.0
Managing Low Back ProblemsEnglish4.0
Managing Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults - Facilities and EquipmentEnglish2.0
Managing Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults - MarketingEnglish2.0
Managing Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults: Session 1 - ProgrammingEnglish2.0
Managing Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults: Session 2 - StaffingEnglish2.0
Martial Fitness KickboxingEnglish4.0
Massive, Muscular Arms with CE ExamEnglish4.0
Maximum Interval TrainingEnglish4.0
Methods of Group Exercise InstructionEnglish4.0
Methods of Group Exercise Instruction CE Course, 4th EditionEnglish4.0
Monitoring Training and Performance in AthletesEnglish4.0
Motivational Yoga CE CourseEnglish4.0
Muscle & Strength OnlineEnglish4.0
Muscular Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course - 8th EditionEnglish1.0
Myofascial Release in Sports MedicineEnglish4.0
Nancy Clark’s Sport Nutrition Guidebook 6E CE CourseEnglish4.0
New Mind-Body Approach to Posture, Movement and Well BeingEnglish4.0
Nutrition for Women Part 2:  Diet & Diseases of LifestyleEnglish2.0
Nutrition for Women Part 3: Meopause & BeyondEnglish4.0
Nutritional Health for MenEnglish2.0
Periodization Training  For Sports 3EEnglish4.0
Physical Literacy and all Abilities Enhanced Online CourseEnglish2.0
Physical Literacy: An Introduction - Enhanced Online CourseEnglish2.0
Pilates AnatomyEnglish4.0
Pilates Anatomy, Second Edition With CE ExamEnglish4.0
Pilates and Conditioning for Athletes CE CourseEnglish3.0
Pilates for RehabilitationEnglish4.0
Pilates OnlineEnglish4.0
Plant-Based Sports Nutrition CE CourseEnglish4.0
Plyometric AnatomyEnglish2.0
Postural AssessmentEnglish4.0
Postural CorrectionEnglish3.0
Power YogaEnglish4.0
Powerlifting, Second Edition With CE ExamEnglish4.0
Practical Guide to Exercise PhysiologyEnglish2.0
Practical Nutrition for Sports Medicine and Fitness ProfessionalsEnglish4.0
Pregnancy FitnessEnglish2.0
Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise DesignEnglish4.0
Prescriptive StretchingEnglish2.0
Preventing Noncontact ACL InjuriesEnglish4.0
Running AnatomyEnglish2.0
Running Anatomy, 2EEnglish2.0
Running Mechanics and Gait AnalysisEnglish2.0
Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval TrainingEnglish4.0
Science and Development of Muscle HypertrophyEnglish4.0
Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy, Second Edition CE CourseEnglish4.0
Secrets of Successful Program Design with CE ExamEnglish4.0
Sit And Be FitEnglish4.0
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple with Continuing Education ExamEnglish4.0
Speed Training for Youth AthletesEnglish3.0
Speed, Agility and QuicknessEnglish2.0
Sport Therapy for the ShoulderEnglish4.0
Sports and Weight-Loss SupplementsEnglish1.0
Sports Injuries Guidebook, Second Edition CE CourseEnglish4.0
Sports Massage for Injury Care CE CourseEnglish3.0
Sports Nutrition GuidebookEnglish4.0
Sports Nutrition with Nancy ClarkEnglish4.0
Sports SupplementsEnglish4.0
Starting a Fitness Business Enhanced OnlineEnglish4.0
Strength Ball TrainingEnglish4.0
Strength Band Training 3E CE CourseEnglish3.0
Strength Training for Fat LossEnglish4.0
Strength Training for Older AdultsEnglish4.0
Strength Training Past 50English4.0
Stretch to Win, 2nd EditionEnglish3.0
Stretching AnatomyEnglish2.0
Stretching AnatomyEnglish4.0
Supplementation for Training or PerformanceEnglish4.0
Teaching Power Yoga for SportsEnglish4.0
The Athlete’s Guide to DiabetesEnglish4.0
The Business of Personal TrainingEnglish4.0
The Business of Training and Coaching OnlineEnglish4.0
The Essentials of Obstacle Race TrainingEnglish2.0
The Happy RunnerEnglish3.0
The Language of Coaching With CE ExamEnglish4.0
The New Power EatingEnglish4.0
The Walking Solution CE CourseEnglish4.0
The Warm Up:  Maximize Performance and Improve Long-Term Athletic DevelopmentEnglish3.0
The Warm Up:  Maximize Performance and Improve Long-Term Athletic DevelopmentEnglish3.0
Therapeutic Medications in Athletic TrainingEnglish4.0
Tiathlon ScienceEnglish4.0
Timing Resistance Training CE CourseEnglish4.0
Triathlon AnatomyEnglish2.0
Triathlon ScienceEnglish4.0
Ultimate Abs with CE ExamEnglish4.0
Water ExerciseEnglish4.0
Weight ManagementEnglish4.0
Weight Training Program Design Made Simple WebinarEnglish1.0
Yoga for AthletesEnglish2.0
Yoga Teacher TrainingEnglish4.0
Yoga TherapyEnglish4.0
Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy CE CourseEnglish3.0
Your Workout PERFECTEDEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Balance Training 3rd EditionEnglish4.0
Basic Training for CyclingEnglish4.0
Basic Training for Running, 2nd EditionEnglish4.0
Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program, 2nd EditionEnglish4.0
Cardio Coach: Equipment-Based Group Fitness (eCourse)English2.0
Developing Training Plans for Cyclists and TriathletesEnglish2.0
Exercise and Arthritis 4th EditionEnglish3.0
Exercise and Diabetes 4th EditionEnglish3.0
Exercise and Fibromyalgia, 2nd ed.English4.0
Exercise and Heart Disease 5th EditionEnglish3.0
Exercise and Respiratory Disease 4th EditionEnglish2.0
Exercise for Knee and Hip Replacement, 2nd EditionEnglish4.0
Hill Training for Indoor CyclingEnglish2.0
Knee StabilizationEnglish2.0
Lifestyle Fitness CoachingEnglish4.0
Low Back Injury Prevention and RehabEnglish4.0
Marathon TrainingEnglish4.0
Motiviating People to be Physically ActiveEnglish4.0
NSCA Science of Strength and Conditioning Print CE Course PackageEnglish4.0
NSCA Sport Performance Online CE Course PackageEnglish4.0
Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults, Second Edition With CE ExamEnglish4.0
PNF StretchingEnglish4.0
Running Injuries: Strategies for Prevention and InterventionEnglish4.0
Science and Practice of Strength Training, Third Edition With CE ExamEnglish4.0
Shoulder Girdle StabilizationEnglish2.0
Strength Training for Basketball CE CourseEnglish4.0
Strength Training Older AdultsEnglish4.0
The BEST Exercise Program for Osteoporosis PreventionEnglish4.0
The Overweight ClientEnglish4.0
Vegetarian Sports NutritionEnglish4.0
Winning Sports Nutrition, 2nd EditionEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Barre Level 1 - Fundamental Barre TechniqueEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Master of Movement VariationEnglish1.0
Moving with Load in Group FitnessEnglish3.0
Leveraging Social MediaEnglish1.0
MET XEnglish4.0
Master Mobility/Not YogaEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
REWIRE: Create your Fit Brain & Fit Life!English2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Designing, Programming & Delivering the Best Classes for PT or GroupEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Kangatraining Instructor CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Kangoo Power Program Instructor License level 1English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Ketogenic Living 101English3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Kettlebell KickboxingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
L.I.F.T. Ladies Instructor Fitness and Training CoachingEnglish4.0
Movement Body and FlowEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
LTS Equalizer YogaEnglish2.0
Strive Leadership Fitness Summit (April 4th, 2020)English4.0
The Ultimate Guide to EQualizer TrainingEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Strategies to Maintain Healthy Metabolic FunctionEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Diabetes Exercise SpecialistEnglish4.0
Natural Nutrition CoachEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Arthritis Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Drug and Alcohol Recovery Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Medical Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Multiple Sclerosis Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Osteoporosis Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Parkinson’s Disease Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Stroke Recovery Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Total Barre® Foundation CourseEnglish4.0
ZEN•GA® Matwork Instructor Foundation CourseEnglish4.0
STOTT PILATES® Intensive Mat Plus 2nd Ed.English4.0
STOTT PILATES® Intensive Reformer 2nd Ed.English4.0
Merrithew™ Fascial Movement Foundation CourseEnglish4.0
Halo® Training Instructor Foundation Course, Part 1English4.0
STOTT PILATES® Advanced MatworkEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness SpecialistEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Build a Better Brain & MOSSA Movement MaintenanceEnglish1.0
Don't Give a SitEnglish1.0
Group Active Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Active Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Blast Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Blast Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Centergy Intial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Centergy Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Core Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Core Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Fight Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Fight Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Groove Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Groove Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Power Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Power Online  TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Ride/R30 Initial TrainingEnglish4.0
Group Ride/R30 Online TrainingEnglish4.0
Motor Learning/Rotation is LifeEnglish1.0
POWER4HEALTH & What’s New With 4QEnglish1.0
What the Fascia?! & Tensegrity 101English1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Movati Small Group Training CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Movement Flow Level 1English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Diastasis Rectus Abdominis & The Postpartum CoreEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Beyond the Basics - A guide to growing and retaining clientsEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Building a Strong Immune SystemEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Yin YogaEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Breaking Barriers: fundamentals of training clients with physical disabilitiesEnglish


Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
AUTO-CLOSER Sales SystemEnglish4.0
How to Write a Business Plan to 2-4x Your Profits, Clients, Revenue (NPE)English4.0
NPE Kick-StartEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Food for ThoughtEnglish4.0
Nourriture pour la santé et le fitnessEnglish4.0
Business Readiness for Personal TrainersEnglish4.0
Business pour entraîneurs personnelsEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Functional Anatomy & BiomechanicsEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Trouble Shooting MovementEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Instructing Exercise to Children and AdolescentsEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
OTS Exercise Specialist: Assessment & Rehabilitation ProtocolEnglish4.0
OTS Exercise Specialist: Program Design & Training Protocol(formerly Exercise Specialist Certification)English4.0
Postural Patterns & ProtocolsEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Active Sessions: Inclusive Activity for Any Age and Life StageEnglish2.0
Trends and Trials for 2020: Relevant Research for Fitness ProfessionalsEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
OTFit Certification (all 4 days combined)English8.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Bone Fit™ Exercise Training WorkshopEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
O2 Yoga Teacher TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Core Confidence SpecialistEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Online Trainer Academy (Online Trainer Certified)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
The 12 Steps to Changing Lives for LifeEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
PowerTramp Rebounder TrainingEnglish3.0
Pranayama Yoga Breathing TechniquesEnglish4.0
BarreFloor MethodEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
DANCEPL3Y Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
DANCEPL3Y Preschool Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
YOGAPL3Y Kids Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
YOGAPL3Y Preschool Instructor TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
POPUp ProEnglish4.0

Teaching T&A StandingEnglish1.0

Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Choreographing Cool DownsEnglish1.0
Elevating Your Visual and Verbal Cues in Kit PositionEnglish2.0
Elevating Your Visual and Verbal Cues in Lunge PositionEnglish2.0
Elevating Your Visual and Verbal Cues in Set PositionEnglish2.0
Elevating Your Visual and Verbal Cues in T&A PositionEnglish2.0
Generation POUND Pro TrainingEnglish4.0
Layering Instruction to Optimize Participant SuccessEnglish1.0
LEVEL UpEnglish4.0
Mastering the Movement SpectrumEnglish1.0
Percussion & MusicalityEnglish1.0
POUND + Generation POUNDEnglish4.0
POUND Pro TrainingEnglish4.0
Science of Set ListsEnglish2.0
Understanding and Cueing to Safe Joint ActionEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Shoulder Injury & PreventionEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Integration-Execition, Assessment Reparation, Hypertrophy (3 different courses)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Primal Health Coach InstituteEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
PROnatal Fitness Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance - Level 1English4.0
Movement Optimization for Prehab and Performance - Level 2English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
RockTape FMT Mobility SpecialistEnglish3.0
RockTape FMT PediatricsEnglish3.0
RockTape FMT Blades IASTMEnglish3.0
RockTape FMT Basic - Kinesiology Taping CourseEnglish3.0
RockTape FMT Advanced - Kinesiology Taping CourseEnglish3.0
RockTape FMT Blades Advanced - IASTMEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
All The Right CuesEnglish2.0
Class Design Crunch TimeEnglish2.0
Leave'Em BreathlessEnglish2.0
Pedal N'PulseEnglish1.0
Schwinn Cycling Classic Instructor  (Schwiin Mpower, Schwinn Mpower with Watts)English4.0
Stairmaster, This Is HIIT Instructor online certification courseEnglish1.0
SuperStar SubstituteEnglish1.0
Train Right 2 Ride RightEnglish1.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Socacize Fundamental Instructor Training WorkshopEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Soccer Fitness Trainer's CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
SoulBody Teacher TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Science and Programming for Suspended Exercises and Elastic BandsEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Instructor Essentials: Training with PowerEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Project HOPE: Help Other People EndureEnglish1.0
WaterRower® Virtual Crew Coach Course™English3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
StickFit ® Foundation CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Strive Life Certifications Level 1 FoundationsEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Adaptive Special Needs Group Instructor CertificationEnglish4.0
Adaptive Special Needs Trainer Certification Level 1English4.0
Adaptive Special Needs Trainer Certification Level 2English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
StrongerU Senior Fitness Instructor CertificationEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Fundamentals of Custom-Fit ExerciseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
The Performance Stretch SystemEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Teragun Performance SpecialistEnglish2.0
Theragun Digital Performance Specialist CourseEnglish1.0
Theragun Practitioner CourseEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
RÉUSSIR EN LIGNE Par La Pensée – Professionnels du Conditionnement PhysiqueFrench1.0
THINK Yourself CONFIDENTEnglish2.0
THINK Yourself SUCCESSFULEnglish2.0
THINK Yourself® A BUSINESS PROEnglish2.0
THINK Yourself® A COACH - CertificationEnglish4.0
THINK Yourself® A TECH PRO  Part OneEnglish1.0
THINK Yourself® A TECH PRO - The BasicsEnglish1.0
THINK Yourself® HEALTHYEnglish2.0
THINK Yourself® WEALTHYEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Training2XL LEVEL 2 Cueing & Programming ClinicEnglish3.0
Xleration Series: Cueing & Programming ClinicEnglish2.0
Training2XL LEVEL 2 Cueing & Programming ClinicEnglish3.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
TRX Yoga Foundations CourseEnglish3.0
TRX Virtual Training Summit (2021)English4.0
TRX for Golf Specialization CourseEnglish2.0
TRX Suspension Training Digital CourseEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Two-Brain Business RampUpEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Urban Poling Nordic Walking Instructor Certification - PracticumEnglish4.0
Urban Poling Nordic Walking Instructor Certification Level 1 - OnlineEnglish2.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Emotional Intelligence for ProfessionalsEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Why I Hate Exercise (But Do It Anyway) – The Psychology, Health & Fitness Professionals Need To KnowEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
U-JAM Fitness Instructor WorkshopEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Detour Method Online (DMO)English4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Online Yin Yoga Teacher TrainingEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
YogaFit YogaBarreEnglish4.0
YogaFit Mommy and Baby YogaEnglish4.0
Yoga StrengthEnglish2.0
YogaFit Expanding ConsciousnessEnglish4.0
Recovery Coaching EssentialsEnglish4.0
Integrating Mudras Into PracticeEnglish4.0
YogaFit Tai ChiEnglish4.0
YogaFIt Core/StrengthEnglish4.0
YogaFit Advanced SequencingEnglish4.0
YogaFit Dream YogaEnglish4.0
YogaFit Holistic Nutrition and YogaEnglish4.0
Anatomy and AlignmentEnglish4.0
Anatomy and Alignment 2English4.0
YogaFit SeniorsEnglish4.0
YogaFit Level 1: FoundationsEnglish4.0
YogaFit Level 2: CommunicationsEnglish4.0
YogaFit Level 3: IntrospectionEnglish4.0
YogaFit Level 4: TraditionEnglish4.0
YogaFit Level 5: UnificationEnglish4.0
YogaFit SWEATEnglish4.0
YogaFit Kids!English4.0
YogaFit PreNatalEnglish4.0
YogaLean Coaching EssentialsEnglish4.0
YogaFit Health Care 1: Assessing the Physical BodyEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Personal TrainersEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Balancing MoodEnglish4.0
YogaFit for WarriorsEnglish4.0
Healing Physical and Emotional TraumaEnglish4.0
Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympatheric Nervous SystemEnglish4.0
YogaFit Health Care 2: Examining the Subtle BodyEnglish4.0
Meditation and MindfulnessEnglish4.0
Ayurveda IIEnglish4.0
Working with the ChakrasEnglish4.0
Addiction and RecoveryEnglish4.0
Warrior KidsEnglish4.0
Sound and Mantra HealingEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Injury Prevention and RecoveryEnglish4.0
YogaFit for AthletesEnglish4.0
YogaFit Health Care 3: Designing the ProtocolEnglish4.0
YogaFit Yoga NidraEnglish4.0
Yoga Fit and Focused KidsEnglish4.0
Positive PsychologyEnglish4.0
Thai Energy 1English4.0
YogaFit for CaregiversEnglish4.0
The Art of StorytellingEnglish4.0
Yoga for ADD and the Autism SpectrumEnglish4.0
YogaFit Yin YogaEnglish4.0
YogaFIt for Diabetes ManagementEnglish4.0
Yoga for Nervous System DisordersEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Improved Pelvic Floor PerformanceEnglish4.0
YogaFit for the Change: from PMS to MenopauseEnglish4.0
Yoga for Upper and Lower ExtremitiesEnglish4.0
YogaFit for the HeartEnglish4.0
Yoga as Primary CareEnglish4.0
Biomedical Aspects of YogaEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Cancer CareEnglish4.0
YogaFit for Chronic PainEnglish4.0
Course TitleLanguage# of CECs
Aqua ZumbaEnglish4.0
Elearning CUE LIKE A PROEnglish2.0
Elearning Fighting ElementsEnglish2.0
Jump Start Zumba GoldEnglish4.0
Jump Start Zumba Kids & Kids Jr.English4.0
STRONG NATION e-Learning CourseEnglish2.0
STRONG NATION SYNC LAB SESSION (new monthly; each month = 1 CEC)English1.0
ZIN JAM Session (new monthly; each month = 1 CEC)English1.0
Zumba Basic Steps Level 1English4.0
Zumba GoldEnglish4.0
Zumba Instructor Licensing Program/Basic Steps 1English4.0
Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids Jr.English4.0
Zumba Pro SkillsEnglish4.0
Zumba Rhythms 2English4.0
Zumba Rhythms3English4.0
Zumba StepEnglish4.0
Zumba ToningEnglish4.0
Zumba Virtual ProEnglish2.0
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